1. Rob Jau

    Why do you use MultiCheat?

    Atm ESL and CEVO is ultra Dead. You need to wait 1 hr or so till you can play with someone (ESL) Cevo is literally nobody playing it. Faceit is the best for fast matchmaking without cheats.
  2. Kyle62

    Feel Like Shit Cheating

    I have about 1.5k legit hours and 1.5k hours cheating on CS. I feel like a piece of shit every time I cheat but at the same time the game is way more boring when I play legit. I'm B+ on ESEA and recently joined an open team... I don't really want to start cheating again but I dont know what else...
  3. P

    A week with LC now.

    Hello guys. Figured it was time for me to post a little review on how the cheats have worked for me. Considering this is the first time I've ever used a cheat of any sorts, this is somewhat new for me to reflect upon. But I will try my best, and as well provide a little background prior to my...
  4. qwertyy111

    Why do we cheat ?

    For me it gives new aspect to videogames, also thinking about how its coded and ways to improve it. Finding "loop holes" in cheats, like how to make it crash and broken features etc. Its an hobby really, what about you guys ? :confused:
  5. Lucasino27

    Question before buying

    Hello guys, so i'm a semi pro player of CS:GO and we are playing Challengermode with my team and i want to buy this cheat. Would the non league cheat be enough for challengermode/pcw/popflash or should i buy the league one. And another question. I saw in FAQs that i must put m_rawinput 0 is it...
  6. fmr

    Korean Pro Team Rekt

    It's supposed to be sure win for them, but then an LC user stopped them. Lol. 1 FOV High Smooth Gaming. NO ESP. Used AWP of course. KING AWPER rekt. Who's the King now haha. TriHardPJSalt
  7. Get_Right

    LeagueCheats 2.5 Review

    Hi guys i have some time and I will use to talk about my experience with lc. First time in LC :(:confused: My first time with lc was troubled. I had many problems because I was used to using other cheats (mostly made only for mm) and for me they were much better than lc (silver thinking) with...
  8. pikachu

    M4A4 vs M4A1-S?

    Hey guys! I was wondering which gun you like the most. :) Personally, I enjoy more playing with the M4A4, but, sometimes I switch to M4A1. I just can't deal with the only 21 bullets mag. :P What's your choice?
  9. randomplayer

    My 3 months review and just bought 4th month

    Hello everyone :angrytrump: With many of you already interacted with trades, info, help and others, here is a very friendly community where you find all the information you need about settings, renew subscription, download and run for first time cheat and many others useful things. At first I...
  10. tomatoheadjoe

    Who of you was this?

    Not expecting anyone to come forward ofc, but i bet my nuts it was one of you boys haha The whole thing just doesnt look legit in my eyes at some points, should fix config? Played on GC btw
  11. J

    Price Question

    Why is this cheat so much more expensive than every other one if it doesn't include faceit AC or esea????
  12. l4mmerpro

    please help !

    hey man i just paid 25 usd for esp/wh league hack can u send it please ? i can send the transcation number and so on .. if u want to am waiting man
  13. R

    BAN Cheat detected !

    No its not LC xd, its league**** Posted on presales question of another famous cheat provider i happy because i think someone will delete his post, because ALL people can see that lm its detected xd Wait for Jimster :)
  14. rtgames1

    Cheats in large lan houses it's possible?

    In a recent interview, the Brazilians SK Gaming when asked if it is possible to cheat in major championships, they said that it is practically impossible, because they confiscate the equipment and investigate if there is anything. Is this really so? Because we see several cases of aimlock in...
  15. P

    263 ping GLOBAL GOD - LEGIT - Thats how i play :P

    Ya, they call me noob, bad movements, but look at this :) ive rekted tox when he was raging XD @ToX @1337xLeague @Aaron (pls make my defense)
  16. xans

    Pros Cheating

    So, if they do cheat, which is pretty obvious, why does they use aimkey out from mouse 1 and look blatant af locking through walls? If they have the money, why they don't simply buy something decent that wouldn't look so stupid? #Thoughts
  17. Thomisk

    Valve fixed reportbots

    Oh my god,matchmaking will be more dead,than it ever was. Valve fixed reportbots as i read. Spinbotters with rage cheats will be everywhere. :P Well,but LC will destroy them all,even when they have rage cheats. But rip legit guys on nonprime. xD
  18. Joao Pacheco

    My review after 3 months

    Warning This review had no influence or was paid to be made by any LC staff member! It's only composed by my own opinion and ONLY my opinion! I will divide my review in 3 parts: -Introduction -Security -quality of the product Introduction On a Wednesday I was peacefully browsing on chroome...
  19. KKUkUr2017

    Pro configs page dissapear?

    Hey i am blind or i cant found anymore the page where io could pay Tox Virus and some other guys to make me a config for cheat?" Prices were 30-90$ if i remember but i cant find them anymore :/
  20. X

    LC League Version on Main Acc?

    Hey there, I guess the title says all. At first ofcourse I want to use it at CS GO MM until the version 3.0 final is out and also until I'm GE. If I'll find a good team maybe I'll also play Leagues like Faceit (I'm one of the lucky ones who needs to use the client anti-cheat) or 99damage (which...