1. Thomisk

    Quick question.

    Just from curiosity. I know that you guys are going to focus more on 3.0,so I just needed to ask.. Will 2.5 be as secure as it is right now ? Like will you guys be able to take care of 3.0 and 2.5 to have all of those versions as secure as it can be ? Thanks :)
  2. D

    Non-League or League multi?

    My question about those two versions of LC is if there is a difference in security to VAC between the Versions or not because im playing mm and faceit only atm and if there is no difference in security in terms of VAC there would be no need to pay 10$ more than i have to for now. Surely i will...
  3. PrivateScumbag

    security question

    Is it worth buying league multi hack now or wait for 3.0? Want to go about 2/3 months and not be banned. I want the best security I can get asap. cheers
  4. R

    lc review

    security: 0/10-VAC banned aimbot:9/10- great aimbot looks very legit esp:8/10-didn't use it that much, just a solid esp trigger:?/10-didn't use it
  5. Mr Robot

    God of all cheats and community

    Hello all, I will keep this as simple as possible. SECURITY 10/10 I like how you have a shortcut and we can use the cheat instantly rather than waiting. I trust in your programming skills and your security. CONFIGURATION 10/10 At the start, it was a little hard to configure but I did some...
  6. fuskare

    Just a question before I decide if I will buy.

    Hey guys! I'm very very new here (just signed up) and I just want to know if the non league and league multihacks have any differences with the features at all, like is there anything the league one can do that the non league can't in terms of settings? Thanks in advance for your help guys. :)
  7. R

    My first month review

    Aimbot: 10/10 Honestly, this is one of the best aimbots you're ever going to use on the market today. I've used plenty of p2c public and private cheats, and can easily say this one of the best I've used without doubt! As you can see in this video that was made by one of the LC staff, Just look...
  8. ColdSunl1ght

    Quick Q's before I repurchase

    Can you use raw input on 1 now for the aimbot? And is there any features that indicate if an enemy passes your crosshair? I want to have some external assistance of enemies locations on LAN. I gather you can set a key to activate a pixel esp and upon release of that key it turns off?
  9. D


    Hi, I want to buy league cheats and want to know about buying options. Multi League 35$ Multi Non League 25$ What is difference in these two. I will be only playing MM. And are the security same in both or different. Let me know additional stuff about it as well what ever i need to know before...
  10. spy0x

    Half a Year (maybe more than a half) detailed review by SPY

    Hello, I used this software like a half a year, I learned really much about this cheat, coder and so on. There will be few basics from what I will bild my review of this incredible cheat. 1. Security, probs and good things about this. 2. Aimbot and rcs systems 3. For what and for whom this cheat...
  11. G

    skin changer

    does this have a skin/glove change feature
  12. R

    Review after 1 Week

    Aimbot: 8/10-Very Humanistic, did fuck up a couple of times but that was probably my fault. Trigger: ?/10-I never Used it ESP: 10/10-Just a solid ESP, not much else to say about it RCS: 9/10-Very realistic RCS, at times I couldn't even tell myself at times that I was using it. Security: 7/10-I...
  13. roblozs

    My honest thoughts

    Hey, today I will be giving my honest feedback on LC and everything I say is what I've honestly experienced! So the past few days has been a rollercoaster of sorts. Let me give you some back story, I stopped playing csgo due to getting a new job and having to move. Well After coming back for...
  14. D


    Hello! Is this cheat the safest pay cheat out there on vac? How long has it been out for and has it been detected? When? Is the customer base small or big? And just to make sure, this cheat doesnt contain pSilent?
  15. qwerty1906

    A few questions before I buy

    Hello guys, For sure I'm gonna buy LC but after the summer holidays tho, because there is no point of buying it for 2 weeks :) But before I buy it, I want to know few things: 1. After the purchase will I get good CFG for Faceit? I don't really want to play MM, just Faceit and I don't want to get...
  16. L

    So what can I expect?

    Recently I've been looking through the internet for a league hack and this site seems to be the go to place as of now. I'm not really looking for features, but more security. Until now I have been using x22 for half a year and haven't been banned once, so is the protection better or worse? Also...