CSGO Gone and CS2 Released - Where we are


Triple OG Founder OG
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Apr 11, 2011
Hi all,
Counter-Strike 2 released fully today after a surprisingly short beta phase. Essentially today is the last day of summer so it seems that Valve has to "release CS2 by Summer" and as such today was the day they just forced it upon everyone.
Unfortunately the LeagueCheats CS2 cheats are not yet ready and some weeks away in terms of development time. I wish I had better news for everyone but recently I have been busy on other projects vs CS2 alone as I saw the state of CS2 even last week wasn't that great and many players were very upset with the state of the game.

Anyone who has a CSGO subscription will have their subscription paused On Friday and be given 2 extra weeks of time to use once the equivalent CS2 version is out.

Keep your eyes peeled on the front page of the site here as news of CS2 Betas will be posted accordingly :)