1. T

    Dust II Headshot machine

    Special thanks to: Big Shaq @Aaron
  2. 1337xLeague

    Some Random stuff

    Forgive me for my aim, played last 2 weeks only PUBG. Im bit out CSGO aim. Was some testing for MC Settings // Mouse 1 Only
  3. G

    Half life cheats ?

    just want to cheat half life what is the price?
  4. panzer


  5. Resolved

    Who has got some nice frag movie music for csgo?

    Im planning on doing frag movies and shit so i need some gud music?
  6. T

    Bonus BGC Wyjaśnia Wszystkich | Bonus BGC vs All | Quick fragmovie with LC

  7. tomato

    ESEA Shenanigans

    And how are you spending your time atm? :D
  8. panzer

    CEVO? !

  9. SyPh

    wsup long time ago | more videos for u guys

    hello everyone, it was a while since I was here on the forum and cheated, just wanted to check how everyone has it and if they are old, who played when I play with leagueCheats btw, thanks for all the comments on my pistol 4k legit :) here are some more clips legit playing no hacking...
  10. HaxorZ

    "pros" Banned for cheating live =D Should have used LC

    NotLikeThis Vid made by Vladopard.
  11. T

    The thing goes skrrrrra LC

    My new ghetto settings. Legit or not legit? Kappa Watch with 0.25 speed "2 plus 2 is 4 Minus 1 that's 3, quick maths Everyday man's on the block, smoke trees"
  12. Sluqx

    3 quick Deagle 1 Tab's

  13. R

    Few Questions

    Hey, I was looking into some CSGO Cheats for leagues and came across this and was wondering on a few questions. 1. When was the last detection? 2. Can you use LegueCheats on Facit Client? 3. Is there a limit to the userbase or is fully open/public? 4. Can it be used in Fullscreen? 5. What is...
  14. Sluqx

    4k|Deagle Tap's

    Older MM clip I found :)
  15. chimichangas

    Back at it again | 4k awp

    I need to add that I tryed really hard to time the music to the clip, and I would say I did a good jobb on two of the shots
  16. Kyle62

    Low Rank MM Highlights (MG2-DMG)

    Here are my highlights with some new settings in using tell me what you think!!!
  17. odin

    What do you think of this vid

    this guy trys to explain how to spot a cheater and half the shit he says isnt right and then goes on to say that BHOP is good at hiding his cheats...
  18. T

    Pure Non-prime experience

    Anyone remember this? Pure non-prime CS:GO experience Kappa
  19. Sluqx

    How to make 350$ out of 3.94$ (clickbait of doom)

    Found an old video of me unboxing some juicy stuff on OPSkins :p Was with a friend on Discord, I talked to him but Shadowplay sadly didnt record my reaction :(
  20. sebus1315

    5-7 is soo op (faceit ac non lc )