1. Jimster480

    CSGO Danger Zone Battle Royale Mode

    Hi Everyone, As per the release of Danger Zone Battle Royale Mode, the cheats are broken entirely. It will take me some time to update them so please be patient. There is no point in trying to inject on the new version as it will not work at all. Thanks for your patience, Jimster480 UPDATE ...
  2. Co1N

    Paysafecard Reseller

    Hey, just wanted to ask real quick if @Mar1k is still a trusted reseller for this website using paysafecard, thanks in advance.
  3. JackBaits

    Hello, I am back! Got some questions.

    Pretty sure no one remembers me as who would, but I am back and have some questions in regards to LC: I bought LC back in 2017 and had an awesome time with it. Not only did it improve my skills, but it helped me win more as well (I went from ~5-10% HS Ratio to 38% legit on my main thanks to LC...
  4. T

    Sorry another question about Anti Cheat

    Sorry for another post this one is about easy anti cheat? is it supported? I want to play on pvpro but I require EAC for tournaments etc? Many thanks, Thomas
  5. T


    Hey I'm just wondering if the CS 1.6 Cheat works with non-steam version (WaRzOnE)? Thanks.
  6. A

    Break some day on subscribtion ?

    Hey boys , whats up ! Can we break subscribtion some day ? For example , if i buy it now , use it for 15 day , make 15 day break ( vacation ) and finish my 15 day after this ? or its just for example 26-03 to 26-04 and cant break , thanks :)
  7. Sarac007

    After one week review

    I used many different cheats last three years but this is the only product that is perfect for leggit play.I play only faceit (no AC) after 50 games nobody said you use cheat, i have 11 csgo acc for Faceit. INSTALLATION: 10/10 -Very easy and simple is very important,do not like complicated...
  8. M

    record pov with esp

    Hey guys, i’ve used leaguecheats for a while, but havent renewed my subscription as of recent. Just wondering if i can record a pov demo on csgo without it showing esp? Havent had to do this previously.Thanks!
  9. thegame


    Hi, Anyone know where I can find cheap game bundles with a lot of games ? Thanks I am trying to improve my steam account any ideas how to do so ? I got hourboost already level 70 all csgo pins and passes all stickers and so on. any other suggestions ? Thanks.
  10. Thomisk

    Quick question.

    Just from curiosity. I know that you guys are going to focus more on 3.0,so I just needed to ask.. Will 2.5 be as secure as it is right now ? Like will you guys be able to take care of 3.0 and 2.5 to have all of those versions as secure as it can be ? Thanks :)
  11. ogdunderzubbi

    My LC experience

    From not having much cheating experience at all to cheating all day everyday. I'm a person that is "pro"-cheating, in other words I accept that people do it. Like in all sports you can boost it with amphetamines and steroids while esports have complex code and adderall. (Lol) I feel like it...
  12. Hexameron

    Couple of questions from a newbie here

    Hey guys, I just made an account. My long term goal is to get the custom ESEA build in 6 months time, if I have proven to be a trusted member. My question is, how do I get the "VIP subscriber" ? I have looked across the site and cannot see it. Sorry if this is a silly question. I plan on...
  13. G

    First sub best hack !!

    I must say thank you first to the support, any question no matter how many there were answered and yes, all answers have helped for aimbot I say only 1a class very legit and rly does his Job Easy aces xD, First Time with the hack starts was for me complicated and everything was new but there...
  14. Onlyforit

    HL1 updates?

    Hello all, I just purchased the HL1 cheats but as I wait for activation I was wondering if they all function properly and are up to date? I purchased them knowing that they probably are but I've used some in the past that are quiet outdated. Plus I'm just trying to get more info before...
  15. maromba4j

    The best Aimbot (Leaguecheats)

    greetings everyone I had to come to witness about this leaguecheats, I've used several cheats and aimbot, several famous and different sites, the only thing you feel safe is with L, of course, it's the best aimbot in the world and more legit, I can not wait to test in the GC league, because I...
  16. RabbitNiuBi

    Support 5e client?

    title,want to buy a cheat that can play UD on 5e. Waiting for answers :D thanks.
  17. Get_Right

    LeagueCheats 2.5 Review

    Hi guys i have some time and I will use to talk about my experience with lc. First time in LC :(:confused: My first time with lc was troubled. I had many problems because I was used to using other cheats (mostly made only for mm) and for me they were much better than lc (silver thinking) with...
  18. future22

    My review

    I would like to start off this review by thanking whoever coded this cheat this is a phenomenal cheat and by far the best cheat i have used and trust me I have used quite a few "a*mw*re,in*uria,redwor*,ayyware paste, and more this is the best legit cheat if you are looking to cheat in prime and...
  19. Mr Robot

    God of all cheats and community

    Hello all, I will keep this as simple as possible. SECURITY 10/10 I like how you have a shortcut and we can use the cheat instantly rather than waiting. I trust in your programming skills and your security. CONFIGURATION 10/10 At the start, it was a little hard to configure but I did some...
  20. R

    My review

    So I have only been usin this cheat for 2 days but keep in mind I had the cheat 6 months ago so this is my second time. The cheat is absolutely amazing. I have just as many hours in my main as my smurf which I cheat on which goes to show how desperate I’ve been to find a good cheat (800 hours on...