1. jake224

    Setting Showcase

    Live gameplay recorded through OBS 128tick not a demo. These settings were made with the intentions for Streaming. Feedback would be appreciated. RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 MC: ON RAW-INPUT: OFF SENSITVITY: 3 DEAGLE/USP-S/AK-47
  2. R

    Help with setup

    I'm relatively new here, I got to buy the cheating once but I had many difficulties to configure according to my taste. After interminable adjustments I ended up leaving LC aside and moved on to other platforms, but I know how much of this cheating is safe and strong if well configured. At the...
  3. SyPh

    some easy frags

    yo guys back with new video, what do you think, give a like and subscribe for more, even like it here on leaguecheats :) cya
  4. jake224

    LC 3.0 128Tick POV Settings Test Mouse1

  5. Guilford

    My ace with awp in Cache!

  6. E

    Question after buying

    How long would it take before getting the cheat? When I get the cheat, would it be as simple as it showing in the homepage? Thanks :)
  7. Oliver

    So powerfull!

    LC is the best cheat i actually found ! I tested so much P2C and none is at this level. I've been using it for something like 2 weeks now and i'll still using it, here's why: AIMBOT Let's start with the aimbot: The LC aimbot is like the most powerfull i've seen over every cheats i tryed...
  8. T

    Languages of the Philippines

    @fmr @anton abren Unfortunately he won't be able to PM you until he replies in thread 5 times. You can use this thread to chat. Regards, ToX
  9. D

    General questions about the cheat.

    Hello guys. I'm assuming I`m gonna get to play with LC today , w8ting for jimster to look at the id. So I`m bored waiting , I said to go see some testimonials. I went through quite a lot of them, picked them randomly. 50% of them stated that they couldn't configure it, and it took hours before...
  10. Guilford

    Cache Gameplay - LC vs 2 wallhacks

  11. F

    After a few months of use: Testimonial

    After the VAC waves during the summer of 2017, I began to be more scared for the integrity of my account. I couldn't keep using copy paste, open sourced script code. So I began to look around for more secure, reliable, and safe programs. Then I found this site. I looked around, lurked for a...
  12. meninodaartic


    These are my settings, I've been using it about 2- 3 months, still not banned... I'm using at MM, FaceIT and LAN. I belive that these settings are the most strongest in the 1FOV category and 100% legit. Goodbye OW! Resolution: 1024x768 (stretched) DPI: 800 Sensitivity: 2.00
  13. 1337xLeague

    Some Random stuff

    Forgive me for my aim, played last 2 weeks only PUBG. Im bit out CSGO aim. Was some testing for MC Settings // Mouse 1 Only
  14. Mank Demes

    Insane 1v5 Deagle Ace and RIfle Ace

    Hello my friends so the settings i used in the video are coming out tommorow i finally got the chance to record me using them and here are two of my best clips. Deagle Clutch Rifle Clutch
  15. 1337xLeague

    How to play CSGO without Tilting

    Playing with @KRM8
  16. anden


    So where do i begin this review?? Let´s just start with where i first encountred LC (League Cheats) Background: It all started early july last year when me and a bunch of friends decided to play some faceit. We jumped in the que as 4 and quickly got a match, we got matched with a lvl6 while...
  17. unholy


    A little fragmovie i made earlier. (yeye i fckd up with resolution and some things are obvious but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) LC>all
  18. fuskare

    Just a question before I decide if I will buy.

    Hey guys! I'm very very new here (just signed up) and I just want to know if the non league and league multihacks have any differences with the features at all, like is there anything the league one can do that the non league can't in terms of settings? Thanks in advance for your help guys. :)
  19. randomplayer

    My 3 months review and just bought 4th month

    Hello everyone :angrytrump: With many of you already interacted with trades, info, help and others, here is a very friendly community where you find all the information you need about settings, renew subscription, download and run for first time cheat and many others useful things. At first I...