1. G

    [SoStronk India 2019]

    Hello, i am currently playing on sostronk ac...i was using other p2c till today and it worked fine until 29/12/2018...There was a huge anticheat update which caused my previous p2c detection on p2c.. I was wondering if someone could check whether this cheat is currently undetected on Sostronk....
  2. beraldo2017


    Is the gamersclub private cheat still available? which costs 400 dollars
  3. Hi<3

    Banwave Insurance - Questions

    Hi guys, it's been a long time! Got a question about how banwave insurance works.. If the cheat gets detected I'm safe? I haven't used the cheat since january i guess or november. Is there something new about aimbot? The last detection was on may of this year. Should I buy this right now...
  4. Frazzor

    Pro league or Multi league.

    Hi, just received a massage from staff about discount and that pro league are more public from now. Have a few questions. 1 Whats the major diffrence between pro and multi? 2 Is it worth the extra money? 3 Is the pro version different in-game? aimbot better or what? 4 Is pro version more...
  5. Q

    silent inject

    hi, I was looking at the forum and could not find... I have a question whether in "non league multihack" is something like silent inject? I want use non league multi on big lan. I want to get more info about this silent inject(if you have something like that), before I buy software here. For...
  6. 1nami

    Free add

    Brazilian CSGO youtuber just post a video about LC LOL He said he has an account here which he uses to study about top cheats. I guess you guys will receive more subs soon XD
  7. P

    A week with LC now.

    Hello guys. Figured it was time for me to post a little review on how the cheats have worked for me. Considering this is the first time I've ever used a cheat of any sorts, this is somewhat new for me to reflect upon. But I will try my best, and as well provide a little background prior to my...
  8. JackBaits

    Hello, I am back! Got some questions.

    Pretty sure no one remembers me as who would, but I am back and have some questions in regards to LC: I bought LC back in 2017 and had an awesome time with it. Not only did it improve my skills, but it helped me win more as well (I went from ~5-10% HS Ratio to 38% legit on my main thanks to LC...
  9. Yz1337

    About bhops latest vid

    Anyone else saw that retards latest vid? At 2:20 he starts throwing shit at a cheat he clearly only used for 5 mins and he clearly didn't care about trying to make a cfg either, he's just like the average kid cheater that just wants to cheat in mm lol, what do you guys think about this?
  10. Dawnyy

    What are just these words from Bhop...

    Ok, so recently a vac wave hit and Bhop, the most blatant "legit" hacking youtuber, made a video about it, and in the video as you can see he saw multiple spam comments of leaguecheats, and complained about the price, how it is overpriced and it's aimbot is shit, it isnt well coded, and the esp...
  11. qwertyy111

    Why do we cheat ?

    For me it gives new aspect to videogames, also thinking about how its coded and ways to improve it. Finding "loop holes" in cheats, like how to make it crash and broken features etc. Its an hobby really, what about you guys ? :confused:
  12. W

    What happened to ToX?

    Where did ToX go? I've been lurking ever since my sub ran out about 5 months ago. He just kind of disappeared
  13. T

    ESEA Undetected?

    Hello I'm looking into LC right now and everything is looking good I realise that I wont be able to get into LC 3.0 as of yet but I'm wondering on the League mode does it bypass ESEA client side? I see mentions of Faceit, ESL, EAC and many more but no mention of ESEA anywhere? Thanks a lot and...
  14. darbak

    About ESL Wire

    I have a quick question about wire. Is UD all the time? Maybe I shoot on 1v1
  15. Thomisk

    Can someone tell me something about GDPR ?

    Well i have quite some questions about this,cuz i don't know what this is. Anyways,couldn't find more info about steam GDPR,than that it's collecting data. So is there any possibility to delete that data ? Does this affect future bans,if I have been banned on my pc before ? Does this affect...
  16. thegame


    Dont you guys think that Valve has engineers smarter than @Jimster480 or even any coder? If Valve would want to take actions against Cheats coders and I mean public Cheats they would have banned almost all csgo community I know nobody that doesnt cheat. @Jimster480 is the best coder I know of...
  17. struggles

    Very honest review after around 2years

    Dear LC community, After almost two years I decided to write a testimonial for you guys in order to share my experiences with leaguecheats with you. Many of you will not even recognize me or have never seen me on the forum, nevertheless I would ask you kindly to read my story and respect my...
  18. Fedda

    Steam Support

    Damn looks like steam dosen't read their tickets. So big company, but so slow...
  19. Fedda

    Jimster is trusted by big coders?

    I read on unknowncheats today about some cheat stuff. There was a guy that wanted a high tier cheat for esea. And someone aid that if you are gonna buy a esea cheat. go to the best and most trusted coder out there. Jimster480. I dont know who it was, but if there are any new members in here. I...
  20. Oktamer

    Why you should use LC for league cheating.

    This topic will define my own experience with LC and, I will try to give to you, new people who read this, why LC will be something that can improve the pleasure you take from cs go. Hello everyone, my name is Bastien. I'm french. I'm on LC since 2016. I'm a long time CS: GO, player. I played...