1. K

    black squad

    will there ever come cheats for black squad? Would be really interested. --- Double-post Merged (Please used the edit button) --- or does jim know anyone who's good at making privates for this kind of game ? :p
  2. G

    When will these Cheats become Stream Proof?

    Everyone, Any ideas when and if the cheats would somehow possibly become stream proof? Meaning a streaming software like OBS won't pick up the cheats when you're streaming the game? That would be awesome. I feel like it's not possible but it doesn't hurt to dream. Best, G.
  3. P


    Hi guys, one question: I want to buy the cheat for GAMERSCLUB.. which one do I have to buy? What features are currently allowed? i thinking buy with paypal. Regards,
  4. B

    Last detected?

    When was the non-league cheat last detected?
  5. xans


    There is the reason why you shouldn't buy a 5 dollar cheat VaultBoy ps: The music fits so well lol
  6. panzer


    After three months researching for league hacks, ive found only scams and people who cant code :p ive talked with a lot of coders, and no one can code a league hack on this days..... or u can pay 15K to get banned XD YEAH, WE ARE BETTING EVERY PROVIDER proofs?
  7. westen

    Recent Vac wave. Cheat status?

  8. Xuniku


    So Hey guys I see some other cheats have their visual not to be seen when recording or streaming.Does this cheat supports that?Like only you can see the visuals but not in the video nor while streaming or screenshot.
  9. T


    Hey guys, as most of you know I was a VIP for many months (about to renew) I made a completely clean steam / csgo account which I have never cheated on, I let my friend use it for a few days just to deathmatch to earn ranks to get prime.. Turns out he was using some cheap cheats ( i think a...
  10. T

    Why LC > all? Full aimbot showcase + 25% demo speed included (Triple zoom on crosshair)

    Triple zoom on crosshair + 25% demo speed clip included (Used almost all possible LC's features such as Autoshot type2 supersmooth etc..) Perfect AK accuracy 15:15 Pistol 17:11 Deagle
  11. D

    LC to stronk for MM

    globals 2k17 lul
  12. panzer

    Playing with illustrator - Logo Wallpapper

    What do you guys think? @Aaron @bendis916
  13. PaV

    ESEA Proof?

    Ok I've heard of EAC, Is that the anticheat esea uses? I need a cheat that is esea proof.
  14. SharkKnight

    So new Vac Update

    So I heard the new Vac Update screwed most/all cheats. So is this cheat safe from the new vac update?
  15. H


    Hi all how can i buy cheats from psc if i have pm ban thanks for answer.
  16. zYamamoto

    Pros are legit

    For real xDDD Even me playing more legit than them.
  17. thegame


  18. A

    For what this cheats made?

    ESP doesn`t work with Faceit AC I cant play with them ESEA. Where can I use them?
  19. H


    Hi all i have a question is pro setup the cheat like i mean i need to buy cheats and then the setup or just the setup and in the setup is the cheats? Thanks for your time to answer me :) and i have 1 more question how i will lounch cheats there is not single guide how ?
  20. robthehexor

    3 months with LC

    I've been playing cs since 2003, yes 14 years now. Ive been cheating the entire time with cheats such as JAPS, myg0T and my favorite paid2cheat from back in the day organner. With that said, the level customization with league cheats is far above the rest, ive been able to tailor this cheat...