1. yeap

    Discount Code

    Is the discount code for people who had Platinum or R3 still available? Don't got much in my PayPal rn xD
  2. beraldo2017


    Is the gamersclub private cheat still available? which costs 400 dollars
  3. T


    @Jimster480 someone got access to my account https://leaguecheats.com/members/thing.96/ a long time ago, I can prove it's my account via PM (but I can't PM you, so PM me).
  4. B


    I did the wrong operation, I just typed the username I forgot to write the password when buying i have bad english sorry i bought it 35 dollar thank you check ticket please
  5. K

    Bad service

    I really doesnt thought that thats the way thing working here . I've purchased multihack 2 weeks ago , since i've payed i havent received any activation mails or etc . Created support ticket after 24 hours , since then then i've only bullshit replies that all details has been sent to me to...
  6. M

    Please, help me

    sorry for bothering Make the buy cheat. but I can not send the ID image. Make the purchase with a family member's card with your permission. Is obligatory the image of your id ? In this case I would like to make a refund Thanks
  7. ezpzk2k

    Can i have my money back?

    I feel extremely unconfortable sending a picture of my id to some shady cheating site, like wtf? Why do i need that for, also you take money before saying anywhere that you need a picture of the id? This is fucking shady
  8. Thomisk

    Hello,can you help me with the activation ?

    I just bought the cheat,but in the linking account i did this mistake: Username-Pass not Username Pass What can I do with the dash (-) ? When I do link account,then it says,that the pass or...
  9. J


    Hello, I know this is probably the wrong place to ask but I read that activation takes up to 24 hours after purchase but I've been waiting almost 2 days now. Did I do anything wrong?
  10. E

    purchased still not activated

    purchased still not activated i have screenshot
  11. J

    I bought the hack and got the email but no permission

    When I try to link my account When I try to download launcher
  12. Fazehaze1

    Confused I Messed up

    Did i mess up somewhere or what i emailed jim made a support ticket etc still nothing Just wondering if i messed up i did what the staff told me
  13. navysonar

    No news after 5 days

    I purchase Multi cheat on monday , send a support ticket after 48h on Wednesday got told to wait for jim, its now been 5 days. I understand that jim must be busy , but what is going on ? how long will I have to wait ?
  14. H


    Hi all how can i buy cheats from psc if i have pm ban thanks for answer.
  15. I

    Account activation

    Hello, I just buy the LC Csgo cheat right now. what i need to do to access the cheat ?
  16. Virus1x

    The cold hard facts.

    We have had a large influx of tickets and requests stating that we are not truly transparent with our customers so this thread is designed to answer the questions and continue the transparency that League Cheats has with it's user base. We have nothing to hide and will never hide anything from...
  17. MoMeak

    Too many ip?

    wtf is that??
  18. D

    How Do I contact admins?

    says "Please enter a valid message." everytime I try to creat a ticket wtf do u do. Thanks
  19. Jimster480

    CSGO Cheat Update 10/13/16

    Hey all, The cheats have been updated for the new update today! All new structure changes have been compensated for. Please download a new build from the Login Updater! The new builds are on the build server as of right now!!!
  20. N

    How can take setup email?

    i already pay it. Up to 72hrs , how long can I get the setup email?