1. robthehexor

    3 months with LC

    I've been playing cs since 2003, yes 14 years now. Ive been cheating the entire time with cheats such as JAPS, myg0T and my favorite paid2cheat from back in the day organner. With that said, the level customization with league cheats is far above the rest, ive been able to tailor this cheat...
  2. norbimc


    Hi as it is with the settings of the cheats? Easily configure on faceit, to shot? Is detectable on faceit, gifinity and ac?
  3. Excited Mayhem

    FaceIT Anti-Cheat Client

    Hi League Cheats, Any idea when League Cheats are going to support the FaceIT Anti-Cheat Client? Regards, Excited Mayhem
  4. S


    i try looked everywhere for ESEA and FACEIT cheat, when you are on the client, but some says that you cant cheat on FACEIT atm. Can someone help me? :) Where can i buy? BEST THNX TO ALL!
  5. R

    username and payment

    where can i see my username and wht should i do if i buy the cheats and still not a member yet. im not put my username and pass when i buying the cheats, cuz i thought its liek a gift or something
  6. T

    How to get ez skins from FaceIT League ;) by ToX

    1. Buy League Multi CS:GO 2. Buy premium @ FaceIT 3. Find 5 man lobby stack with LC 4. Win everything 5. Get skins from FaceIT 6. Say thanks to @Jimster480
  7. Z

    Buying the Non-League Cheat!

    I'm super stoked to use these cheats for FaceIt, I have no problem setting up cheats. But setting up my own config usually takes me awhile for cs:go. I used to be able to create nice configs for 1.6 hacks. Anyways.... I am currently using full screen at 1024 x 768, will I have any trouble...
  8. T

    Polish Matchmaking with Leaguecheats HARD

  9. R

    My Review After 1 Year!

    Hello guys im useing this cheat for like one yaer! I had a lot of cheats befor like a*mw*re platinumo perfect aim and lots of more! (its mean that i have lots of steam with VAC ban xD) but LC is very very diffrent well its little hard at first to config your own perfect settings but the staff...
  10. T

    Few Clips (deathmsg test)

    I finally figured out how to manipulate the deathmessages. This is my first take on it thats why I am not using any campaths. I hope you guys enjoy it. :)
  11. jonasuouo

    New Dan M video

    Just watched the new Dan M video. He talks about interesting stuff. Love how he mentions that "certain cheats from his past experience" needs to have raw input off and some other game settings. He just confirmed that he has used or is using LC. Watch the video at around 3:00 minutes. ;);)
  12. legitbeast

    just demo lag - no cheats involved ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  13. LC1337

    Some questions before buying.

    Hi guys, okay so I used so many cheats on the market and there is no fucking one who really are undectected like they said in the market page. This will be my last cheat, after that i will be done. So I have some questions for experienced users of LC. When was the last VAC Wave ? Is there any...
  14. WXYK

    Coming from different cheat

    I plan on switching from a*mw*re to this cheat eventually once I'm able to afford it. I'm wondering: is it easy to adjust config on the fly? Or do you need to do something like edit a config file?
  15. thegame

    LC = Addiction

    Hi I would like to start of with thanking everyone here for everything. First of all I joined this community like 4 months ago. Since then I haven't used any other cheat engine. I used Unity aimjunkie a*mw*re and so on but nothing is like LC. First Reason is its UD Second Reason its always...
  16. Jimster480

    CSGO Cheat Update 9/19/16

    Hey all, Lots of Misc fixes released today for the CSGO Cheats. Please check that thread for more details! Remember to download a NEW BUILD from the Login Updater!
  17. A

    Couple Of Questions.

    My first question is if this cheat works on ESEA. It says ESL but I never knew what that really was until now. I would still like to know if it would work on ESEA. My second of question is when I purchase the cheats is there even a SLIGHT chance of me being VACCED? I don't want to worry about...
  18. E

    Everyone says LC is shit?

    All these people say LC's aimbot is shitty and that the cheats have no customization and are shit. Im buying the multi non-league this weekend either way because what ive seen and read from lc users lc is the best. But why do these other people say Lc is shit? Are they just salty, or jealous...
  19. abbetappe

    Can I get a special build or something for ESEA and LAN?

  20. B

    Comparision between carbonized platinum and league

    Ive seen many ppl criticizing leaguecheats on those forums that they get detected alot and stuff and that the esp looks like a painting idk if thats true but was kinda excited to buy this cheat wanted to know if it got detected recently or something? And when eac protection will be added thanks