1. S

    Just some quick questions before i'll buy.

    Hello everyone, i have been looking for a good legit cheat (for matchmaking, and hopefully FaceIT in the future ;) ), and come across your site. I've tried to watch a few vids of the cheat, and read the F.A.Q, but i do still have some questions; In the FAQ i read something about that the...
  2. VAULT1909

    Platinum ************** best staff

    commented this & salty admins delete my account xD
  3. A

    Does work at esea?

    is it working?
  4. L

    Lc "review"

    So not really as elaborate as a review but my experience with leaguecheats! I have used other cheats than lc, free to ask if you want to know which ones. Why I'm writing this review is pretty much to give back to jimster and staff for their great effort. Fyi I have been using LC a long time and...
  5. Timichango


    It has been over an year since Jimster & Co promised to release LC3 TriHard Remember when you told us to wait for a week? And then a month? What are ur excuses now? This is hilarious FailFishwixSanic
  6. Oktamer

    Black desert online or any other mmo

    Hi everybody, i played WoW for 5 years, and i will play it again when the new extension will come out. But before that i want to change a little. What do you think of BDO? AION? TESO? i'm searching for a good PvP mmo, i really don't mind about it being a F2P or P2P thank you :)
  7. D


    Hello i thinking about to join the cheat ( i had 3 month sup)again after the wave.I must have 6 for the beta right ? i need then 3 month more for the beta? or again 6 month ? is the cheat save now ? i know cheating is risky. best regards Desperado
  8. Thomisk

    Can you get banned after specific months ?

    Hi,I was wondering if you can get banned,when you used cheats and then after idk,3 months it get detected,but you didn't used it for that specific 3 months ?
  9. anden


    So where do i begin this review?? Let´s just start with where i first encountred LC (League Cheats) Background: It all started early july last year when me and a bunch of friends decided to play some faceit. We jumped in the que as 4 and quickly got a match, we got matched with a lvl6 while...
  10. B

    About Gamersclub and LAN!

    Hello! I'm new on this privating hacking stuff, guys, so I hope u can help me. I'm from Brazil and I really wanna buy this amazing cheat, but I want to know just some things before (sorry for my english): 1 - For use on Gamersclub only with beta access? 2 - If not, if I could really use on...
  11. VAULT1909

    CEVO support :|

    Wasnt sure where to post this, but im honestly not too sure atm. So, on AC status, it says CEVO and gfinity are "under maintenance", does that mean they're completely unsupported, or not completely supported? Cause I messaged jimster, and he said this: [/IMG] [/spoiler] So, if i buy LC league...
  12. P

    Questions before purchase

    Hello! I should start of by telling you I'm a pretty skilled player and dont need any ESP. The thing is that I have never really cheated before so I don't have any clue how to set the cheat up properly if I would buy it. I'm wondering if I could get some private coded cheat made for my...
  13. Heraxion


    Welcome to my review of leaugecheats and i will start with a story. (Not intressed skip first part) All started when i met the love of my life i stopped play CSGO serious, i played pretty high level CSGO before that.(Semi-PRO) After awhile together we found out we were pregnant and both was...
  14. Kuso

    My review Kuso 1 year

    Well, I know I haven't used LC in a while but it was because i had to prepare for exams and I found a better game than csgo; It's called Overwatch Kappa. I also had internet driver problems and a failing CPU so hurray. Aimbot: 10/10 Despite LC being my first ever csgo cheat I have seen videos...
  15. xans

    Some questions

    First of all, I would like to start saying Hi to everyone, since I never did before wixSanic With all the formalities aside, going straight to the point, I have a few questions before buying the actual thingy! 1st: I'm not a serious player looking for ranks on ESEA, FACEIT etc. that means I...
  16. Animesh Joarder

    Honest Review

    Hey my subscription for cs go multi is about to finish ... I wanna put a honest review for this cheat -- Aimbot -- Perfect humanized aimbot ... it feels like m a headshot machine without any external aim assists .. 11/10 Triggerbot -- I really don't use triggerbot Visual -- Doesn't really...
  17. H

    When are you forced to use the FACEIT Client?

    I want to buy your cheat and use it on web FaceIt but I want to know when i can get forced to use their AC?
  18. n0body

    [Read before you buy] Shocking review after ~6 months of LC

    Hello bois, Yes i love clickbaiting titles, but what im really gonna do here is my very honest review of the features, staff support and what i achieved with LC in these ~6 months being a user. Features Aimbot: Thats the feature i use the most if not the only feature i...
  19. FD^GoD

    My honestly review after 5 months | Volvo destroyed

    First time with Leaguecheats... My story with this cheat start at the day when i first time saw movies on lc youtube site. I though oh gosh this is really cool cheat and I need to test it on myself. The first steps weren't simple i need to read all information from wiki section...
  20. Cortex1337

    1 Month+ Experience

    Hi everyone , just sharing my experience with this cheat provider. At the first time i had really hard time to find a good settings to adapt to my playstyle , but once i found it it went perfect, i have used so many cheats that i could not list them all but this one is definitely the best one...