1. Xuniku

    wad peopl;e think abt us

  2. VAULT1909

    Why is detection history a blatant lie?

    I'm over cheating and all, but I typed L in and chrome autofilled league, so I decided to have a look back and I saw the detection history page, but it's all such lies, for CSGO at least. "CS:GO cheat came out in October 2012. VAC Detected in March, 2015 and 1/3 of the customer base was...
  3. Dawnyy

    Goodbye everyone.

    Hello guys, this is my final post on here and on any csgo related forum or video. I know I haven't been on here in over 2 months or so and thats cause I have lost interest in cheating and csgo. It was nice using the cheat for the time I did have it. Wanna just clear it up, I was never bad at the...
  4. AntiStreaks

    2 Weeks Straight of LC, Honest review

    Okay, its been about two weeks since I purchased LC At first, being honest, I regretted it, I was new, I didn't know what to do, or how to configure this cheat, (I still don't know what im doing) but there were pre made comunity configs which helped a lot, I spent about 3-4 days testing out...
  5. Singularity

    Level Algorithm

    [email protected], (im coding games for fun) so i need to find out how to get to this Algorithm, so lets say we are a Charakter with "Level One" and a level up cost 75Gold and we have a "input" field where we write down our "level" which we want to have calculated(the price), after ea. level up...
  6. VAULT1909

    Boeing or airbus?

    which do you prefer
  7. Edwin

    Hacks crashing server fix incoming.

    [In case the image above doesn’t show:] http://imgur.com/bx1BnBq I believe we’ve all seen the hacks which crashes servers after hackers win the game, so that no demos are sent to Overwatch. It’s a pain in the ass, but it seems like Valve’s noticed the issue and is trying to solve it asap. One...
  8. Xuniku

    PC .

    So my logic for cpu is , 2 cores is better for mc off , and which graphic card is good for csgo now . And explain which cpu is the best for mc off . Please and ty
  9. Jimster480

    CSGO Update 10/18/17

    Hey all, New CSGO update tonight which broke a few things. With this I am updating the cheats for the new version aswell as adding a couple new things. For League Multi users you can now use the VirualKeyPress mechanism (will only work for this CSGO version atm, new update with automatic...
  10. pikachu

    Which is your favorite fragmovie song?

    Sup guys! Which is your favorite fragmovie song? And if possible, post a nice fragmovie link here! :D For me, I'd say two of my favorite fragmovies song are: Ivan B - Sweaters and Chosen Ones - Mountains vs Machines And about the fragmovie, I'd say one of my favorites (doesnt need to be...
  11. Narcas

    Review after 8 months

    Hello guys, today I want to share my impression about software I was using around 8 months. SECURITY 10/10 It is first cheat I heard of, which is completely safe of VAC banwaves. I don't have to risk to lose my skins, account etc. Even if some shitpaster coders trying to expose to make cheat...
  12. P


    Hello. First of i've been here a few times, since CSGO i've been on and off the game for me for the past 2 years now and when i play, it with cheats. I have used lots of different cheats from f2c and p2c cheats so i know pretty good what to expect of a bad and a good cheat and what the...
  13. Nobody

    My first 2 weeks

    Support: 10/10 Every time I have an issue or question, not only the staff but the community itself is very fast to give you answers and help so you aren't waiting around for hours to fix your problems. Aimbot: 10/10 Had my doubts, but after 2 weeks I can honestly say unless you are completely...
  14. SantaS

    Win7 vs Win10

    Hey guys, Gonna reinstall my windows today and wondering what do you guys think is better for gaming ( not playing all of these new games, my primary games are CS:GO, Rocket League, H1Z1. Do you guys think Windows 7 is better than Windows 10? Here on the forum I've heard that windows 10 is...
  15. K

    Expiring visible VAC bans from steam profile

    Cra0 noticed there is a bug or special intention from steam. If you had vac ban on record which were longer than 3000 days ago its not visible anymore on your steam profile. What do you think about that? I can agree thats true because my friend had vac ban on cod for over 3k days and now it expired.
  16. wolfie.416

    a couple of pre sale questions..

    hello, just a few questions here: 1. activation time (buying from paypal)? 1 hour? 4 hour? ..? 2. What type of esp? Glow or Sound?
  17. K

    Cheaters finally sent to prison for 5 years

    Hey. Today i want to share interesting thread about sending cheaters and cheats developers from OW game made by Blizzard to prison for 5 years! Its Copy Pasted from Polish Forum which did that thread so sorry for mistakes if there are some polish words or something is bad translated. What do you...
  18. Ricardas


    Guys, Maybe youre planing to create cheat which gonna work on EAC? @ToX @Jimster480 maybe you guys can answer to it? :)
  19. G

    Question about setting up

    So in the past, when i bought csgo cheats from other providers which i wont name, they lied to me in the pre-sale forum, and then completely ignored refund requests. My question is; what do you really need to set up league cheats (im planning to buy the league version so i can fuck around on...
  20. jazzo

    When h*xui Gets Roasted