1. F

    Pro league or Multi league.

    Hi, just received a massage from staff about discount and that pro league are more public from now. Have a few questions. 1 Whats the major diffrence between pro and multi? 2 Is it worth the extra money? 3 Is the pro version different in-game? aimbot better or what? 4 Is pro version more...
  2. K

    Some short questions

    Hi Guys, i am not quite sure if this is the right thread for this questions. If its not just delete this thread or move it to where it belongs. I am thinking about re purchasing LC but in before i have some Questions. 1. Is it still possible to apply for beta? 2. Is there any possibilty for me...
  3. fuckingme

    Hello people

    I would like to see more visual evidence of the program itself showing that it really works, I'm super interested and I could read all about the identification requirements for the Private League mode, I'm from South America and would love to see evidence of videos, photos or whatever but that...
  4. B

    Facite Client

    Hello, I am looking for a haxa who will be legit on a facite client or sites where you can get one Regards
  5. shigetora

    75$ OMEGALUL

    What is this price xD? I can buy esportal cheat for 25$ if i want to why this insane price? I would expect Faceit Client atleast, i mean i can afford it but in my opinion its too much :/ 50$ would be the limit
  6. monroe1

    FACEiT Client Anti-Cheat and etc.

    Good evening, I'm so sorry for this kind of question, I know that you guys are really tired of it. However, I wanna ask something. I was a LC subscriber for 4 months (probably, idk for sure tho), but I didn't play in CSGO for a long time and obviously I didn't extend my LC subscription. So...
  7. Kin

    [Filipino] Other Language Support

    @luobo666 I can see you are a filipino. If you speak filipino, I can help you here. Comment your questions.
  8. Sarac007

    After one week review

    I used many different cheats last three years but this is the only product that is perfect for leggit play.I play only faceit (no AC) after 50 games nobody said you use cheat, i have 11 csgo acc for Faceit. INSTALLATION: 10/10 -Very easy and simple is very important,do not like complicated...
  9. Y

    Vac ban??

    So i used this cheat like 2 months ago..logged in to a smurf showing vac ban 4 days ago??
  10. amnez1k


    hello i wanted to ask you a question guys I have 1 year on this forum and used lc only one time one month because after that i was forced to use faceit ac and faceit ac wasnt bypassed by lc so I didnt used anymore this cheat now the lc 3.0 bypassed faceit ac and i want to use it to play on...
  11. Sarac007

    I have a few questions before buying

    from the 2015 i use different cheats for csgo,first i try a*mw*re 3 months (many times detected),h*xui 12 months(bad Aimbot),inte*w*bz 3 months(Fps drop from 200 to 90),and last Unity 9 months but after last update if i use this cheat my game lagg and i have var and fps drop. Questions...
  12. S

    What are the requirements for PRO version?

    As the title says, What are the requirements for PRO version? I'm really interested in purchasing it,
  13. A


    Hello, im interested to buy cheat for Faceit client, but i see i need to be a subscriber at last 6 months, but if i pay cheat for 6 months directly, can i have access to BETA for Faceit Client
  14. Hexameron

    Couple of questions from a newbie here

    Hey guys, I just made an account. My long term goal is to get the custom ESEA build in 6 months time, if I have proven to be a trusted member. My question is, how do I get the "VIP subscriber" ? I have looked across the site and cannot see it. Sorry if this is a silly question. I plan on...
  15. G

    when i buy i must wait?

    when i buy the cheat i mujst using 6 month to bypass faceit client ?
  16. F

    faceit anticheat

    hi there i am an member i bought normal hack but now i want FACEIT anticheat hack can anyone tell me is it possible i am willing to pay Good money For that...
  17. Ar1stotle


    Hey fam.. My sub ran out and I'm wondering if I should buy now or if there is gonna be a new year sale. Can't remember if there was one last year or not.
  18. M4giC


    Does this support Easy anti cheat? And if it does. Can I use wh? Best Regards
  19. W

    Few questions,

    Hi I'm new to the forum, and I'm planning to get LC, but I have few questions before I will make the purchase. Are you planning to add radar or backtrack to your features? Since I have seen many other cheat providers that already have them. I'm currently GE, and I want to get cheat for the...
  20. C

    Simple Question RE FACEIT Client

    Hello, I am sorry if i seem lazy or ignorant - I simply want to be able to use a wallhack or ESP on faceit client. I just want my cheat to be VAC proof, and Faceitclient proof... If i click buy cheats -> "ESP AND WALLHACK ONLY" -> pay for 1 month $25 ... will this mean i can just simply...