1. Vader_FanBoy

    Flipgod admits to cheating

    I just saw that flipgod has admitted to cheating. I've always thought this guy was sketchy what do you guys think?
  2. creat1ve

    is this guy aimbotting?

    watch the second kill in 720p (0.5 speed) and you'll see an aimlock, maybe hes aimbotting with mouse4 or mouse5 cause he misses a lot of shots but alot of his kills you can see the aimlock if you watch in 0.5, hes a popular youtuber, he also make videos of ppl cheating in GamersClub/ESEA.. i...
  3. Dawnyy

    Goodbye everyone.

    Hello guys, this is my final post on here and on any csgo related forum or video. I know I haven't been on here in over 2 months or so and thats cause I have lost interest in cheating and csgo. It was nice using the cheat for the time I did have it. Wanna just clear it up, I was never bad at the...
  4. Hi<3

    Pro Optic India player caught cheating LOL

    This is funny minute: 7:19 7:28 Here is cheat folder 7:42
  5. Dawnyy


    Should I become Fodder 2.0???? I have a lot of friends who watch my yt and they dont know i cheat so im hesitent on making cheating videos :P
  6. HGCrotmg

    Hello guys, new here :)

    Hello everyone, My name is Harry. I'm an aspiring MMA fighter and video game enthusiast from England. I pretty much only play CS:GO, currently at DMG. The highest rank I received was Supreme but I really don't have the time to practise as much as I used to. I'm new to cheating and after doing a...
  7. Kyle62

    Feel Like Shit Cheating

    I have about 1.5k legit hours and 1.5k hours cheating on CS. I feel like a piece of shit every time I cheat but at the same time the game is way more boring when I play legit. I'm B+ on ESEA and recently joined an open team... I don't really want to start cheating again but I dont know what else...
  8. Dawnyy


    I know it's not a cheating video but just wanted to start a channel playing legit and a channel for cheating, don't know when i will start up the cheating channel, also I apologize for it being so bad, I would've made it better but my Sony Vegas kept crashing so I had to use some other shittty...
  9. Dawnyy

    I'm losing interest.

    I've been grinding ESEA lately and realized how much more fun it is to play legit, I'm enjoying not cheating, especially in MM, it's just boring, yes I can hit amazing shots and get clips that way, but just playing the game for what it is, is more fun, anyone ever had this feeling? Did you just...
  10. Oliver


    Hey, i want to know what do you think about these guys : Actual faceit frags. CS:GODS or what ??
  11. Thomisk

    Can someone tell me something about GDPR ?

    Well i have quite some questions about this,cuz i don't know what this is. Anyways,couldn't find more info about steam GDPR,than that it's collecting data. So is there any possibility to delete that data ? Does this affect future bans,if I have been banned on my pc before ? Does this affect...
  12. Edwin

    Smurfing in Silver

  13. Edwin

    Cheats or not. You decide ^^

    There’s this youtuber called “Timeisbutawindow”. He’s retarded, but he does overwatch cases. This time he thinks the suspect is a pro. What do you think ^^ In my opinion, he has walls; bhop script; aimbot, the whole shebang. ; ) have fun
  14. Rucket

    Excited to start cheating with lc again

    Just subscribed again after not using the cheat since getting banned on main in October. Got bored of grinding and decided to get lc so i can fuck shit up without having to practice a shit ton so I can actually have a life and focus on studying as well as cs. Linked my account and currently...
  15. L

    What is the telling sign that a friend is cheating?

    So anyone experienced anything people always have in common when you find out about them cheating? From what I have experienced people always get nervous when you ask them about the hitting insane shots and almost always try to make a joke out of it. Like "yeah of cource I'm cheating bro". Just...
  16. Oliver

    what a PRO!

    Hola spywar :)
  17. ogdunderzubbi

    My LC experience

    From not having much cheating experience at all to cheating all day everyday. I'm a person that is "pro"-cheating, in other words I accept that people do it. Like in all sports you can boost it with amphetamines and steroids while esports have complex code and adderall. (Lol) I feel like it...
  18. N

    Legit aimbot.

    Hi. After hitting global I got really bored by the game, the amount of cheaters is huge, so I decided to try too. I searched on google, I visited many websites and read many pages. Everyone claims to have the best aimbot and the best security, everyone has fanboys defeding their cheating...
  19. D

    Being able to get gamesense.

    Hey. This may sound stupid but, my LC settings are pretty blatant, still ud to human eye on MM but yeah, I use ESP. Now I play 5 matches everyday. I hide my esp well enough in OW so I don't get banned. But I want to just play legit for a while, get my gamesense up, so I can leave the visual...
  20. R

    Major 2018 at Boston is actually an event of cheaters.

    Post under your fishy clips etc. Here is mine clip: watch oskar at 16 sec and 0.25 speed