Server Migration & Downtime

Hi all,
The website has been down for the past 36 or so hours (along with the build server) as two of our servers have been migrating data centers. Our main data center has changed buildings and as such the servers needed to be physically disconnected and moved. I am glad to report that the move is completed now (at least for us) and hopefully this is the end of the downtime as the new data center comes fully online!
In the meantime a quick update; I am working on an update for the CSGO loader while I work on the CS2 changes. There may be some additional protections that can be put into the loader which I want to be able to bring to everyone ASAP. Additionally I will continue working on any Anti-Cheat proofings as soon as the CS2 migration code is done. Currently we have no idea the actual timeline for the CS2 release as the beta is over but the game wasn't very finished when the Beta finished. Therefore we must be ready in some form for CS2 to launch at any time in the near future. So please bear with me as I work to make this massive code transition. Since all code has to be ported from 32 bit to 64 bit including my proprietary Assembly generation engines and dynamic allocation frameworks.

The Legit CSGO Cheats are going to be transformed to Counter Strike 2 Legit Cheats hopefully in its entirety before the game is released.

Lastly we have hired a new forum & Community manager who will be making some changes to the forum look and feel as well as optimizing placement, sidebars and the different sections. He will work with the current staff members to make the site more user friendly and cohesive for all of our family here :)

We look forward to a long and productive future! Long live LC!

Happy Cheating,
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I'm new administrator who will be responsible for LC YouTube and forum. I'll try to give forum a new look, and I'll also try to bring new users to our community!
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