1. T

    VACnet AI UNDETECTED | Leaguecheats 3.0 | 2d Aimbot Dynamic FOV

    Thanks to @maromba4j for this vid!
  2. Resolved

    LC 2 aces with ToX V3

    Some lazy frag edit using the new ToX V3 Credits to: ToX for the config and ENM for the music Ps: stop watching at 2:12 Click the subscribe button if you want more content with actual effort to editing Subscribe also for more content!!! Btw: 128 tick vids commin soon. Just sorting some shit out...
  3. elwin1000

    Some kills

  4. chimichangas

    Back from a long sleep | easy 4k

    And heey, I got the quality on my vids a little higher:p:p4k in this means= 4kills in 4k quality ;)
  5. Dowiie

    4k galil faceit

    Got some nice 4k on Faceit! I zoomed in on the crosshair does it look legit? Sorry for the bad quality i don't know what i do wrong, when it get on Youtube it goes from full hd to shit.
  6. rjred

    Serious about competitive. ONLY plan to use walls.

    Hey all. I only plan to use Walls/ESP (what's the difference?) in my competitive games. I'm really good at hiding it. Currently I'm using iw**tcheats and was curious--as far as detection/ban-- how you guys differ from them? So far I've had no issues with my current subscription but I haven't...
  7. L

    Best Cheat of the season?

    Let's talk about the good stuff first ;) Before anyone says something like " Oi! you silly scrub you know nothing about hax fuck off with ur shitty opinion no one cares, I am the real reviewer I used all the free hax" I have been testing multiple cheats but I won't mention them here because I...