1. VAULT1909

    Why is detection history a blatant lie?

    I'm over cheating and all, but I typed L in and chrome autofilled league, so I decided to have a look back and I saw the detection history page, but it's all such lies, for CSGO at least. "CS:GO cheat came out in October 2012. VAC Detected in March, 2015 and 1/3 of the customer base was...
  2. Hi<3

    Old but interesting

    This clips are insane video shows as not available idk why ( /watch?v=jMYSDbhxq5w) The same happend here There is a kjaerbye clip on cache but i cant find the video, he was mid using a deagle. Some old clips but they are always interesting to watch :doge:
  3. J

    can i pay with skins??

    i haven't find a way to pay via skins, how do i do it? I have an Empress AK47 and an Asiimov AWP, how much is it worth it here in terms of subscriptions? Unable to create tickets for some reason, cheers
  4. Q

    shortcut must be on destkop?

    hello i have one answer guys. I want to inject lc on lan tournament. I have shortcut - this shortcut must be on desktop? or can i put this to the same folder with cheat?? Why on all guides(lan inject guides), you tell to give shortcut on desktop??
  5. Dawnyy

    Does LC charge tax?

    Just want to make sure i put enough money into a gift card, since i dont own a debit or credit card unfortunately. :/
  6. Aleixo

    faceit data removed, what now

    faceit just sent me an email telling me that my account is now on a 30 day quarantine period, and that after these 30 days, my data will be completely removed. Does that mean that I can use the same IP in my new account when they remove all the data?
  7. monroe1

    FACEiT Client Anti-Cheat and etc.

    Good evening, I'm so sorry for this kind of question, I know that you guys are really tired of it. However, I wanna ask something. I was a LC subscriber for 4 months (probably, idk for sure tho), but I didn't play in CSGO for a long time and obviously I didn't extend my LC subscription. So...
  8. Aaron

    MM with Dynamic FOV

    If you only wanna see the dynamic FOV then 3:04
  9. ogdunderzubbi

    Demo Review

    How do you guys review your demos inorder to improve at the game? What kind of mindset do you use? This guy suggests to put 6 different "skill sets" and give yourself points whenever you do mistakes and that's how you find out what and how to improve. So how do you do it?
  10. N

    LC 3.0 vs ESEA

    Hello there, do you think LC 3.0 will be effectivew in ESEA or we do really need a private build as i heard the ESEA client is very intrusive ? thanks
  11. K

    Delete the full cheat?

    Hi guys! One years ago i used LeagueCheat non-leauge version on CSGO, so its installed on my PC. But i want to delete it permanently, because im afraid to be banned from FACEIT and ESEA. How can i delete every part of it? Or should i re-install the widnows? I just cant find the main libary of...
  12. xans

    Any doubt that he is cheating?

    Go to 3:53 and watch this stupid aimlock haha
  13. LosAngeles

    There is an hour when everyone get Re-Subbed?

    Someone know's how re-subbing works? Some say's its every 12 hour's, but it passed and still i'm not V.I.P, And whats the best method to re-sub without waiting this time?
  14. H

    First MM Today

    I have play my first MM today love LC and Insane cfg !!
  15. NotCheating

    3 Months Review

    My experience with LC: Hey, I started using LC when I was MG2. In the first month was hard to adapt to this helpful tool, but then I found some guys who gave me a sick config. In just 2 months I went from MG2 to GE. Of course, I got a lot of hate, and people started calling me a cheater and...
  16. spopovich92

    My 1st month review

    Hey everybody, here is my 1 month LC review , enjoy reading :D SETUP : Well, this is the " hardest " point with LC , since it's not plug & play, but after spending some hours on the wiki, forum and asking for some help ( thx @FD^GoD , @n0body and @ROME99 ) I think i'm pretty good now AIMBOT...
  17. VAULT1909

    potential cevo ban.

    So i played an MM with the cevo client open and LC injected, will cevo care?
  18. VAULT1909

    Feedback on my work? (I need support)

    Basically I'm trying hard to get accepted as a graphic designer by Tox, he says that if I can get good feedback on my thumbnails and wallpapers for LC then he'll promote me, any positive feedback or constructive criticism is appreciated. Every time you give me good feedback, the further I get...
  19. KKUkUr2017


    Just bought vip for 1 month can someone tell me after payment what else i must do ? New subscribers: Remember to link your account to receive VIP access. This means ?
  20. P

    Hi. I like very much this cheat and community. :) I can play on Thanks!