1. mathinos

    New year!

    Happy new year to all !!!!!!
  2. creat1ve

    is this guy aimbotting?

    watch the second kill in 720p (0.5 speed) and you'll see an aimlock, maybe hes aimbotting with mouse4 or mouse5 cause he misses a lot of shots but alot of his kills you can see the aimlock if you watch in 0.5, hes a popular youtuber, he also make videos of ppl cheating in GamersClub/ESEA.. i...
  3. M

    Do you need a lot of memory for the cheats?

    I have shitty RAM, only 8gbs. How much memory do cheats require? I am planning on possibly getting 32gbs of ram for christmas. But i might opt for a new motherboard and cooling instead if memory is not needed.
  4. K

    What video card is recommended?

    Earlier this year I tried LeagueCheats in DOD with a nVidia GTX 1050 build. The ESP wasn't working very well... distance wasn't working, name wasn't working, and it wasn't showing difference between friendly/enemy players. I'd like to get back into this. What video card is recommended?
  5. A


    I play on a team and we are playing in a cevo league, I am wondering if I can use triggerbot/esp (only stuff i rlly use) on CEVO. thx in advance!
  6. pikachu

    CSGO Youtubers

    Hey guys. I am bored and I was looking at youtube for some nice csgo youtubers but all those that I am already subbed doesnt post that much. So I am here to ask if you guys know any good csgo youtubers :) Im looking for some global elite ranked to see nice matches. Also I appreciate...
  7. B

    *SHOCKING* Question before buying

    Hello guys, I been around this community for a while now, Didn't do much but exploring, I decided to finally buy the cheat, but I have a few questions first; 1. Can I get the league version? 2. Can I use any cheat of leaguecheats with knives and skins in my inventory without getting VAC'd ...
  8. Resolved

    Is the background music too loud? Is the video any good?

    Me legit cheating w/knife
  9. Dawnyy

    CS 1.6 Short Cheating Clip

    DMing in 1.6, never cheated back in the day, but now its only fun with cheats :( anyway enjoy Using Recoil Crosshair and Walls. Also Sorry for the black border, the raw file didn't have audio, but on vegas it did, so i rendered it and forgot to stretched it to remove black border. Hope you...
  10. Dawnyy

    Actual LEGIT League Cheat (Exploit)

    I found this video a while back, but never really showed it to anyone cause I didn't want other people using it and possibly dicking on me, but this is an exploit that still isn't patched. As stated in the video you can use it in leagues. Basically just a lag switch.
  11. J

    Cheat recommendation

    Hi! I haven't played cs for a while and started to feel the drive to wreck some bots again in matchmaking. So my question is which one of the cheats should I buy if i'm only interesting to use wallhack on matchmaking and a cheat that don't get detected very often? Best regards!
  12. Fedda

    Some cheat information!

    Hey I think I got some cheat information about esea that I want to share with Jimster. Where should I send it. A bypass for ESEA im pretty sure. This information can be bullshit, but I just want Jimster to look at it at least. (not my method) More information in private pls:)
  13. Aleixo

    Buy phone numbers steam?

    hey, does anyone know if its safe to buy phone numbers for example on the site "", i wanted to know if I can get vac banned, cause im not sure if its one number for each user, or one number for different users
  14. Aleixo

    Best VPN for cs?

    Any of you has ever plsyed with VPN on csgo, what is thr best option with less ping and lag spikes
  15. Dexter Morgan


    Hey guys, faceit client etc. Uses HWID afaik, what hardware do you track? I heard primarily SSD/HDD, but is it only your main drive with windows installed, or every HDD and SSD in your computer? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  16. fmr

    Faze stun Astralis 3-0

    Just when you thought Astralis was going to win. They even lost overpass to Faze XD I bet people lost a lot of skins haha
  17. prtj88

    1 month testimony using the Private GC.

    Hello, I found a more convenient time to talk about using my PRIVATE LC. I am using the private LC of the GC, for 1 month and a few days, without any ban, its injection is different and undetectable, on the very legitimate settings, is currently safe aimbot, without using visuals, but I get a...
  18. C

    I am a victim of Platinum cheats. I need information about everything

    Hello I am a victim of pl*tin*mcheats detection. My profile can be found here: https://pl*tin* I see this cheat is not HWID locked but IP locked. The problem is that my IP can change everyday and it would be a hassle to open a support ticket every damn day to get...
  19. Aleixo

    Does Faceit AC detect IP?

    I'm using another pc and vpn to login to faceit website and search for a game, so I don't get banned for having more banned accounts, but I'm using the IP that I used in my previous accounts, to play and to login to faceit AC, and I'm not sure if the AC detects that I'm using that IP and if it...
  20. F

    After a few months of use: Testimonial

    After the VAC waves during the summer of 2017, I began to be more scared for the integrity of my account. I couldn't keep using copy paste, open sourced script code. So I began to look around for more secure, reliable, and safe programs. Then I found this site. I looked around, lurked for a...