1. meninodaartic

    Pistol ACE

    Just another day, kidding on MM HAHAHAH --- Double-post Merged (Please used the edit button) --- Deagle ACE
  2. panzer


  3. panzer


    RECORDED with shadowplay :) ...
  4. cameron yelverton

    Help with upgrading my pc

    I would love some help upgrading my pc to a good spec if you would like to help me? If you want to help you can add me on skype @yelviegaming12369. Only thing I know about my PC is that GPU is a AMD radeon hd 6450 and my CPU AMD a4 7300. I know i have ddr3 8 gigs of ram. My main board...
  5. Kennedy

    @2sick demos :)

  6. Aaron

    [email protected]

  7. Kennedy

    @Cover Your Eyes 5k DEAGLE

  8. Aaron

    4k on FaceIT Prem :^)

    Sorry for shit quality but yolo, I have more videos but cba going through to find clips so whatever.
  9. Kennedy

    I want to share something for you LC ussers :j

    Good day! Have 32 videos with LC! ;j I wanted to share my channel on YouTube, but many videos are already on this forum, but maybe someone has not seen them yet, so I think it's worth sharing my youtube channel for u guys:) With the help of LC and my personal settings, I achieved: Many skins...
  10. T for CS:GO Gameplay | UNDETECTED FaceIT AC Client EAC Challengeme Gamersclub GFinity

    Special thanks to @albanerendk
  11. KKUkUr2017


    Any advice how i can start making movies from csgo demos ? Programs any good tutorial any other help ? :)
  12. D

    Some Questions before buying

    Hello, i am new here and want to buy this Cheat.. 1a. Can i cheat in 99damage / EAC? 1b. Does it give extra Settings for this? 2. Is this Cheat External or Internal? 3. What cheat u prefer for 99damage? 4. Can u guys show me some Pictures/Videos about Hack?
  13. panzer

    Asian Girl Cheating on Stream Getting Caught

    Sheriff lol
  14. panzer

    Some randoms 5K and 4K - RAW - shadowplay recorded no edit

    Ok, it was recorded with shadowplay. just some random kills
  15. anden

    Some other decent clips. (C-FPL)

    Found 3 clips on my old usb stick. First clip was FPL qualifier and the others just some regular MM games with friends :)
  16. panzer

    aimheight and aimright

    I'm doing some testing, i see that this features helps a lil with recoil (auto recoil-non manual)... what u guys think? some deathmatch testing (tired, and i already know i'm not the best player on the world :P)
  17. SyPh

    | Deagle 4K | Edit |

    go like and follow my youtube please (Btw im new on editing and youtube so be nice) cya
  18. FD^GoD

    Rekt some cheaters Fragshow part #3

    In some actions you can see magic skip its not from my reason just by shitty 32 ticketrate demos lag :/ I dont use full ESP, tb and other functions as always just an aimbot :)
  19. elwin1000

    Pistol 4K + JumpShot

    Don't judge me for my movement :D I didn't play for like 2 months. Enjoy!
  20. FD^GoD

    Just relax with LC

    Now all clips are recorded with Action program :p