1. Resolved

    Don't Be An Enemy to Leaguecheats

    Sorry for the bot gameplay but I was really rushing this video and forgot all about uploading
  2. Resolved

    Boss Intro made by XANS THE LEGEND

    Xans made a litty intro for me and I vouch for him best intro maker ever!
  3. Resolved

    Who the fuck is DreadHours? (Frag Edit)

  4. qwertyy111

    Why do we cheat ?

    For me it gives new aspect to videogames, also thinking about how its coded and ways to improve it. Finding "loop holes" in cheats, like how to make it crash and broken features etc. Its an hobby really, what about you guys ? :confused:
  5. S

    Just some quick questions before i'll buy.

    Hello everyone, i have been looking for a good legit cheat (for matchmaking, and hopefully FaceIT in the future ;) ), and come across your site. I've tried to watch a few vids of the cheat, and read the F.A.Q, but i do still have some questions; In the FAQ i read something about that the...
  6. Vader_FanBoy

    Natoshaphix cheating?

    It really seems like he's using an aimbot on the second kill at 1:40. I never really thought that Nato was a cheater but some of the kills in this video look really fishy. What do you guys think?
  7. FD^GoD

    Cheater or not cheater ?

    Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  8. VAULT1909

    Platinum ************** best staff

    commented this & salty admins delete my account xD
  9. A

    Does work at esea?

    is it working?
  10. L

    Lc "review"

    So not really as elaborate as a review but my experience with leaguecheats! I have used other cheats than lc, free to ask if you want to know which ones. Why I'm writing this review is pretty much to give back to jimster and staff for their great effort. Fyi I have been using LC a long time and...
  11. Oktamer

    Finally, i'm a web developer

    Just wanted to share this with LC community maybe some people were actually in my previous situation. Got my new job the 3 April, it was probably one of the greatest moment of my life. ( i'm only 22 chill out guysKappa ) I self-educated myself to do this job.TriHard I was never that good in...
  12. xans

    Matchmaking is dead

    I know many of you share the same thoughts as I do, so I created this thread to discuss what everyone thinks on behalf of matchmaking and csgo in general. Is that being hypocritical of me saying MM is dead in a way that almost every Supreme and Global Elite player use cheats? Not a simple aim...
  13. Timichango


    It has been over an year since Jimster & Co promised to release LC3 TriHard Remember when you told us to wait for a week? And then a month? What are ur excuses now? This is hilarious FailFishwixSanic
  14. Oktamer

    Black desert online or any other mmo

    Hi everybody, i played WoW for 5 years, and i will play it again when the new extension will come out. But before that i want to change a little. What do you think of BDO? AION? TESO? i'm searching for a good PvP mmo, i really don't mind about it being a F2P or P2P thank you :)
  15. D


    Hello i thinking about to join the cheat ( i had 3 month sup)again after the wave.I must have 6 for the beta right ? i need then 3 month more for the beta? or again 6 month ? is the cheat save now ? i know cheating is risky. best regards Desperado
  16. Thomisk

    Can you get banned after specific months ?

    Hi,I was wondering if you can get banned,when you used cheats and then after idk,3 months it get detected,but you didn't used it for that specific 3 months ?
  17. D

    Good cheats to buy?

    Sup, so I am making this thread to ask of any cheats as good or similar as LeagueCheats. I don't quite have enough money for a purchase, the devs won't give a discount [as expected] and I am desprate to find a good cheat in my price , 20 euro's. Btw I am banned from platinum cheats from quite a...
  18. thegame

    buying a Laptop

    Hello all am planning to sell this beast to buy a laptop 1500-2000$ is the budget. Any suggestions ? PUGB DOTA 2 CSGO BF COD are the games that I play it should have SSD - and all the extra shit please post links with info. Thanks.
  19. Guilford

    Mirage Gameplay (GePrime/MM)

    Testing Tox Fullbot with 800 DPI and 3.0 sens!
  20. FD^GoD

    Crisp clean lock bois Subroza

    This video shows how you can become a pro player with cheats :D