1. Edwin

    [Overwatch] Is he clean or not?

    Saw a reddit post sharing an Overwatch video. What do you guys think? In my opinion he has walls (I was watching the first minute, and the way his crosshair shuffled between short and lower connector was a bit too coincidental to enemies’ position). How about aim? Flickshot with high...
  2. V


    Hello! Does your aimbot aim through the walls? Is it possible to set it up like that? I would like to use some aimlock that is smooth and customizable (fov etc).
  3. Stroudy

    My honest review, no filter.

    Hey, thanks for taking your time to read my honest review on LeagueCheats... as title says, this is going to be a no filter 100% honest truth review, I'm not going to shy away from details nor my opinion on this... so let's get started, shall we? Aimbot: The aimbot is Phenomenal, like...
  4. guldkæden97

    Can LC aimlock, lock through walls to get infomation?

    Hello fellas, i watched this video early today, and actually he explained really good how the aimlock works, now i got a question can league cheats do the same as hes cheat in the video? Like aimlock to the person closest to your crosshair, and also through walls? So if u are on lan, u can get...
  5. MrMaxie1

    What do you think of this ?

    Hello! Just want to know what do you think about this clip if it's not too fishy? i know the end is shit and i will put another video with other kills just for get info if we can see the aimlock
  6. hahalolwtfbro

    Would this cheat be able to work like an aimlock?

    Basically I might buy this cheat, and the only thing I want to use it for is to aimlock through the wall, so I can gaither information. Is this possible with this cheat? Will it look really smooth?' Also, if possible.. Does it work on all leagues? I mostly play ESL and EAC
  7. Defsire

    Simple Question

    To whom it may concern 1) I wanted to use this on face-it and in MM, but most of the time I will be playing face-it what will be the best option for me if I wanted to use aimbot/aim assist, ESP/Walls and Trigger. those are the main features I'm looking for. Please let me know what will be the...
  8. D

    Can i still use wall hack on faceit non anti cheat>

    Can i still use wall hack on faceit non anti cheat> gonna cheat tonight in free queue ?
  9. Aaron

    Random MM frags

    Messed around in MM earlier, thought I'd get some clips from the demos and compile them; nothing special.
  10. PCheater


    Probably the most secure hack I've used, from what everyone on the forums says. After some configuration my setup is almost perfect for me, just some more tweaks with the pistol. Aimbot: 10/10 - No surprise here, one you get your setup to properly control your spray the aimbot is amazing. Not...
  11. K


    Hi guys, just 1 more question before i buy this cheat. :D For kickback i need to buy the leauge one or its enough to choose the non-leuage thing. I will only use ESP or what is it, so i want to look through the walls and nothing else. Thanks a lot guys. I hope i can join your team soon.
  12. D

    Few questions ?

    when was the last time the cheat was detected and can I aimlock people through walls like flusha or like how Dan m did it in his last video
  13. S

    how cheat menu looks

    how does the cheat menu looks and how do i edit stuff on it and how to i use someone else cheat configs from someone else on forum
  14. S

    FACEit Leaguecheats

    Hi everybody, I need to know if with the esp we see on faceit behind the wall now and all the times ? Ty for answer, have a good day.
  15. rjred

    Serious about competitive. ONLY plan to use walls.

    Hey all. I only plan to use Walls/ESP (what's the difference?) in my competitive games. I'm really good at hiding it. Currently I'm using iw**tcheats and was curious--as far as detection/ban-- how you guys differ from them? So far I've had no issues with my current subscription but I haven't...
  16. T

    Wallhack Preview CS:GO

    Walls: 2 Different wallhacks are included in this cheat. Offering full transparent walls, or full model drawing through walls. This is a classic style wallhack, just like from the original Counter-Strike.