1. W

    Does this have a magnet trigger?

    Does that have a magnet trigger like other P2cs?
  2. Awoone

    Trust Factor

    Some way to increase my low trust factor and if he continues low, are my chances of taking ban bigger? I'm playing for a few weeks and my trust factor is at the lowest level. Even playing "legitimately".
  3. T

    Other cheats

    what do you guys think about cheats like pl*tin*mcheats, in*uria, inte*w*bz and LeagueMode... i have used all of these and they are all kinda dissapointing... why should i pick LC over any of these? *edit* the name is censored but its the one LC is giving a 30% discout for ;)
  4. fmr

    Coldzera IGL

    I just saw this post: I think their cheat is not working anymore haha. Kidding. With the addition of Stewie2K, it just hurts them a little bit(non brazillian). It will still take time to get their level...
  5. kronix2

    wh only

    hi do u think if i bought the wallhack only version and not use aimbot, it will help improve my real aim? let me know what u think thanks
  6. D

    main acc

    Someone here use lc on main acc ?
  7. LC1337

    eSport on COD:WW2 ?

    What do you think about eSport on that new CoD ?
  8. xl3loodx

    COD WWII Beta (29Sep.-02.Oct.)

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the beta for COD WWII started today. You can download it via steam: Most of the reviews are negative but I enjoy playing it so far. I'm looking for lads to play with, PM me here...
  9. M

    Privat build

    hi im looking for privat build for leagues ESEA/EAC/FACEiTCLIENT/ESL/CEVO/All server sides AC and for with silent load for lan AIMBOT LEGIT/STRONG legit Triggerbot/triggeraim ESP/RADAR/SONAR
  10. VAULT1909

    potential cevo ban.

    So i played an MM with the cevo client open and LC injected, will cevo care?
  11. XXKIDDO420XX

    Cheater? Hey guys im just wondering what you guys think of it greetings from walliY
  12. VAULT1909

    What does this mean?

    On ToX's LC 3.0 post he put up a poll, the one most up-voted ( says 'req 2 mo sub', what do you think he means by this? Does it mean that you pay for the type of sub that you want, but instead of lasting one month, it lasts two? So say I wanted to get pro...
  13. M

    Please, help me

    sorry for bothering Make the buy cheat. but I can not send the ID image. Make the purchase with a family member's card with your permission. Is obligatory the image of your id ? In this case I would like to make a refund Thanks
  14. B

    sent the last beta to faceit

    while u guys prob know the last beta that I wasn't allowed lol I sent to faceit which cause the "client detected" and now they saying it will be ready in summer. I will continue to send LC to faceit support team they are accepting my convos as of now and sending any user information on this...
  15. S

    LC Spoofer

    Tried to search a bit but couldn't find an answer really. Is the LC spoofer out yet or any news related to it?
  16. F

    Private Hack

    Can you build private hack for esea ?
  17. KraftinG

    When was the last detection & when will there be another sale on the cheat?

    Questions are in Title. Thank you for your time.
  18. R

    HL2 Css cheats

    Hi, from what I understand this seems to be a good cheat provider but before I buy I'd just like a few questions about the cheat answered. Since I am quite new to the cheating scene I dont have much knowledge about vac and simliar anti-cheat systems so my questions might feel obvious for the...
  19. Yhopa

    What are the undetected leagues?

    Hello, I've been a multi-league customer months ago, and after searching for a good cheat, I just thought that I would return here. :) So, what are the undetected leagues and is the activation instant ? (paying with paypal) I wanna play tonight Thanks.
  20. A

    Last detection?

    When u got last time detected? How long you think you will be undetected until next detect?