Best Cheat of the season?


May 9, 2015
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Let's talk about the good stuff first ;)

Before anyone says something like " Oi! you silly scrub you know nothing about hax fuck off with ur shitty opinion no one cares, I am the real reviewer I used all the free hax" I have been testing multiple cheats but I won't mention them here because I don't want to advertise ;)

Firstly I wanted to notice that the purchase of the cheat is very smooth and quick no matter which package you purchase, the support is very helpful and patient, unlike some of the other supports I've seen HyperAim is ready to spend a lot of time with you, giving some quality tips and helps you resolve any problems you have.. (no copy pasterino from pre-made answers) which is a huge +.

Price is affordable, but I would be ready to pay more because of the support and product quality which is rare in this "cheating season" because most of the providers have no idea what the hell they coded and are not able to provide decent support which is very flexible and able to offer you a variety of help.

Even though I only purchased one month of the basic package which provides me with Basic Support I am very happy with what I have since I used it for "legit cheating" only I don't need more than I got from HyperAim.

I had no problems with ESP or Trigger Bot as of now and I hope that I don't get any ;) I believe that this community will grow bigger and stronger really shortly because of the quality that we have here.

I would totally recommend this cheat to anyone that wants some easy ranks ;)



  • Flexible support
  • Easy to configure cheat
  • Quick and smooth purchase
  • Coder that is willing to develop and take critisism
  • Active and nice userbase
  • Quality of the cheat is just amazing


  • That coder of this cheat doesn't accept any disadvantages :^)