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LeagueCheats - COVID19 Special Discount - 3/30/20

Hello LeagueCheaters,
You have requested, and we have listened to you as always!

LeagueCheats Black Friday CSGO Hack Sale
Today we are putting ALL of our products from the
STORE on sale with the coupon COVID19.

Considering what is happening around the world we have decided to bring to you a new discount coupon: COVID19. This coupon will give you 19% OFF in any of our products from the store. Yes, you have read it right, 19% OFF! That discount includes all our CS1.6 CSS HL2 TF2 CSGO Hacks.

Stop being bored at your house looking at the same wall for the entire day, now you can purchase our products at a very good price and destroy the Matchmaking and GamersClub servers! This coupon will be active for a limited time, so enjoy while it still lasts!

You can use that coupon in our newest buy page, the STORE! You can access our store clicking HERE

It is very easy to use the coupon in our store:
1. Select the desired product in the store
2. Click in "Purchase"
3. Select the desired package available
4. Click "Add to cart"
5. In the top of the page there will be a notification, click there and go to "Checkout"
6. In the checkout page, use the coupon COVID19, write your desired username and password, and click in "Save"
7. The discount will be applied, now just accept the terms and proceed to payment!

There are many updates being constantly made to the cheat, with alot of improvements on the current features, and improvements to the security. You can also expect a new update to roll out today for the CSGO Cheats. We are also working hard to deliver HL1 as fast as possible as many of you have requested, it should be done pretty soon!

You just CAN'T miss this limited time offer! We from LeagueCheats staff invite you to purchase and enjoy our products and all the updates that we are constantly making to our products. The security is top notch and being improved on an everyday basis.

If you haven't been a customer for some time or you are new here, give it a try, you will be glad to be back to the best cheat available in the market!

Best Regards,
Jimster480 & LeagueCheats Staff

LeagueCheats - CSGO Cheat Update 3/8/20 + LC 4.0 Development + Feature Suggestions Thread

Hey LeagueCheaters,
As many of you know we are constantly working on the cheat performance and security, and we have been working hard on LC 3.5 CSGO Hacks CSGO Cheats for quite long time now.

We have made some real improvements for "World2Screen", the neww2s option in the cheat, which always had the need to change between 0 (Multicore Off), 1 (Multicore On 16:9) and 2 (Multicore On 4:3). Now we will have only 0 and 1 values for neww2s, which 0 will be for multicore off, and 1 for multicore on, automatically detecting your resolution. This update really improves the CSGO Aimbot on a variety of resolutions while delivering you better performance. This particular update was partially made possible by one of our users "Detroid" as he proposed a new way to translate the vectors from 3d space to 2d space.

We have also re-made the default settings for CSGO Multi, CSGO League Multi, CSGO GamersClub, CSGO Pro League (pending update), now it comes with a good config for new customers that doesn't know much about our cheat features. It comes with triggerbot, aimbot, ESP and Dlights activated, multicore on and m_rawinput 1, so new customers can enjoy all the features we provide. That way we hope it really gives you guys something else to enjoy and use as a base config.

As always the updates can be downloaded via the Login Updater or Cloud Updater!

If you are interested in CSGO Cheats (CSGO Aimbot, CSGO Wallhack, CSGO Triggerbot, etc) feel free to check them out here

Feature Suggestions / LC 4.0 Development

Some great news are coming! LeagueCheats is a constantly evolving cheat and as such we are looking for user input in how to improve our cheat and add any extra features you always wanted in your favorite and most secure cheat for leagues in CSGO Cheats market!

LC 4.0 is on the way and you have the chance to suggest a feature that you always wanted!

Feel free visit our new Feature Suggestions Thread and tell us what feature you always wanted!
To visit the thread, CLICK HERE

Best Regards,
Jimster480 & LeagueCheats Staff

Hey LeagueCheaters,
Como muito de vocês sabem, estamos em constante melhoria em nosso cheat, tanto em performance quanto em segurança, e estivemos trabalhando fortemente no LC 3.5 por um longo período até agora.

Nós tivemos boas melhorias para o "World2Screen", que é a opção neww2s do cheat, onde sempre foi necessário mudar entre 0 (multicore Off), 1 (Multicore On 16:9) e 2 (Multicore On 4:3). Agora teremos apenas dois valores, que seria 0 para multicore off, e 1 para multicore on, detectando automaticamente sua resolução. Esta mudança estará presente na próxima atualização do cheat, e como sempre, postaremos em nossa seção de "News".

Também criamos uma nova configuração padrão para a versão Multi League, agora o cheat conta com uma boa configuração padrão para novos clientes que não conhecem muito das nossas funcionalidades do cheat. A configuração conta com triggerbot, aimbot, ESP e Dlights ativado, multicore on e m_rawinuput 1 por padrão, para que novos clientes possam aproveitar todas as funcionalidades que dispomos. Desta forma nós esperamos que isto lhes traga algo a mais para se divertir e usar como uma configuração base.

Ótimas notícias estão a caminho! LeagueCheats é um cheat que está em constante evolução, e como tal, estamos buscando sua sugestão em como podemos melhorar nosso cheat e adicionar funcionalidades extras que vocês sempre quiseram em seu favorito e mais seguro cheat para ligas no mercado de CSGO Cheats!

LC 4.0 está a caminho e você tem a chance de sugerir a funcionalidade que você sempre quis!

Sinta-se livre para visitar nosso Feature Suggestions Thread e nos conte qual nova funcionalidade você quer em nosso cheat!
Para visitar o tópico, clique AQUI

Um abraço,
Jimster480 & LeagueCheats Staff

LeagueCheats - CSGO Cheat Update 2/2/20 -Bugfix

Hey all,
The recent cheat update which fixed the hack for the latest CSGO Update unintentionally broke the configuration files being properly read from when executing the hack. The update affected the CSGO Cheats / CSGO Hacks.

The impacted cheat versions were:

- Non League ESP
- Non League Multi
- League Multi
- League ESP

This has since been resolved and if you are experiencing any issues with the hack saying that "Settings file not found" please download a new build either via the Login Updater or through our Online Cloud Platform and try again. If the error persists then please submit a Support Ticket

As always the updates can be downloaded via the Login Updater or Cloud Updater!

If you are interested in CSGO Cheats (CSGO Aimbot, CSGO Wallhack, CSGO Triggerbot, etc) feel free to check them out here

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & LeagueCheats Staff

LeagueCheats - CSGO Cheat Update 1/30/20 + Other News

Hey all,
The recent CSGO update a few hours ago has changed some values which affect the cheats. These updates affected the CSGO Cheats / CSGO Hacks. Including the CSGO Aimbot features and CSGO ESP features. Namely the weapon clip ESP (number of bullets) along with other corresponding features such as Recoil After and pistol auto shoot and empty clip aimbot detection.

The new update (which should be live by the time you read this) fixes these issues in the CSGO Hacks in general. There are also a couple minor bugfixes that are rolled into this update.

Additionally we wanted to announce that for the past few weeks now the GamersClub Private Hack has been built on our automated build server as the rest of the normal cheats are. This adds extreme variation to each build and ups the security even further on this limited semi-private software.

Next up will be to roll this out for Pro League; which also received an update today. Esportal Hack + GameGuard Hack (FastCup Hack) is in testing for both CSGO Pro League and HL1 Pro League Versions.
While we cannot give an exact date for the update of those two leagues; rest assured that we are working on it and the updates should be available soon.

Over the last month we have also rolled out new purchase pages for both the HL2 Hack / CSS Hack / TF2 Hack and the CS1.6 Hack / CS1.6 Aimbot / HL1 Multi Hack.

There are many projects currently in the works and we think that this year of 2020 should be very exciting for most of you very soon :)

Please keep an eye out for emails or front page updates from us in the near future!

As always the updates can be downloaded via the Login Updater or Cloud Updater!

If you are interested in CSGO Cheats (CSGO Aimbot, CSGO Wallhack, CSGO Triggerbot, etc) feel free to check them out here

Happy Cheating!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & LeagueCheats Staff

LeagueCheats - Merry Christmas! CS1.6 Cheat Update + Sale


Here at LeagueCheats we want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas! A Christmas filled with family and joy and fulfillment; as that is really what Christmas is about. Of course there are presents too and today you can get yourself (or another) the gift of an edge like no other; the gift of LeagueCheats :)

Today we are putting ALL of our products on sale for 48 hours (no rain checks).
So kick back and relax; open your presents and get yourself a subscription! It could be your best decision of 2019!

Here is the link to our sale:

This is a recurring discount sale; meaning that the discount applies for as long as you keep your recurring subscription active. Why delay? Buy your CSGO Hacks today.

Secondly we want to talk about our HL1 Hack / CS1.6 Cheat Update.

Recently a user exposed a bug where setting a different menu key was not working. That bug was found and patched as well as a few other key-setting related bugs. There is also a small security update (which will be rolling out to all other cheats in the next days).

This patch should be live by the time you read this.

Merry Christmas

-Jimster480 & LeagueCheats Staff

LeagueCheats - Black Friday 2019 CSGO Hack Sale, HL2 Hack Sale, CS1.6 Hack Sale, Gamers Club Hack Sale

LeagueCheats Black Friday CSGO Hack Sale

Hey all,
Its that time of the year again... the time when everything goes on sale! Welcome to the holiday season of 2019.

This year we are having a major hack sale on all of our hacks (as shown in the title). Our CSGO Hack with our legendary CSGO Aimbot is on sale... as well as our newly redone HL2 Hack (CSS Hack / TF2 Hack / HL2DM Hack / DODS Hack) and our HL1 Hack (CS1.6 Hack, HL Hack, HLDM Hack, DOD Hack, TFC Hack, SVEN Coop Hack) with the original CS1.6 Aimbot and Wallhack is also on sale! This year we are having a sale on our famous Gamers Club Hack, so be sure to check below. Remember that verification will still be required!

The prices this year are pretty in line with what we have done before... But we have a few curve balls!

LeagueCheats Black Friday CSGO Hack Sale

Gamers Club Cheat Sale (CSGO)

Only $275 for a Year! This does require verification though

CSGO Cheat Sale

Only $125 for a Year (Non-League Multi or League ESP):

Only $150 for a Year (League Multi):

Only $99 for a Year (Non-League ESP):

Third we will introduce our HL2 Cheat Sale:

Only $80 for a Year (HL2 Multi):

Only $55 for a Year (HL2 ESP):

HL1 Cheat Sale

Only $90 for a Year (HL1 Multi / HL1 Multi League):

Only $65 for a year (HL1 ESP / HL1 League ESP):

All sales are final, these discounts won't last long! With our recent updates for the CSGO's Operation Shattered Web, you won't want to miss out on the best way to hack in CSGO! Sale Ends 12/1/19 11:59PM EST.

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