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LeagueCheats November 2020 News - Pro League Update, GamersClub Update, FastCup Testing, Hardware Project

Hi All,

This past 2 months have been a complicated time and as such we have not had much news. However a lot has been going on behind the scenes and we are finally ready to share some details with everyone.

LeagueCheats Pro League CSGO Hacks

The newest CSGO Pro League Cheat (CSGO Aimbot with DiveDeep) has gone live at the time of this post. The same restrictions still apply to Pro League hacks as it is a limited user base affair only for older users that can qualify for it. It is currently working on EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) & GamersClub, but should also be working on ESL & other similar Ring0 leagues. It does not work on Esportal (there is another project for that at the moment, more details to come soon, feel free to message us directly).​

LeagueCheats GamersClub CSGO Hacks
The GamersClub CSGO hack update should be live tonight or tomorrow morning (pending final testing). We regret to inform you that the aimbot will be disabled when GamersClub mode is enabled due to the API restrictions. Therefore you will have a Triggerbot + ESP On Key only.​

LeagueCheats FastCup CS1.6 Hacks
We are working on FastCup (CS1.6) and pending successful testing should have the FastCup CS1.6 cheat live sometime soon. This will also be a verification based, limited slot affair. For now the HL1 Pro League hack is working on EAC, SxE, Wargods & GameGuard (without FastCup Matches).​

LeagueCheats Game Hacks


There has been progress on the LC Universal Cheat Project. We will be announcing some details soon and provided on how other projects come along we could be looking at a Christmas time release in some form. We were hoping to have something out by the time that COD:Cold War releases but our timeline was too ambitious with all the projects we have going on. This universal project is not made for any specific game and should work in some form on almost every game that uses certain methods of drawing & model construction. This is our vision of providing cheats for the vast array of games out there today without trying to specifically make cheats for any game.​
As games come and go at a rapid pace these days; its best to have a universal cheat (think of it like Cheat engine, but with Aimbot/ESP/etc) that can be tuned / configured by the community for basically any game you wish to use it on. It is an extremely large task but this is our end goal for League Cheats. To bring the technology we have developed for our CS & CSGO hacks to a universal platform for all to enjoy.​

LeagueCheats Hardware Hacks

We have started a hardware project for specific complex anticheat's and games. The price is high (Over $5000/year) and the total availability is low. For those long time trusted customers who are interested you can reach out directly.​

LeagueCheats Game/CSGO Hack Live Support Telegram Channel
We have started a new public Telegram Support Chat for all Support & Inquiries. This is partially to transition away from our Legacy live IRC chat that most people no longer participate in. The IRC chat will still be available for those who want to use it but it has lost its popularity over time.​

We are looking for Youtube Promoters, Content Creators & Developers. If you would be interested in working in some capacity with League Cheats then please reach out through our ticketing platform (Administration Department) with your desires & Resume / Credentials. With so many projects at hand and the gaming scene growing so quickly; we need all hands on deck to provide more services and let more people know about the services that we provide.​

That will do it for now!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

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Hi All,

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Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & LeagueCheats Staff

LeagueCheats August 2020 News - Global Sale, CSGO Updates, GC Updates, Other Projects

  • 20% off for 1 Month (COUPON CODE: RECESSION1M);
  • 30% for 3 Months (COUPON CODE: RECESSION3M);
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This sale will last 2 weeks from today and will mostly not impact GamersClub version's or Pro League Versions. Check these out through our semi-new Store.

Hey all,

Its been a long month here at League Cheats and a lot has been going on behind the scenes. With the new changes to CSGO over the past weeks; injection procedures have changed. Unlike other sites who jumped over patching things into trusted mode; we have been watching the scene carefully to keep customers safe.
At this point in time we recommend that people simply use the "-allow_third_party_software" launch option in combination with a lower sleep time.

We will be releasing a CSGO hack public update with a few changes to make injection easier out of the box for newer customers who are unfamiliar with changing cheat loader options.

Additionally, many updates have been made to the GamersClub hack versions (and impending release of the new Pro League) for not only trusted mode but additional league support. The new version of the GamersClub cheat will only be made available through additional certification of current customers and certain customers will exiled from our secure customer base. Any customers caught in foul play will be prosecuted as we have already started the process for a few customers who have been caught in foul play over the last months. We are not playing with the owners of GamersClub (EMAC Labs) and they should watch themselves considering that we have documented their illegal practices of stealing information from customer computers, stealing passwords and authentication keys and gaining unauthorized access to customer accounts.

As a result of their treacherous and illegal activities; we have enabled 2FA for any GamersClub customer currently approved. Additionally, downloads will require 2FA through localized phones per download. In the coming weeks as we develop new solutions to combat these problems; we will be further restricting the usage and availability of the GamersClub version in the future.

We hope to have more news for you in the future including the release of FastCup (CS1.6 Hacks) and Esportal (CSGO Cheats) and possibly FastCup (CSGO Hacks) and even more behind the scenes :)

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & LeagueCheats Staff

LeagueCheats July 2020 News - CSGO Beta Update

Hi all,
In the last weeks we have had many people asking us about the CSGO Beta update requiring for software that interacts with the game to be digitally signed.
I have replied to this topic to many different people who have asked me but I wish to clear the air.

I have checked into the beta and as the code stands right now it will not affect LeagueCheats CSGO Hacks in its current setting. However this is a beta update and we do not officially support any beta updates. We will continue to monitor the situation and monitor the changes made by Valve to CSGO via Beta's and patch notes.

The Beta update does not affect the public release build of CSGO currently on Steam so it does not affect anyone who is playing today. As this is the newest beta; it will take some time before even the current code comes to official CSGO.

I have already worked a few different mitigation techniques for the CSGO hacks provided that this does go live in the release build in the near future.

As stated before; rest assured we will stay on top of the situation as it develops, and will update the CSGO cheats as needed.

We are also currently exploring updates for our HL2 cheats (there are many mods that have to be checked) as well as doing some testing for our private Esportal project. We hope to have new offerings available in the near future for Esportal and other similar leagues. Please keep an eye on the news and VIP sections for more updates.

Thanks and Happy Cheating!

- Jimster480


They have pushed the update live. Anyone who has an issue should contact support for the workaround while we work on an official global fix.

LeagueCheats - CSGO Update 6/12/20

Hey all,
New CSGO client updates over the past week have made some changes to how the client operates. Some offsets have changed and some client loading procedures have changed (along with the abolition of client_panorama.dll) so I have released a new update for the CSGO hacks for the new offsets.
The update also comes with a few security improvements that I have worked on in the past weeks, most of which stem from the GamersClub version.

If you are or were a GamersClub hack customer; you can apply for the manual review of your account to be able to get access to our new version, please put in a ticket to have your account manually reviewed, please do not use the Login Updater to download the GamersClub cheat version.

Please use the Login Updater to download the new CSGO Hack versions; if you are a GamersClub cheat customer please read the above.

Happy Cheating!

Jimster480 & LeagueCheats Staff

June News - CSGO & CS1.6, Build Server, and DiveDeep Updates + Site Revamp & New Products

Hey all,

I know we have been pretty quiet during this month of May but rest assured that many things are going on behind the scenes.

Work has been done on LC4.0; a new version of the CSGO Cheats was silently released a week ago. This version changes some core functionality around bone calculation and should come with added stability (especially with multicore). In addition there have been some security changes (or should I say upgrades) to both the build server and the cheat code itself. There are new features coming with LC4.0 that will be available in various beta's over the coming month. My target to release the LC4.0 version is July 1st.

There is a new version of the GamersClub cheat in testing now for a week. The new versions of the anti-cheat added many different checks and blocks to the client so bypassing it was much more complicated than originally anticipated. However the final tests have been going well over the last several days.

There were also a couple updates to the HL1 cheats this month; including Wargods being added to the CS1.6 Pro League version and additional features added to the CS1.6 Aimbot / CZ Aimbot / HL1 Aimbot (Multi Hack). Additional stability code as well as more efficient hooking.

Work has also been done for Esportal & FastCup and other high level anticheats (for CSGO and CS1.6); possible Pro league versions may be available in the near future.

Over the last week the staff have been hard at work reworking the forum and streamlining many different sections. We will make a full announcement on this matter when it is all completed but if you notice any changes; they are from the work that is being done behind the scenes.

Last but definitely not least; I am going to be working on a UNIVERSAL Cheat Project. I did mention something about this a couple years ago and there was original work done on this project. However the work stagnated until recently as I have picked the project back up. The goal is to bring a Universal LeagueCheats product to all gamers. A cheat compatible with most every FPS game out of the box using principals from DirectX alone. This cheat will not be for any specific game engine and game-specific exploits and features.
The goal is to build a basic box esp, sound esp, possibly triggerbot and wallhack & finally an Aimbot. There would not be features like "name ESP" or "weapon ESP" or "location ESP" or any item or money hacks. The cheat will eventually be available with a variety of loaders or bypasses. So there will be versions for things like EAC or BE and then normal loaders for the many games that don't have anticheats. This should allow customers to be able to buy one subscription and play in a variety of games with it.
As a single developer here; I believe this is the best use of my time as I will never be able to support all the games that are out today especially considering the constant release of new titles.

If you haven't updated your cheating software this month; then I recommend you download a new version.

I have also decided to Create a new Promo Code for the Recovery of COVID-19. The promo will be REOPENING2020 and will offer 20% off for the next couple of weeks.

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