My review from HackForums, just reposting it.


Mar 27, 2015
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Alright so after using this cheat for a day, I am gonna do a quick little review.

Customer Service 10/10
I added Shiver.X on skype, he got me set up and at first it wasnt working because my computer was being weird, but he stayed on the line and helped me through the whole thing. Excellent service.

Now, the cheat itself? Excellent, I used it in CEVO all day yesterday and I was doing really well. Not even one person called me out (I have a bit of experience with cheating and OW dodging, also not many expect cheaters in CEVO) and I am really satisfied with the triggerbot. The only way I can seem to get the bhop feature to work is if I bind it to something weird, like M1 or M2, which kind of throws me off. I found the aimbot to be quite good, though sometimes it stops allowing me to shoot while I hold M2, probs something I am doing wrong. The visuals are pretty good, they tell you what you need to know with very few glitches (the occaisonal ghost marker) and it is externel meaning that you can stream with it and I have been doing so.

TLDR This cheat gets a 9/10 for me, which is pretty damn awesome.

I reccomend this cheat for anyone looking to stomp in CEVO aswell as Matchmaking, and I know I will be dealing with these fine gentlemen in the future.