1. A

    HL1 CS 1.6 Gameguard cheat.. READ!!!

    Dear Cheaters :D anyone who is interested in purchasing an HL1 (CS1.6) cheat for gameguard, comment in this thread.. @Jimster480 jimster said "if the cheat has enough demand, he will code a cheat for gameguars once again. just comment here anything.. and PLEASE, no shitty attitude, only if u...
  2. Serpius

    Doom Slayer Disc Cheats For XBox One S (with built-in Disc player, not digital)

    I know that this website is mostly for Counter-Strike and other related games, but I'm an old fart that prefers First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Doom and Quake. As a combination of Christmas and birthday gifts from my family, they got me the XBox One S with the built-in disc player. I...
  3. Jimster480

    EAC Aimbot Triggerbot Hack Cheat Support

    I figured it's time to shine some light on the EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat). How it works and how LeagueCheats bypasses this anti-cheat. EAC is an acronym for Easy Anti Cheat, This AC was released in the early 2000's Originally and AC used for Counter-Strike 1.6 which was later adapted to support...
  4. G

    League Cheats GamersClub Private My Review

    Olá gostaria e dar meu review sobre o Cheat... Estou usando a cerca de um mês... A primeira coisa que gostei foi sobre, segurança, o fato de você ter que enviar seus dados para poder adquirir o cheat ja mostra que o LC esta preocupado com a segurança dos clientes. Aimbot: ainda não dominei...
  5. Xuniku

    wad peopl;e think abt us
  6. A


    Sup boys, I have played cs go and have started playing black ops 4. Does anyone know high quality cheats similar to league cheats? Looking to pay good money for good help
  7. G

    @GrandeCSGO banned in ESEA

    I believe he was using a hardware cheat for around a year, maybe we will see a hardware banwave in the near future? "Throughout the recent months, the ESEA Anti-Cheat team has been developing multiple detection techniques to combat hardware-based...
  8. Jimster480

    CSGO Danger Zone Battle Royale Mode

    Hi Everyone, As per the release of Danger Zone Battle Royale Mode, the cheats are broken entirely. It will take me some time to update them so please be patient. There is no point in trying to inject on the new version as it will not work at all. Thanks for your patience, Jimster480 UPDATE ...
  9. D

    Faceit ac client

    Hey,want to ask,cheats works on faceit with faceit anti-cheat client??
  10. L


    Since it's a general gaming discussion, so, I'd like to ask this. For CrossFire gamers, actually competitive gamers, who play scrims and go onclient for leagues such CFCL elite and so on, anyway, I'm assuming that you already know what kinda AC they are using, and that client is BLACKBOX. Well...
  11. H

    Faceit question

    Hey boys, If I run ac on my other PC, and play with cheats on my other PC, can I still use this cheat for Faceit 5v5 queues? Thanks a lot :D
  12. 1

    Hi guys I’m newish here

    So I originally bought one month of league cheats multi at the worst timing during the vac net ban wave lucky I didn’t get banned that put me off using it so I went back to my original cheat provider and used there cheat for a while till the compensation came and finally used the cheat but I...
  13. forzaBlack


    Are any of you guys playing fortnite ? Are you enjoyng it or what is your experience ? Do you know of any cheats in fortnite ? Its a hot topic since big youtubers started cheating in fortnite lately.
  14. P

    A week with LC now.

    Hello guys. Figured it was time for me to post a little review on how the cheats have worked for me. Considering this is the first time I've ever used a cheat of any sorts, this is somewhat new for me to reflect upon. But I will try my best, and as well provide a little background prior to my...
  15. Roma

    Would like to know if LC 3.0 Is for me

    Hello people :) Ill start with saying i never used cheats before, Im trying to get over 3000elo in faceit. Im currently playing only full stacks i have over 70 win rate in last 20 matches. My question is would it be smart for me to use LC 3.0. I feel like if i will use the LC 3.0 I Can qualify...
  16. Edwin

    Cheats or not. You decide ^^

    There’s this youtuber called “Timeisbutawindow”. He’s retarded, but he does overwatch cases. This time he thinks the suspect is a pro. What do you think ^^ In my opinion, he has walls; bhop script; aimbot, the whole shebang. ; ) have fun
  17. P

    VAC Bans aren't cool.

    So I have used Lethality cheat for 3 months and all was good until bam VAC ban on this past wave... why is LeagueCheats any different? I like buying a cheap knife just to pretend legit and I am tired of setting new accounts and buying new cheap knives because VAC seems to come soon or later to...
  18. T

    How to Avoid a VAC BAN 30% off Discount for Platinum customers!

    How to Avoid a VAC BAN 30% off Discount for Platinum customers! Tired of getting banned twice in a month? You didn't use the cheat but you still got banned because of Platinum's driver running 24/7 in the background? You care about security? Then fear not, LC is for you! I would like to remind...
  19. W

    lc private

    how can i apply for the lc private? would like to get the faceit version not the GC one.
  20. T

    Legit wallbang n0thing 1v5

    Those days, when nobody was talking about cheats Kappa Now you will kill one guy through smoke = instantly whole team is calin you out! DansGame