1. Fedda

    HWID Simple question

    How do I change it? To avoid ban
  2. prtj88

    1 month testimony using the Private GC.

    Hello, I found a more convenient time to talk about using my PRIVATE LC. I am using the private LC of the GC, for 1 month and a few days, without any ban, its injection is different and undetectable, on the very legitimate settings, is currently safe aimbot, without using visuals, but I get a...
  3. C

    If i haven't Inject ?

    If i haven't inject cheat can i get banned from Face It Client or Esea ?
  4. M

    record pov with esp

    Hey guys, i’ve used leaguecheats for a while, but havent renewed my subscription as of recent. Just wondering if i can record a pov demo on csgo without it showing esp? Havent had to do this previously.Thanks!
  5. spy0x

    When U are playing on lan and actually Have some Balls!

    Bone 8; Super smooth 5; Smooth 2; Fov 2.5; https://clips.twitch.tv/AcceptableSmellyKuduFUNgineer Guys, do U want to do something like that ? :D As for me, that was near semi-rage shit :D I talked with NBK week ago and he said me - "Ofc we don't make any good sets for that shit like AUG, it is...
  6. D

    Being able to get gamesense.

    Hey. This may sound stupid but, my LC settings are pretty blatant, still ud to human eye on MM but yeah, I use ESP. Now I play 5 matches everyday. I hide my esp well enough in OW so I don't get banned. But I want to just play legit for a while, get my gamesense up, so I can leave the visual...
  7. D

    ESP Question.

    Hey, just curious, could you play with esp on a stream? Is that even possible? Without the other viewers seeing it.
  8. Michelle

    Skin farm pvpro

    is 2.5 safe to use on https://www.pvpro.com/pvpro/csgo-eu/home ?
  9. Guilford

    Tox fullbot in Global Elite Prime MM...<3

    Playing with Tox fullbot matchmaking settings without wallhack. Only visesp=3, to spot enemys better sometimes at peaks, when my concentration is weak. )) Tox u are GoD of making settings, got already 1 time suspected in OW, no vacation for me! Keep it up man!
  10. S


    Can the aimbot and RCS be used together, at the same time, without any conflict between the two. For instance, midway through a spray, the aimbot messing with your shot. Also, is the aimbot slower than legit aim at all? I'm considering buying the cheat, but I'm in doubt as to whether the aimbot...
  11. R

    My review

    So I have only been usin this cheat for 2 days but keep in mind I had the cheat 6 months ago so this is my second time. The cheat is absolutely amazing. I have just as many hours in my main as my smurf which I cheat on which goes to show how desperate I’ve been to find a good cheat (800 hours on...
  12. mins13


    Former player Space Soldiers ─ Çağatay «DESPE» Sedef, September 14 received a ban (2019) on the ESL because of «cheating».
  13. R

    Few Questions

    Hey, I was looking into some CSGO Cheats for leagues and came across this and was wondering on a few questions. 1. When was the last detection? 2. Can you use LegueCheats on Facit Client? 3. Is there a limit to the userbase or is fully open/public? 4. Can it be used in Fullscreen? 5. What is...
  14. T

    Information Up to date

    Hi, Is this information : Non-League versions support: VAC2/VAC3/MM/FaceIT*(Server Sided AC)/ZenGaming*(Server Sided AC)/SMAC/PopFlash League versions support the above listed and additionally : GamersClub + CEVO*/Gfinity*(*unsupported atm)(EAC + AAC + myACSupport planned) Update ? thanks for...
  15. E

    Faceit anti cheat client

    It's not really clear whether faceit AC client is supported or not. When i read about the featues it clearly says that FAC is supported but when i read on the forums it's not available to everyone ? ??
  16. xans

    New Signature

    Took me long enough to work on something new for LC, what do you think?
  17. PolishMaczo


    Hi is it possible to play on gifinity with visual? If nothing can be turn on?
  18. GEN


    Does it still support faceit (non client version) or not?
  19. S


    Hello i am new one.. If i buy cheat i can play faceit?
  20. R

    Default pre-sale questions(faceit,vac-waves etc)

    Hello. I'm new to leaguecheats, so i have some questions about it. 1) Is it faceit undetected? I want to play faceit premium matches to get some profit :) 2) When was the last vac wave for leaguecheats? 3) Is it save enough to use it on my main account (with skins etc) 4) Which version should i...