1. D

    i bought hl1 league cheat month

    but i not became vip and i can't use cheat? i bought Paymentwall
  2. B

    Alguem me ajuda, paguei por boleto!

    Entao gente, fiz uma compra ontem por boleto e chegou um email de confirmacao de pagamento no meu email... chegaram 2 na real, um do paymentwall support e outro da leaguecheats, nesse email da leaguecheats esta escrito a seguinte coisa:Pagamento confirmado via Boleto Bancário. Pedido...
  3. H

    Gamersclub private

    Hi, i want to buy the private version of gamersclub but i cant contact jimster, if you see me here @Jimster480 please talk to me
  4. K


    Hellou i buy cheat can i takie this cheat?
  5. W

    What happened to ToX?

    Where did ToX go? I've been lurking ever since my sub ran out about 5 months ago. He just kind of disappeared
  6. M

    quick question

    i purchased the non league cheats and i got the confirmation email saying to provide my information so my account can be created. should i have replied to the email with my info or should i make a post about it on here? thanks
  7. D

    LC cheat

    hello guys, im new here and started to get to know this forum and cheats and i already bought, but i dont really know what to do now, i think im supose to wait now for a email right?
  8. K

    help about

    I'm interested in the $ 400 hack version, what's the first step? sorry for my English I'm brazilian
  9. yyyy

    question about payment

    I bought this cheat yesterday yea, and I recieved auth system login info request where it told me I had to pm Jimster my password and username however, when I bought the non-league esp or wh I did not notice that you had to also write password + username, I only wrote username, what happens...
  10. Blake1337

    New steam account help

    So since i saw this tweet: I wondered how valve knew that the old vac banned account was his. If anyone knows, please let me know. So my question is: How to get a steam account that makes it impossible for anyone to know which accounts...
  11. ConesWithObama

    *** cheats sold out :(((((

    As an avid user of *** cheats (7-8) months now that they have opened there slots i feel like they have a huge influx of people (mainly because bhop talked about them) and i just want to disassociate myself with them pretty confident ill be selling my account with 2k hours i used with there cheat...
  12. Kennedy

    how i can pay gift for Jim?

    how i can pay gift for Jim? sad me please my friends :))) ps: LOVE LC CoMM
  13. thegame

    Buying acc

    So my question is Lets say i want to buy an account but this account had a previous owner. how can the buyer make sure the account wont be reclaimed ever. any tips or ideas ? thanks. also please link some good steam acc for sale or any page that you know that sells
  14. R

    Help buy vip

    İ get this email,activate,please activate my vip access Hi there, Thanks for purchasing! Please let me know what your desired anti-leak login information (Username & Password) is so I can get your account setup ASAP! This account is NOT THE SAME as the forum account, I must...
  15. M

    Im new and i need help

    I just purchase csgo league cheat...what am i doing next? waiting for email or smthing? also i dont understand the phrase link your account to receive vip acess
  16. K

    Bad service

    I really doesnt thought that thats the way thing working here . I've purchased multihack 2 weeks ago , since i've payed i havent received any activation mails or etc . Created support ticket after 24 hours , since then then i've only bullshit replies that all details has been sent to me to...
  17. G

    i cant buy

    I do not want to buy cheats through paypal, which I have clicked on to choose another form of payment?
  18. kxorrao

    My experience with Jimster480

    Hey guys, first of all i would like to tell that i don't usually use cheats, the only one that i've tried was Project-7 which i can say it's pretty shit. I tried to use LeagueCheats as i understood that they support the FaceIT AC(first mistake, they don't, and the way they wrote their cheater...
  19. M


    Hello. As the title says , does this xtrike version have chams option avilable?
  20. D

    need help

    I just bought the cheat and now how do I use it help me