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League Cheats Labor Day Sale, Site updates


Hello everyone,
The past month has been a difficult one. After the initial restoration of the site; we have spent the entire month in the back-end rebuilding the links, images and threads of the past. As such the cheat updates that were supposed to be released in the last month; obviously did not come. As things are getting back on track now; we expect to have all the updates done in the next couple weeks as the website is fully functional at this point in time. However please understand that functional doesn't mean that it isn't possible to encounter a bug or a broken thread; it is just that all the major features work and things like the wiki and stores work.
After the tireless work we have done; we would like to celebrate Labor day! Therefore we are doing the largest labor day sale we have ever done. A WHOPPING 40% off! Yes FORTY PERCENT off our CSGO Hacks, CSGO Cheats (CSGO Cheat Packages), HL1 Cheats, CS1.6 Cheats, CZ Cheats, TFC Cheats (All HL1 Cheat Package), CSS Cheats / CSS Aimbot, HL2DM Cheats, TF2 Cheats, (HL2 Cheat Packages). So essentially everything we make here at League Cheats is on sale for the next 3 days.

While you are here; make sure to check out some of the new work that has been done. Especially the reorganizing of the WIki, Anti-Cheat Status Page, Buy Page Tutorial, First Time Buyer FAQ, First Run Guide, LAN Hack Guide and many others!
Please let us know if you find issues with any of the above posts as we have built all of these for all of you to reference!

We hope to have more information related to the cheat updates in the very near future. For the moment please Enjoy Labor Day with a 40% Off Coupon LABORDAY21! The Cheats can be purchased at the discounted rate via our eCommerce Store w/ the provided coupon (LABORDAY21)

Happy Cheating!

Website downtime & Restoration + Data Loss Info (7/30/21 Backup)

Hi all,
What a week it has been. As posted in our telegram group (which you should definitely join); the website server crashed on Sunday night.
This is a unique experience for us since our web-servers have never been lost in the past 14 years of LeagueCheats existence.
We have spent the week rebuilding the website from back from various backups as we learned that our backups aren't as good as we once thought they were (first time we really needed them in 14 years) and as such it took around 100 hours and the help of multiple people to get the website up.
I want to issue a heartfelt thanks to all of our staff here who put in hours around the clock to bring the website back up.

The Forum Database Backup Date is 7/30/21 (July 30, 2021 for those of you with a different calendar). Therefore if you made a post, ticket, upload, etc past that time; you will need to re-do it. If you signed up after that time; your account doesn't exist here (part of the reason why this message is on the front page).

With that being said; Things Are Not Perfect!!! IF you encounter a bug, please put in a ticket. If your avatar is missing; please re-upload it. If you posted some images in a thread and they are missing; please re-upload them.

The build server is not up at the time that I am writing this (if you are reading this days later then there is no reason it wouldn't be up); it will likely be up in 24 more hours. We hope to have the majority of issues ironed out over the next 72 hours; as the major issues should be behind all of us at this point in time.

The faster we get the website back up the faster we can go back to developing the great products that you all know and love!

To the future,
Jimster480 & LC Staff

DogeCoin Acceptance + Site Updates & Downtime

Hi all,
We are happy to announce that we now accept DogeCoin for our CSGO Cheats / CS1.6 Cheats / CSS Cheats / HL2 Cheats, we officially enabled the support last night. Prior to this DogeCoin was available only through private payment methods but it is now available for all customers directly through our store. To celebrate the rolling out of DogeCoin we are having a 18% off sale with the coupon code DOGECOIN18. This sale will go on for 1 week from today and it will apply to all of our cheats. This means the CSGO Cheats (CSGO Aimbot), HL1 Cheats (CS1.6 Aimbot), HL2 Cheats (CSS Aimbot / TF2 Aimbot), We are glad to continue to increase our available payment methods during these difficult unprecedented times.
Additionally we have observed issues with our store with checkout. Please retry your payment again if the page is cleared the first time around. We are working to fix these issues and hope to have any issues ironed out before the end of the weekend.

We are scheduling a site maintenance Window from 2AM to 4AM EST 7/24/2021. During this time the website and/or other services may be down. It is very rare that we take down any of our services but due to the large number of server software exploits which have come to light in the past week; we must reboot all of our servers to apply these patches.

Unfortunately we do not have any news on our GamersClub Cheats or for the FastCup Cheats at this point in time. The myriad of server changes & website updates going on behind the scenes over the past week has kept us busy. We understand that many people are waiting for these specific products, especially for the GamersClub Cheats as GamersClub has come to the USA now. We hope to have more information for you very soon!

Thanks for your understanding and Happy Cheating!

-Jimster480 & LC Staff

LeagueCheats 14th Anniversary Sale

Hi all,

How do I even begin? Just this week as I was working on the new GamersClub and Universal Cheats I realized that I have been doing this for almost 16 years.... Which means that this is around the time that LC was started. The date specifically was 6/17/2007 which is 14 years ago just a few days ago. I forgot about the date because things have been so hectic (development has only gotten harder over the last 5 years).

14 Years is a lot of time and as such I have seen so many things, maybe even too many things. Many of the staff members here have now been around for 4+ years already with the infamous (@Admin) running the website behind the scenes for 12+ years. With that being said we look forward to what the next years bring. One day I may be writing about League Cheats 30th anniversary, who knows.​

To Celebrate this long and hard journey; I am having a 40% off sale for the next few days (ends Thursday 12AM EST). All products on the store will be 40% off regardless of the choice of what you order! (Use Coupon Code ANNIVERSARY14)

Happy Cheating and cheers to the future!

Jimster480 & The Management

LeagueCheats HL2/CSS Update 6/13/21


Hi all,

Small update here. We have had some issues with the HL2 / CSS cheat over the last weeks and I am issuing a formal update for it. Offset finders are fixed and a new auto offset compensation system is built in that will inform users if any of the offsets fail to be processed. This will allow users to inform us if updates need to be completed sooner rather than later. I also updated the loader to the current version used by the CSGO cheats + updated the encryption algorithms the new randomization system and of course used the newer versions of the protection software. This basically brings the HL2 cheats up to speed with the CSGO hacks in terms of the security, there are still some missing features on the HL2 versions but I don't see a need to work to add those at this point in time.

Due to the low volume of the HL2 cheats the current versions should suffice for some time. If there are issues with crashing; please disable multicore rendering in any game that crashes. This wasn't an issue in the past but due to the more recent updates of the HL2 engine; there seems to be an issue with multicore rendering in some scenarios. Since these games are old; there should be no problem running the games in single core mode to 200-400+fps.

If there is demand I can also make L4D versions of the HL2 cheats (has to be a separate version) that I could possibly bundle with the HL2 cheats as 2 different packages. Taking some look at L4D: it shouldn't take too much work to fork the HL2 cheats into a L4D version. Also if there is interest in cheats for Black Mesa; that can be done as well as it is a version based around CSGO + Source. So I can make a new hybrid project that would work on Black Mesa. Not sure about the overall market here but if there is interest please comment.

In terms of the other cheat versions; I have been working on new versions for CSGO GamersClub and I am currently about to go into the testing phase. If all my internal testing goes well then we should see a new version before the end of this month. I have been waiting on hardware after accidentally misplacing / selling the hardware I used for testing before. Some people have also been asking me about FastCup for both CSGO and HL1. The HL1 version of the FastCup cheat has not been forgotten but it is in queue after the GamersClub version is completed. Therefore there will not be more progress on that version until GamersClub is released.​

As always, please download the new version from the Download page.

Happy Cheating!

Jimster480 & LC Staff

LeagueCheats CSGO Update 5/3/2021 & Star Wars Day Sale

Hi all,
It's been a while since I wrote a new newsletter but don't be worried; there is a lot going on behind the scenes. I have been working on many different projects that I am going to share with you soon.

As most of you know there was a large CSGO update today; the cheats have been updated to work on the new version. At this point in time only Pro League & GC have not been updated. These updates will come out in the next days with what is hopefully the new versions of the bypasses. If not then I will release another separate update version if the bypass is not available yet.

As of right now the CSGO League Multi, Non-League Multi, League ESP, and Non-League ESP are all updated. Please use the cheat download page to download the new version. You can also use the legacy Login Updater Client if you wish. There should be no issues with the new versions of CSGO. If you encounter an issue please put in a ticket for support.
There are some new / changed features coming to the CSGO cheat; but unfortunately I didn't have time to test them with this abrupt update so they have been disabled for now. I look forward to sharing them with everyone very soon.

I am also going to do a 30% off sale for "Star Wars Day" May the Fourth. This sale will run until the end of the week. Code is STARWARS applicable in our store only and not the buy pages.

I look forward to sharing more details with everyone soon!

We also have a new position open up as a Video Editor. The requirements for the position are as follows
* Have an active subscription
* Good editing knowledge & comfortable with editing software(HLAE, Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D)
* Understand English
* Minimum 1 Month usage

Benefits of the position are:

* All LC products for free.
* Paid per video
* Access to beta testing program

Happy Cheating!

LeagueCheats Christmas Update


Gamersclub Edition is back!​

We are pleased to announce that the Gamers Club Cheat is working again; sans Aimbot. This means that there is no Aimbot available in the standard GC cheat. There is only a triggerbot. The Aimbot will be reserved for the restricted and private Pro League version.

GamersClub version pricing has not changed as the anticheat has stepped its game up in multiple ways. We will also be limiting the number of total users of the Gamers Club cheat and will not be approving everyone who applies. Also some of our previous customers will not be allowed to come back either. We are going to do everything we can to focus on security to keep this software exclusive and undetected.

New Operation​

With the new operation for CSGO; there are many new changes to the game. We are happy to announce that LeagueCheats Multi (CSGO Aimbot, CSGO Hacks) is still working 100% fine without the need for any immediate update. Therefore anyone who purchases today can still use the software out of the box with the new operation.

Other Projects​

On the front of other projects; our hardware project has just officially started. This is extremely exclusive and limited, targeted at specific games and leagues with very high difficultly anticheats.

For FastCup; we are debating putting out a wallhack only version (will be testing this in the next days) that will have a wallhack bound to a specific key to be running only when the key is held. This will help to evade screenshots of FastCup and should bypass their other restrictions at this point in time. We know its not an aimbot or other features; but those are still in the work and many people are asking us for FastCup.
If you are interested please send a PM in the next days to stay updated with the status of the testing. Eventually we will write another newsletter explaining it.

Christmas Sale​

As we all are aware; this has been a tough year. Therefore we have decided to do a christmas sale. 25% off between now and Christmas Day (Sale ends 12AM Dec 25th EST Timezone). CHRISTMAS2020 is the Coupon Code!​

Merry Christmas to all!

-Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff



Olá a todos,
Nós estamos felizes em anunciar que a versão Gamers Club está funcionando novamente; com exceção do aimbot. Isto significa que não teremos aimbot na versão padrão da Gamers Club, apenas triggerbot. O Aimbot está reservado e restrito apenas para a versão privada Pro league.

O preço da versão Gamers Club não mudou, ainda que o anticheat da plataforma tenha melhorado de diversas formas. Com isto estaremos limitando a quantidade total de clientes na versão Gamers Club, e não aprovaremos qualquer pessoa que aplicar para uso desta versão. Alguns de nossos clientes antigos não serão aprovados para utilização de nossa versão Gamers Club.
Faremos todo o possível com foco completo em segurança, para que nosso software se mantenha exclusivo e indetectável.

Com a nova operação do CSGO muitas mudanças foram feitas no jogo. Estamos felizes em anunciar que mesmo com estas mudanças nosso LeagueCheats Multi (CSGO Aimbot, CSGO Hacks) continua funcionando 100% sem nenhum problema ou necessidade de update. Para novos clientes que comprarem nosso cheat ainda hoje já poderão aproveitar o cheat com a nova operação.

Falando em novos projetos, nosso projeto hardware cheat oficialmente iniciou. Este hardware cheat é extremamente exclusivo e limitado, com foco em jogos específicos e ligas com anticheats muito complicados de ser bypassados.

Para o FastCup estamos trabalhando em uma versão exclusiva apenas com wallhack (entrará em fase de testes nos dias seguintes) na qual o wallhack será ativado por meio de uma tecla alterna, fazendo com que o wallhack seja apresentado ao pressionar esta tecla. Isto torna possível a utilização de wallhack no FastCup. Não teremos para o momento aimbot e outras features, mas estamos trabalhando também nesta possibilidade visto que muitas pessoas nos questionam sobre fastcup.
Se você está interessado por gntilza envie uma PM nos próximos dias para acompanhar o status dos testes da versão FastCup. Eventualmente postaremos uma nova notícia no site explicando melhor.

Como todos sabemos, este foi um ano complicado. Desta forma, decidimos lançar uma oferta de natal! 25% de desconto iniciando agora até o dia de Natal (A oferta termina às 12:00 do dia 25 de Dezembro). O código do cupom é CHRISTMAS2020

Feliz natal a todos!

-Jimster480 & Equipe League Cheats

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