1. Y

    Vac ban??

    So i used this cheat like 2 months ago..logged in to a smurf showing vac ban 4 days ago??
  2. VAULT1909

    How many times have you been banned for cheating?

    just out of curiosity, how many times have you been banned from a platform / league for cheating since you've been playing?
  3. K

    Why you should buy LC´s Aimbot

    FIRST OF ALL TAHNK YOU JIMSTER and TOX Then the Other Staffs and Members :D Merry X-Mas. So lets get to the Review Getting Started ( Installing, Wrting Fov and Stuff) 3/10 Its so Huge and so Complicated in the Beginning you will drown in Informations. and the LC Wiki is like not up to...
  4. Get_Right

    some csgo record

    cheating or not?
  5. Kin

    Korean Pro Team Rekt

    It's supposed to be sure win for them, but then an LC user stopped them. Lol. 1 FOV High Smooth Gaming. NO ESP. Used AWP of course. KING AWPER rekt. Who's the King now haha. TriHardPJSalt
  6. tomato

    Prime MM 2017

    Welcome to Prime MM in 2017!! Don't worry about me, im gonna survive this, even though i went pretty blatant to win. thank god i have esp key still in config, even thoughi remember removing it Either way, LC boss
  7. Dexter Morgan

    What mouse do you use?

    Hey guys, when playing with LC on, i usually play 3 Ingame and 250 dpi, the problem is that i cant seem to find any mouse that can go 250 DPI :D And if i lower ingame sens and do higher dpi, then the aimbot start being to slow and shaky... Any idea on a mouse/fix for my issue?
  8. H

    k1ck rmn vac banned

    https://steamcommunity/id/undertheknife lets start discussion, who wil be next ? xD from his twitter but in profile vac, not gameban
  9. rtgames1

    My review (4 months)

    It is undoubtedly the best cheat, before I used h*xui, I lost more than 6 accounts with it, but with the LC I never had a problem, I already dropped in OW several times, but it's quite legit;) Rank: Global Aimbot: 1000/10 WH: 100000/10 ESP: 10000/10 MENU: 10/10 TRIGGERBOT: I do not use it but...
  10. R

    some questions before buying....

    How many coders are working on LeagueCheats? How long have u not been detected, and when did u get detected in the last time? How often did u got detected totally? How long have the coders experience in coding? Thx!
  11. KKUkUr2017


    Any advice how i can start making movies from csgo demos ? Programs any good tutorial any other help ? :)
  12. panzer

    Who remember this legend?

  13. westen

    Recent Vac wave. Cheat status?

  14. K

    How long since VAC / FACEIT ban?

    The title please :)
  15. Cortex1337

    1 Month+ Experience

    Hi everyone , just sharing my experience with this cheat provider. At the first time i had really hard time to find a good settings to adapt to my playstyle , but once i found it it went perfect, i have used so many cheats that i could not list them all but this one is definitely the best one...
  16. B

    Over year plus

    no vac's, need i say more? other forums love to talk shit about jimmy, which postponed me trying this cheat. eventually after fail provider after fail provider I gave LC a shot, havent used anything else since.
  17. Fazehaze1

    Quick Question

    So since i never got the email does that mean im losing time off my Subscribtion or does it not start till i get the email Edit: Guess ill wait just inpatience because got time out of schoolbecuase had surgery and bored sorry Guys
  18. svgod

    Some old actions ;p

    LC powered of course ;d
  19. wolfie.416


    Hi all, can you tell me when the last detection for the multi-hack csgo cheat was (non-league)? And all other previous detection yet? Thanks a lot!
  20. Jqshen

    Video Offer

    Hi, I am a new upcoming CSGO cheat reviewer and I heard about your cheat recently and didn't see many videos on it and was wondering if it would be possible for me to get a trial. I would use this trial to do a cheat review and a few legit hacking episode (maybe 3 or more depending on how long...