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    Review + CFG FREE | League-Cheats [PT-BR] | O melhor Cheat de liga ?? / The Best Cheat of League ??

    Fala Galera blz ?, Primeiramente DigDin segundamente salve, +1 review pra vocÊs, falando um pouco sobre o League CHeats e sobre suas funções, corre lá e deixa seu like seus dlç <3 FREE CFG
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    PT-BR Review LeagueCheats

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    League Cheats GamersClub Private My Review

    Olá gostaria e dar meu review sobre o Cheat... Estou usando a cerca de um mês... A primeira coisa que gostei foi sobre, segurança, o fato de você ter que enviar seus dados para poder adquirir o cheat ja mostra que o LC esta preocupado com a segurança dos clientes. Aimbot: ainda não dominei...
  4. Resolved

    Leaguecheats Review

    I did a lil review and i sound autistic as fuck in the video. I had tonsolitis as well so my voice double autistic
  5. A

    2 Weeks Straight of LC, Honest review

    Okay, its been about two weeks since I purchased LC At first, being honest, I regretted it, I was new, I didn't know what to do, or how to configure this cheat, (I still don't know what im doing) but there were pre made comunity configs which helped a lot, I spent about 3-4 days testing out...
  6. Singularity

    Almost 30 Days LC

    Hello Everyone, so i just get the Simple Version of LC since i only want "WH" for Pracc. so first of all i wanna say "thank you" to "LC" to provide a "Safe" Cheat as far as it is. 1. - I used the Cheat on 2 of my Smurfs, both are Global with Steam Guard , i did couple of things, so...
  7. P

    A week with LC now.

    Hello guys. Figured it was time for me to post a little review on how the cheats have worked for me. Considering this is the first time I've ever used a cheat of any sorts, this is somewhat new for me to reflect upon. But I will try my best, and as well provide a little background prior to my...
  8. Jimster480

    Acer Nitro5 Ryzen 5 2500U Prelim Review

    Hey everyone, I got my new laptop in today.... going to replace my XPS13 which will soon go for sale. This machine is a Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 2500U 8G DDR4 2400 RX 560X 4G 15.6" laptop. Model: AN515-42-R5GT I have done some bench-marking so far and will upload all the results in a rar file...
  9. midoss007

    After a "Day" my review

    First of all, I need to thanks everyone who makes LC real :) Today I would like to spend a moment writing a review of the LC cheat. I will tell a short story of how I found this awesome cheat. Before I used the LC cheat I had been using other cheats. I am not going to write the name of the...
  10. T


    My review (3 hours): aimbot: not configured ESP: don't plan on using any misc: don't use these either triggerbot: 10/10 what you expect... its a triggerbot and it works and looks real Costumer support: 10/10 can't ask for anything better.
  11. prtj88

    1 month testimony using the Private GC.

    Hello, I found a more convenient time to talk about using my PRIVATE LC. I am using the private LC of the GC, for 1 month and a few days, without any ban, its injection is different and undetectable, on the very legitimate settings, is currently safe aimbot, without using visuals, but I get a...

    my time with lc

    welcome to my lc 2.5 review My background: i have been useing lc for about a year now and can safely say it's the best cheat i have come across. i have been cheating for a long time and have used many other providers but this one is the best one i have used i will give some examples of cheats i...
  13. L

    Lc "review"

    So not really as elaborate as a review but my experience with leaguecheats! I have used other cheats than lc, free to ask if you want to know which ones. Why I'm writing this review is pretty much to give back to jimster and staff for their great effort. Fyi I have been using LC a long time and...
  14. ogdunderzubbi

    Demo Review

    How do you guys review your demos inorder to improve at the game? What kind of mindset do you use? This guy suggests to put 6 different "skill sets" and give yourself points whenever you do mistakes and that's how you find out what and how to improve. So how do you do it?
  15. Sarac007

    After one week review

    I used many different cheats last three years but this is the only product that is perfect for leggit play.I play only faceit (no AC) after 50 games nobody said you use cheat, i have 11 csgo acc for Faceit. INSTALLATION: 10/10 -Very easy and simple is very important,do not like complicated...
  16. Kennedy

    Help pls

    Hello! Who can tell how to bypass ban on faceIT?
  17. meninodaartic

    After almost a year LC

    Well, what can I say? League Cheats is the best cheat provider that I've already used, I used to try another providers but none of them is like LC, first is because all aimbots that I've used aren't legit, second they don't teach you how to play and third but not less important, the community...
  18. G

    First sub best hack !!

    I must say thank you first to the support, any question no matter how many there were answered and yes, all answers have helped for aimbot I say only 1a class very legit and rly does his Job Easy aces xD, First Time with the hack starts was for me complicated and everything was new but there...
  19. F

    After a few months of use: Testimonial

    After the VAC waves during the summer of 2017, I began to be more scared for the integrity of my account. I couldn't keep using copy paste, open sourced script code. So I began to look around for more secure, reliable, and safe programs. Then I found this site. I looked around, lurked for a...
  20. K

    Why you should buy LC´s Aimbot

    FIRST OF ALL TAHNK YOU JIMSTER and TOX Then the Other Staffs and Members :D Merry X-Mas. So lets get to the Review Getting Started ( Installing, Wrting Fov and Stuff) 3/10 Its so Huge and so Complicated in the Beginning you will drown in Informations. and the LC Wiki is like not up to...