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CSGO Gone and CS2 Released - Where we are

Hi all,
Counter-Strike 2 released fully today after a surprisingly short beta phase. Essentially today is the last day of summer so it seems that Valve has to "release CS2 by Summer" and as such today was the day they just forced it upon everyone.
Unfortunately the LeagueCheats CS2 cheats are not yet ready and some weeks away in terms of development time. I wish I had better news for everyone but recently I have been busy on other projects vs CS2 alone as I saw the state of CS2 even last week wasn't that great and many players were very upset with the state of the game.

Anyone who has a CSGO subscription will have their subscription paused On Friday and be given 2 extra weeks of time to use once the equivalent CS2 version is out.

Keep your eyes peeled on the front page of the site here as news of CS2 Betas will be posted accordingly :)


Server Migration & Downtime

Hi all,
The website has been down for the past 36 or so hours (along with the build server) as two of our servers have been migrating data centers. Our main data center has changed buildings and as such the servers needed to be physically disconnected and moved. I am glad to report that the move is completed now (at least for us) and hopefully this is the end of the downtime as the new data center comes fully online!
In the meantime a quick update; I am working on an update for the CSGO loader while I work on the CS2 changes. There may be some additional protections that can be put into the loader which I want to be able to bring to everyone ASAP. Additionally I will continue working on any Anti-Cheat proofings as soon as the CS2 migration code is done. Currently we have no idea the actual timeline for the CS2 release as the beta is over but the game wasn't very finished when the Beta finished. Therefore we must be ready in some form for CS2 to launch at any time in the near future. So please bear with me as I work to make this massive code transition. Since all code has to be ported from 32 bit to 64 bit including my proprietary Assembly generation engines and dynamic allocation frameworks.

The Legit CSGO Cheats are going to be transformed to Counter Strike 2 Legit Cheats hopefully in its entirety before the game is released.

Lastly we have hired a new forum & Community manager who will be making some changes to the forum look and feel as well as optimizing placement, sidebars and the different sections. He will work with the current staff members to make the site more user friendly and cohesive for all of our family here :)

We look forward to a long and productive future! Long live LC!

Happy Cheating,

LeagueCheats Q1 Update

Hi all,

I realize it has been a while since we have issued any formal update news here. Lots has been going on behind the scenes and there are some new products being prepared to launch. However plenty has been going on with CSGO. Recently CSGO has regained lots of popularity and we are seeing old names and faces return after years of hiatus!
While we love to see old faces we also want to keep players who are just returning to the game updated with useful information about the state of the game and cheating today even with Legit CSGO Cheats and especially using a Legit CSGO Aimbot.
Valve has brought VACNet down on top of CSGO Cheats in general but haven't really made changes for CS1.6 Hacks or CS:S Aimbot (probably because those games aren't very popular).

So what does this mean for me you ask? Be Careful with Aimbot & Triggerbot Features.
Care to Elaborate? Valve is now tracking aim movements, acceleration of your mouse and angles, measures angles, measures reaction times, hit spots, shot times, etc.

What has LeagueCheats done to make me safe? We have implemented an entire new system of calling and management that doesn't allow valve to track any of the functions that we may use or read from. However there is no way to prevent them from measuring angle movements directly or the speed at which you shoot a round vs when someone is visible (reaction times). Therefore if reaction times are suspicious Valve may still flag you.
There are more updates in the pipeline which will help customers stay safe over time but these are difficult to develop since it depends on play style. For now best thing is to not use things such as Triggerbot or Auto shoot and make sure to use RandomSpot (at as high of a setting as you can bare) and make sure to not use things like Mouse1 for Aimbot.

I've heard Source2 Is coming out, is that planned to be supported? Yes. No new updates will be rolled out in the next couple weeks (unless necessary) as we are looking into what it will take to upgrade it to source2. Once Source2 version comes out I will work as fast as possible to upgrade everything to support the new version.
In the Meantime I am going to work on my testing methods and improve the loader in anticipation of the coming versions and the possibility that injections may be different.

I hope to have more frequent updates about the Legit CSGO Cheats and the overall site in general in the near future. I undertook a huge project last year of moving and have still not caught up with all my work since that time.

Happy Cheating!

Holiday Greetings + 30% Sale


Dear valued LC Family,

As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your continued trust in our products, aswell as the contributions and engagement many of you did on the forums and the Telegram chat to help the cheat grow.

As we look back on this past year, we are reminded of the challenges we faced, with all the changes to the game as well as VacNet. Yet we have overcome them. We are proud to have been able to support you through this time and we will make sure that we continue to deliver good cheats and that we keep staying ahead of the game.

We are excited to announce that we will be running a holiday sale on our recurring subscriptions! For a limited time, you can take advantage of a 30% discount. This is a great opportunity to save some money and ensure that you are set up for success over the coming days aswell as the new year.

We would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. Whether you are celebrating with family and friends or taking some much-needed time to relax and recharge, we hope that you have a wonderful and joyful holiday.

From all of us at LeagueCheats, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Your LeagueCheats Team


League Cheats Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2022

Sale extended through Dec 4th!!!

Hi Everyone,
As is tradition around here we have a huge Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. This year our sale (post) is late because I was actually out of town for Black Friday! So the additional deals will go until Tuesday at this point in time. I have been hard at work in the background working on new projects entirely which will re-shape League Cheats for the next decade and beyond!
This is the largest sale we have ever had with the lowest price ever seen in League Cheats History!


But let's not focus too much on the future here, as we have
started yesterday and with it:
As is custom we happily announce that as of yesterday

Also lined up, we have a series of special extra deals!

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CSGO Cheat Update 11/22/22 - Sale Coming soon


Hi all,
It has been a while but the CSGO Legit Aimbot Cheat has been updated as is the CSGO ESP Cheat. Both are VACNet Undetected at this point in time due to our new calling framework and the reworking of input speeds.
This new version of the cheat's (For both MULTI Cheats) has ShotTime(settings) / ShotSpeed (Menus) which allows you to adjust the seed value for the randomization system for the firing of shots through the Aimbot or Triggerbot (Triggerbot Values have a T at the end like ShotTimeT in settings).
Right now the values are global but they will be put on the WeaponConfigs in the future. Likely with another update in a week or two as I am rotating back into development cycles for these products and hope to have updates for things such as GamersClub Cheats and Esportal Cheats as well as taking a look at FastCup hacks for CS1.6 and possibly even CSGO.

All the updates are available via The Login Updater & Cloud Updater. Even the League ESP Cheat as well as the ESP Non-League have been updated with some new security fixes! Please report back any issues via the Telegram Group or directly here either to me via PM or in posts in the VIP section.

There will be a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale this week, it is just not up yet (obviously). So keep your eyes out for some smoking hot deals this week!

Thanks and Happy Cheating,

CSGO Anniversary Update + Promo Sale


Hi all,​

As was mentioned about a week and a half ago; our new VACNet Proof Cheat Framework is finished and the CSGO legit cheat has been updated to combat the new VACNet Changes.
We wanted to be careful with the new version even though some internal testing was done first so we abstained from giving away the additional time to previously affected customers.
Now that the version has been out for 1.5 weeks and has been running; we will work to provide the additional time to customers who were previously affected with the older versions post the VacNet changes.

Additionally there is yet another version out after the CSGO Anniversary update; however to be clear no update is REQUIRED. Meaning that if you are fine with your setup as it is right now; this update is NOT REQUIRED. A bit of housekeeping was done and additional optimization to improve performance slightly and to make the software more randomized and protected against additional VACNet changes.

The CSGO Multi Cheat now makes a different build from the CSGO ESP Cheat. The CSGO Aimbot requires different features than CSGO ESP alone so there were some optimizations that could be made with the new VACNet Proof Cheat Framework.

More updates will follow in the coming weeks as more aspects of the software are worked on, now that the framework seems to be stable.

Additionally these framework updates will come to Pro League for both HL1 and CSGO and it is possible that the HL2 / CSS Aimbot Cheat (Multi) will be updated as well if needed.
Since the framework is also stable the updates will now be rolled out to the CSGO Private Cheats. So if you have a Private CSGO Cheat; please send me a PM to get into queue for the roll out of the new framework!

Currently Valve is not using VACNet much with the older games.

The new version is available via the Login Updater or Cloud Updater.

There is a SALE as well to celebrate the 10 Year CSGO Anniversary. Use the code 10YCSGO for 15% off!

As always

Click Here for the internal VIP Thread for the Updates

Happy Cheating!​

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