1. Oktamer

    Why you should use LC for league cheating.

    This topic will define my own experience with LC and, I will try to give to you, new people who read this, why LC will be something that can improve the pleasure you take from cs go. Hello everyone, my name is Bastien. I'm french. I'm on LC since 2016. I'm a long time CS: GO, player. I played...
  2. fmr

    Any news on Source 2?

    I am not that good on finding credible leaks and leads, but someone in the forums might know how to. (legit leads not just from google search haha) Any news on the source 2 engine for csgo? When is the release date. If non, at least any progress on dust 2 remake?
  3. R

    LAN Cheating?

    Dear Admins, Haven't bought the cheat yet but before I do, i want to ask if the cheat supports leagues or lan gaming. is it possible to use a badusp on lan and not get caught by its anti cheat? or do u guys just not support it? regards
  4. xans

    Bored with 3D Extrusion

    Not sure, for some reason I liked the concept with this font, care to share your thoughts?
  5. R

    username and payment

    where can i see my username and wht should i do if i buy the cheats and still not a member yet. im not put my username and pass when i buying the cheats, cuz i thought its liek a gift or something
  6. albanerendk

    Glock 1v5 Ace on FaceIt

    I love LC so far, gotta admit! Not banned yet, so must be doing something right :P I mostly top frag every game as well.
  7. N

    im going to buy this again but....

    does this have a panic key (what i want to know is can i play like a god and then press a key and have someone sit at my pc and inspect my game and it be fine)
  8. R

    My review from HackForums, just reposting it.

    Alright so after using this cheat for a day, I am gonna do a quick little review. Customer Service 10/10 I added Shiver.X on skype, he got me set up and at first it wasnt working because my computer was being weird, but he stayed on the line and helped me through the whole thing. Excellent...