1. G

    [SoStronk India 2019]

    Hello, i am currently playing on sostronk ac...i was using other p2c till today and it worked fine until 29/12/2018...There was a huge anticheat update which caused my previous p2c detection on p2c.. I was wondering if someone could check whether this cheat is currently undetected on Sostronk....
  2. beraldo2017


    Is the gamersclub private cheat still available? which costs 400 dollars
  3. B

    Facite Client

    Hello, I am looking for a haxa who will be legit on a facite client or sites where you can get one Regards
  4. T

    GDPR ready, GamersClub bypass, Pro League, 40% off discount

    Dear Customers, We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to be clearer about our use of customer information. For more information about our privacy practices, please review the new Privacy Policy found under this link: VACnet + new VAC module thread Quick...
  5. T


    My review (3 hours): aimbot: not configured ESP: don't plan on using any misc: don't use these either triggerbot: 10/10 what you expect... its a triggerbot and it works and looks real Costumer support: 10/10 can't ask for anything better.
  6. W

    Faceit client

    Hello, everyone. I know in server status, it said "faceit server sided ac support" but I am assuming it's not a support for the actual faceit client. So by any means, I was wondering if anyone could answer this question, thank you.
  7. H

    bunny and smac

    Hello, i have question cause i'm looking for a league cheat and leaguecheats seems good. i see looked so many cheat providers and no one can answer my questions or lie on it. i know leaguecheats league versions support SMAC but what about the bunny cause SMAC can detect bunny script with...
  8. L

    Purchase did not activate my VIP

    Hello, admin, I purchased CSGO Multi League $35USD for one month on April 12, 2018. Here are my payment screenshots and payment slip number 0CE54417R06566815. We did not receive an activation email from April 12th to today. Didn't help me open forum VIP!
  9. H

    ESL questions

    Hello, Before buying your cheat, I have few questions about it: 1) After reading a lot, I know how secure your cheat is in general, but, how secure is it on ESL? 2) Can I use WH in ESL? 3) In your Payment Page, it shows "Multi Cheat Options (ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and other...
  10. M


    guys the cheat supported faceit with client
  11. T


    @Jimster480 someone got access to my account a long time ago, I can prove it's my account via PM (but I can't PM you, so PM me).
  12. O

    Where i can play with that Version

    Multi Cheat Options (ESP, Wallhack, Aimbot, Triggerbot and other features) It allow me to play faceit or what? or only mm
  13. G

    This cheat is working with Gamers Club?

    This cheat is working with Gamers Club? If yes how I buy it?
  14. S


    I bought sub just now , my only place where i game at is faceit and therefore i am looking for cheat that can be played on faceit.Purchase section clearly mentioned faceit ac bybass but surfing on threads,people are saying it's not possible to use this cheat on faceit ac, i am little confused ..
  15. Reflex

    Europe Gaming Championship

    Hello guys ! :) I want to know if anyone knows if LC ( league version or pro league version ) support the anticheat of Europe Gaming Championship because is not mentioned on the ANTI-CHEAT SUPPORT ? :D
  16. S

    CS 1.6 Cheat Still Available?

    Hi, I know there's no HL1 support right now but I can still use the cheat right? I just need walls and I assume there's instructions when I download. If not, could someone point me the way to the thread that does? I've been looking but I'm just too confused. I didn't look that hard but I hate...
  17. Joao Pacheco

    Change my country on Faceit

    Hey guys... Do you know can i change my country flag on Faceit?! Or do i need to play 1 game on the country i am currently for it to chang automtically? I already contacted support and waiting for an answer
  18. K

    Counter Strike 1.6

    Before buying i have a couple of questions! Last time of detection? is it safe with server side plugins like anti wall and anti aimbot? aka amx plugins can someone show me how config is set up and i want a smooth aimbot if so! thank you!
  19. S

    Tomorrow is 1 year since faceit client

    hey guys, Tomorrow it will be 1 year since the faceit client has been launched, and it will also be almost 1 year since we were promised that LC would support faceit. I have few friends that bought LC because they thought that the support was coming, and they now feel like they got scammed...
  20. J


    I bought your cheat becuse your guys adv about that the cheat works on faceit, and now when i have "vip" i read that idont work on faceit ? LoL why do you have Advertising about it then ? And where do i even download your cheat? 1000 diffrent maps/things to go into but no download? plz help