1. Jimster480

    EAC Aimbot Triggerbot Hack Cheat Support

    I figured it's time to shine some light on the EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat). How it works and how LeagueCheats bypasses this anti-cheat. EAC is an acronym for Easy Anti Cheat, This AC was released in the early 2000's Originally and AC used for Counter-Strike 1.6 which was later adapted to support...
  2. maromba4j

    GamersClub Private - Review

    Olá. Bom, estou passando aqui para contar um pouco mais da minha experiência com o Privado da GamersClub. Vou começar por um diferencial que a LeagueCheats tem que nenhum outro cheat me passou, a segurança. Você vê que o site é profissional, a partir do momento em que você tem que passar por...
  3. G

    League Cheats GamersClub Private My Review

    Olá gostaria e dar meu review sobre o Cheat... Estou usando a cerca de um mês... A primeira coisa que gostei foi sobre, segurança, o fato de você ter que enviar seus dados para poder adquirir o cheat ja mostra que o LC esta preocupado com a segurança dos clientes. Aimbot: ainda não dominei...
  4. B

    LeagueCheats GamersClub Private Review

    Primeiramente tomei essa iniciativa porque não vejo muitas reviews em PT-BR então vim aqui meio que fazer review das opções que usei e a que não usei. Vou seguir como exemplo uma postagem feita pelo @LeiseBrödler porém com as minhas considerações, só para manter organizado o tópico. 1. Design /...
  5. T

    Question about a recent HL1 mod update

    Hello I have a question regarding a Day of Defeat 1.3 update back in August 2018. I was just curious if their was any new vac updates along with this update and if the ESP HL1 cheat has been updated since than. (I apologize if this question has been asked before, I couldn't find any thread...
  6. Y

    I have bought cheat for 1 m

    I have bought cheat for 1 m,can you please link my account fast.i cant wait to use it!
  7. M

    Help with spoofer GC?

    Hi. I'm interested on buy the GC cheat for 3 months, but while using another hack I got banned on GamersClub a few days ago. As u guys should know, GamersClub has HWID banning system. What can I do to make me possible to play there again? Did u guys provide any spoofer or tutorial for me...
  8. G

    [SoStronk India 2019]

    Hello, i am currently playing on sostronk ac...i was using other p2c till today and it worked fine until 29/12/2018...There was a huge anticheat update which caused my previous p2c detection on p2c.. I was wondering if someone could check whether this cheat is currently undetected on Sostronk....
  9. mathinos

    Multi-league version

    Hi all, I would like to ask you guys, is multi league version for 35$ per month have bypass to EAC? Thanks
  10. J

    Cheat CS:GO

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cheats is functional in gamersclub?
  11. H

    Counter-Strike1.6 EAC proof status 10/28/2018

    Hey, I want to purchase the hl1 league anti-cheat As of today October 28, 2018 is the league cheat EAC (easy anti-cheat) proof?
  12. H

    Faceit question

    Hey boys, If I run ac on my other PC, and play with cheats on my other PC, can I still use this cheat for Faceit 5v5 queues? Thanks a lot :D
  13. pikachu

    [Official] Frag clip contest - Win free LC Sub Days! (No edit needed!)

    Hey all, I am happy to announce a frag clip contest! Submit your best frag clip (or clips) here and try to be one of the three or five lucky people to win free LeagueCheats days and also be in our next official fragmovie video! We will be rewarding the three best clips in the community. If we...
  14. A


    I want to cheat on esportal, but unsure of which cheat to buy to not get detected on their client. Any help appreciated, thanks :)
  15. Hi<3

    Banwave Insurance - Questions

    Hi guys, it's been a long time! Got a question about how banwave insurance works.. If the cheat gets detected I'm safe? I haven't used the cheat since january i guess or november. Is there something new about aimbot? The last detection was on may of this year. Should I buy this right now...
  16. K


    Hellou i buy cheat can i takie this cheat?
  17. A

    2 Weeks Straight of LC, Honest review

    Okay, its been about two weeks since I purchased LC At first, being honest, I regretted it, I was new, I didn't know what to do, or how to configure this cheat, (I still don't know what im doing) but there were pre made comunity configs which helped a lot, I spent about 3-4 days testing out...
  18. B

    *SHOCKING* Question before buying

    Hello guys, I been around this community for a while now, Didn't do much but exploring, I decided to finally buy the cheat, but I have a few questions first; 1. Can I get the league version? 2. Can I use any cheat of leaguecheats with knives and skins in my inventory without getting VAC'd ...
  19. D

    multi league and non league

    About to buy the cheat again because playing CS legit is boring af... but whats the difference between multi league and multi non league? Thanks :)
  20. S

    About cs 1.6 cheat

    the trick works with eac in cs 1.6 league version?