1. Virus1x

    I wanted feedback from you the users.

    So we all love LC Jimster is a brilliant coder and as many of you know my oldest friend. I got to talking to him about LC and it's future and my future so after a detailed discussion we came to a somewhat agreement but I wanted feedback from users. Here's my idea. Jimster will not build against...
  2. L


    Since it's a general gaming discussion, so, I'd like to ask this. For CrossFire gamers, actually competitive gamers, who play scrims and go onclient for leagues such CFCL elite and so on, anyway, I'm assuming that you already know what kinda AC they are using, and that client is BLACKBOX. Well...
  3. S

    Just some quick questions before i'll buy.

    Hello everyone, i have been looking for a good legit cheat (for matchmaking, and hopefully FaceIT in the future ;) ), and come across your site. I've tried to watch a few vids of the cheat, and read the F.A.Q, but i do still have some questions; In the FAQ i read something about that the...
  4. D

    About to buy

    Couple of questions before I buy. I've used other terrible cheats before and this seems like the best cheat out. I have been banned just recently on my main account so I was wondering if LC is safe to use on a main account atm or should i just use it on a smurf. Also if I just ended up buying...
  5. Roma

    Would like to know if LC 3.0 Is for me

    Hello people :) Ill start with saying i never used cheats before, Im trying to get over 3000elo in faceit. Im currently playing only full stacks i have over 70 win rate in last 20 matches. My question is would it be smart for me to use LC 3.0. I feel like if i will use the LC 3.0 I Can qualify...
  6. A

    Hi, question CSGO

    Dear, i contact you because i would like to buy a cheat safe on csgo... but i don't know what is the better option... i don't know what is pro league option, if i have to take the insurance, the cheat is easy to configure ? The cheat is avaible on faceit, esea, mm ??? If you can i prefer vocal...
  7. N

    First two weeks.

    Even if it's only two weeks, I feel I can give my first impressions. As a player who never cheated, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but I wanted to try, just for curiosity. I purchased, and the first day wasn't easy. I had a problem with the aimbot not working properly, so I contacted...
  8. M

    GamersClub with WH?

    Hello! My main question is if i bought the cheat i would be able to use wallhack on gamersclub? Or do they have a kind of anti-wall system? What about triggerbot?
  9. E

    Hello Guys.

    Hi guys, i've been away from LC for a while now and i've just resubbed. Can anyone tell me whats the diffrence between the Normal setup and the advanced setup. How advanced is the exensive one and what do i get in the cheaper one. Maybe there is an thread that explains this but i didnt manage...
  10. T

    private question

    Do you guys create private for esea?
  11. N

    A question for LC users

    Would you use this cheat on your main w/skins?
  12. Arnold

    Review after 1 month with LC multi

    Well as many others I started my LC experience with many problems (Starting with finding decent config and etc). I do understand what made people hate this cheat. But if you don't give up on it you are up for a very good surprise. Aimbot: 9/10 With the right settings the aimbot of the cheat is...
  13. 1

    PUBG cheat

    What you think LC make one, its tha game more played. I would be interested in buying.
  14. K

    Script? Move shoot - sniper

    Hey, I'm just sondering the following. I used to play a game where you would be able to shoot perfect with snipper while walking. So what i did is make a macro on my mouse, so that i would press walk right before actually shooting. So in this way you can just run zoomed in and whenever you shoot...
  15. G

    When will these Cheats become Stream Proof?

    Everyone, Any ideas when and if the cheats would somehow possibly become stream proof? Meaning a streaming software like OBS won't pick up the cheats when you're streaming the game? That would be awesome. I feel like it's not possible but it doesn't hurt to dream. Best, G.
  16. Heraxion


    Welcome to my review of leaugecheats and i will start with a story. (Not intressed skip first part) All started when i met the love of my life i stopped play CSGO serious, i played pretty high level CSGO before that.(Semi-PRO) After awhile together we found out we were pregnant and both was...
  17. shigetora


    Just bought the Multi League one for 35$ Please tell me that I can use it on there, otherwise I would like to get a refund if that's possible. I have used Leaguecheats for some time so if it's possible I would like to be able to get the beta or whatever
  18. cornichon

    Stream with cheat

    Hello, Is the cheat stream proof with esp visual? Thank you
  19. M

    ¿GamersClub bypass?

    Hi there! I have some questions: 1- the beta for gamersclub/eac/faceit does mean that in the next days league cheat will suport gamersclub? 2-I would be able to use wallhack on gamersclub?
  20. Kurru

    CSGO Private Hack - Aimbot

    Hi Guys, Just purchased your LC Package and have used it in the past with no bans. However iv'e been playing this game for quite some time and am quite decent at it. I only tend to use the Aim Assistance on the cheat but i am currently looking to buy a private version, this is the only...