1. Hi<3

    Old but interesting

    This clips are insane video shows as not available idk why ( /watch?v=jMYSDbhxq5w) The same happend here There is a kjaerbye clip on cache but i cant find the video, he was mid using a deagle. Some old clips but they are always interesting to watch :doge:
  2. D

    About to buy

    Couple of questions before I buy. I've used other terrible cheats before and this seems like the best cheat out. I have been banned just recently on my main account so I was wondering if LC is safe to use on a main account atm or should i just use it on a smurf. Also if I just ended up buying...
  3. CuteK1tty

    What does the menu look like?

    I'm curious what the menu looks like I can't find anything about the menu since the cheat isn't super popular can someone send me a SC of the menu please and thank you <3
  4. C

    I am a victim of Platinum cheats. I need information about everything

    Hello I am a victim of pl*tin*mcheats detection. My profile can be found here: https://pl*tin* I see this cheat is not HWID locked but IP locked. The problem is that my IP can change everyday and it would be a hassle to open a support ticket every damn day to get...
  5. Oliver

    Vac authentication error

    Hey, one of my friend got the Vac authentication error, never injected. Maybe someone have an idea? It happenned to me but after i restarted my computer the problem disapeared, not for him...
  6. G

    Half life cheats ?

    just want to cheat half life what is the price?
  7. Resolved

    Who has got some nice frag movie music for csgo?

    Im planning on doing frag movies and shit so i need some gud music?
  8. R

    Few Questions

    Hey, I was looking into some CSGO Cheats for leagues and came across this and was wondering on a few questions. 1. When was the last detection? 2. Can you use LegueCheats on Facit Client? 3. Is there a limit to the userbase or is fully open/public? 4. Can it be used in Fullscreen? 5. What is...
  9. killallmuslims3

    What do you think of this vid

    this guy trys to explain how to spot a cheater and half the shit he says isnt right and then goes on to say that BHOP is good at hiding his cheats...
  10. D

    Some Questions before buying

    Hello, i am new here and want to buy this Cheat.. 1a. Can i cheat in 99damage / EAC? 1b. Does it give extra Settings for this? 2. Is this Cheat External or Internal? 3. What cheat u prefer for 99damage? 4. Can u guys show me some Pictures/Videos about Hack?
  11. djmazi

    Questions before i purchase

    Hi I played CS:GO for the first time last weekend, but before that i used to play a lot of CS 1.6 back in the days. Now i have read good about your hack in this forum but i do however, have a few questions. 1. I usually play on internet cafes or when i am at friends (1-2 days a week) will this...
  12. norbimc


    Update that came out 21.03.2017 provides cheating on faceit and eac? If so, you can play on the challengme on the tournaments with eac and faceit without problems? [Pytanie dla polskich użytkowników] Trudno skonfigurować program żeby działał jak polski czit csh extrental waldka?
  13. Coghu

    Pre-Sale Q's (Quite green to cheating)

    As I've stated in the title, I'm quite new to the whole cheating scene (Only used Vacware for 2 months). Questions: 1. Do I need to DL the cheat onto a USB or will it be fine just Dl'ing it straight to the PC? 2. For Cevo client, how do I go about properly booting up the cheat? (through...
  14. DerRiese

    CS:GO Questions before I buy

    Hey guys, Ive been looking at a few cheats now (h*xui, LC and in*uria) and dont know which to purchase so far. From what Ive seen it a lot of Untrusted and Vac bans from h*xui and their bullshit premium and exclusive that get better protection on their cheats. Ive heard good things about LC and...
  15. K

    Plutoniumchets cracked

    Redeem your free weekend here. Security consists of: Blackbone compiled, using its Kernel Manual mapper function, cheat and driver packed with VMProtect. Injecting this dll with Xenos using its Kernel Manual mapper(that uses Blackbone too) gets you identical security. The cheat uses...
  16. Averageplayer

    old video

    hey, i remember that there used to be a video somewhere of one of you admins testing some lan settings with an m4a4, i think that the video was posted on a pre-sale thread, unfortunately i couldnt find it anywhere, i think that its unlisted on youtube was wondering if you mind to link it again...
  17. SilverFang1

    CSGO, faceit questions.

    Okey, so I'm determining if i should try out the cheat just to see how far i can actually come with it on Faceit. Which package would i like to have if i were to cheat on FaceIT servers/tournaments? Does every function work there? etc Silent aimbot with human-like aim? What exactly is ESP...
  18. R

    LC short review

    Well i have use alot of cheats and this is the perfect one the aimbot looks like pSilent i use it for more then 4 month since i started to play in 2 weeks i became global elite i got lots of report and i didnt got any ban this cheat is amazing legit and strong i play with it like semi-pro i got...
  19. B

    Kevin Gates Islah Leaked!!!!

    any kevin gates fans here? which song ur favorite for me i like "Hard For" and "Excuse"
  20. L

    HL1 Video about Cheat

    Hi guys can throw video with cheat for CS 1.6 ?