After a few months of use: Testimonial


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Jun 12, 2017
After the VAC waves during the summer of 2017, I began to be more scared for the integrity of my account. I couldn't keep using copy paste, open sourced script code. So I began to look around for more secure, reliable, and safe programs. Then I found this site. I looked around, lurked for a while. Trying to see if the site was as good as it seemed to be. I mean, to be honest, the price was a bit intimidating at first. I went from free scripts to paying for a hack. It was quite a big jump in my eyes. But I thought to myself, why not? So I tried it for one month. My first days using it, were horrible. I couldn't understand the config and set up steps. My settings were way off and I couldn't aim any better than before using it.

So I began to go back to the forums and the wiki. I found some premade settings made by other forum members. But those never seemed to feel smooth, since they weren't fit to my play style. So I began to read the wiki, look at guides made by forum members, and forum posts. I began to experiment with my settings and seeing what was good for me. Which has now allowed me to create a config that looks so smooth and matches my play style. Despite the huge amount of players who've reported me in game, I've never received an overwatch ban during my entire using leaguecheats. It looks so legit. And as for the price, I'm not just paying for the hack, I'm also getting a full service, maintenance, and security. This hack is programmed by a guy who knows what he is doing.

So here are my experiences using leaguecheats and some things I found great about it.

* Fully customizable. This may be a deterrent for new users, but in the long run, I can't use any other hacks because I'm so used to the config that fits my play style so perfectly. All of the different option to pick and choose from allows me to make the hack fit to my needs. It's so integrated into my gameplay that I sometimes don't even notice if it's me or the hack that's hitting all of these shots.
* Aimbot. I can't stress enough how smooth it is. As I have mentioned before, the aimbot is so good that I can't differentiate it from when I'm playing legit or not. But I'm still hitting consistent headshots and playing as I want to. The ability to bind the aimkey to different buttons allows me to pick when to, and when not to use it.
* Injection settings. This maybe isn't such a huge selling point for some, but for me, the ability to know that I can have the ability to choose from different injection options gives me a sense of reassurance regarding the hack's compatibility with my computer. Not to mention the different build options.

* Users. Everyone is eager to help. It doesn't matter if you've just joined and are trying to understand how this complex hack works, or if you're a long time user just trying to improve your settings. I was surprised at the fact that most of the people weren't condescending or patronizing when asked questions that have been repeatedly asked before or questions that may have seemed right out stupid. The users tried to understand the issue at hand and then, to the best of their abilities, answer it in a quick and concise manner.
*Staff. 10/10 staff. My previous experience of forum mods or staff have mostly been negative. Either they are condescending and power hungry or they don't seem to exist at all. But not on this site. I'm maybe not the guy to say this but, the staff here are the friendliest and most human mods that I've come across. Partaking in conversations, posting on threads, and always asking for ways to improve leagues cheats. Both the forums and the cheat itself.
I was also extremely pleased and surprised by the staff's dedication to the userbase. If faced with an issue, one could almost always find a staff member online. Not only that but, they reply quickly also. Support tickets are answered practically instantaneously. The longest I've ever needed to wait was an around hour. Which is unbelievably fast.

So, thank you very much for providing a great cheat and an even better customer experience.
Hey Frogsaysmeow, thanks for your detailed review!

Well written review! I took a part of it to link on our upcoming new buy cheats page, your name is linked there don't you worry!

Happy cheating.
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