1. Y

    How it´s work

    Hello I thought I'd buy LC, I read forum and i found some thread about Leagues, It´s true i have to get VIP at forum for get undetecet at leagues ?
  2. 1Clicked

    Few Questions before buying

    Hey, i'm looking to buy in a few days and i have some questions. 1. Does the cheat work ( aimbot etc ) with raw input ( ON )? 2. Let me get this straight There will be 3 options for this cheat ( not including ESP only versions ) 1. $25 monthly = works and currently undetected on > vac and...
  3. mrmanyak

    Faceit Client ?

    Hello i am thinkin abaout buy LM here 35 USD versiyon , but i thought something like beat in front of main page. So it means this hack is not working via Faceit Client right now ? if i buy hack i can use it only in valve ranked game ? or i can use it faceit client ? can u give me info ...
  4. N

    important questions? guess

    Hey. I have been out of this site for many months, now I got back and I have few questions 1) Did LC 3.0 get released? When I last used this site, it was LC 2.5 2) Do you still have to disable multicore rendering to make it work? 3) Can you use m_rawinput 1? Thanks Thankkss!
  5. D

    Easy to configure aimbot?

    Hello, I have not experienced cheats so much so I dont have any knowledge. Is it hard to setup legit aimbot with good spraycontrol for MM with this cheat? Ive used a cheat before, it was super easy but their rcs didint work good on 64 tick so I stopped using that cheat. Im thinking about this...
  6. Dadinho23


    It works on gamersclub anti cheater? It's really hard to find a cheat that works there.
  7. X

    Just some questions while waiting for activation.

    Hi guys, Returning to Cs after a while last time i played cs i used platinum cheat. However was told Leaguecheats is much better. I will be using it on Faceit mostly via web.. Since client is not yet fully updated. Now i am used to using others "legit" settings since i dont do much config my...
  8. Difardifar

    4:3 Resolution

    Hey, i just recieved my email to download and etc, but i noticed that it said, that hack works best in 1920x1080 windowed, and my shit computer cant take that :( So i was wondering, how does the hack work in 4:3 resolution? thats the only thing my computer can handle, and 1280x720. Best regards,
  9. norbimc

    Gifnity and faceit :D

    Are gifnity and faceit everything works? Or just Visual functions? And I have a question, is it easy to set the cool settings on the gifnity and the faceit? Sorry for my English :/.
  10. toker

    Non-League version faceit

    is the Non-League version ESP/wallhack undetected on faceit? and does the league version support faceit to? what settings works on faceit?
  11. F

    Radarhack & rcs works on faceit?

    Radarhack & rcs works on faceit?
  12. S


    after 1month~ i have lan and i wanna try this cheat but idk or its safe.. cuz if i get caught - RIP. for example situation: i sit in the chair, put usb into pc and and move some random cfg files into csgo folder, after that fast open hack and thats it? how about hwid, or panic keys. someone...
  13. Golden Box

    Planning to transfer here.

    After trying Iwebz, a*mw*re, and Unity, I'm planning to transfer here because all of them are detected now. I'm just wondering when is the last detection of this hack (LC)? Multihack on CS:GO is not detected on FaceIT? Any proof from customers if you would not mind. See you soon guys. Kappa
  14. Miniglikes

    Win 10

    The cheat is working on windows 10 ?
  15. frost1337

    non leauge

    hello, i have one question non leauge cheat works normal on fullscreen? or only leauge cheat works fine on fullscreen thanks for reply, cheers /edit when I decided to buy cheats for 3months by psc just i give you paysafecard code and you actived cheat for me ye? and what do you think about...
  16. S


    Hello, I wanted to let me know in advance about the status of the hack (League Version). What's the Status for Wire, FaceIT and EAC (Aimbot + Visuals)?
  17. S

    how cheat menu looks

    how does the cheat menu looks and how do i edit stuff on it and how to i use someone else cheat configs from someone else on forum
  18. S

    FACEit Leaguecheats

    Hi everybody, I need to know if with the esp we see on faceit behind the wall now and all the times ? Ty for answer, have a good day.
  19. iskA


    This person says that cheat shit: ( The best cheat LC<3
  20. T

    Few Questions before buy

    Hello community How cheat works with low fps 50-80. Rcs will shake(crosshair) whenever i stop shooting spraying if fps drop under 60 ? It sometimes happens with internal rcs, Can i setup rcs by % or Y and X ? Can i enable only chams without anything else ? Really sorry for my grammar english...