1. T

    Question about a recent HL1 mod update

    Hello I have a question regarding a Day of Defeat 1.3 update back in August 2018. I was just curious if their was any new vac updates along with this update and if the ESP HL1 cheat has been updated since than. (I apologize if this question has been asked before, I couldn't find any thread...
  2. skyoi

    Question about MULTILEAGUE "pack"

    Hey i gonna ask if is the MULTILEAGUE Undetected with Faceit AC. Thank you for answer a wish you a nice day! I find the answer!Thank you u can lock the post.
  3. Dawnyy


  4. S

    Hello, some good config for ESL?

    Hey, some good cfg for ESL? And what is detected and what no? Thank you.
  5. serginhohenrique27

    Good night!

    Good evening, I'm new to the forum and I'm going to buy the league to reach PRO LEAGUE. I will be running new forums to report my experience with the Product, thank you for understanding everyone. Have a good night!
  6. X

    CS 1.6 :)

    Hello, sorry for such a very stupid question, but I wanted to buy from you a cheat for CS 1.6 and there was such a question: it works stably for 7 versions of windows? Lastly, I would like to thank the creator of this project for such a great job, I bought a cheat for CS:GO and was very...
  7. G

    First sub best hack !!

    I must say thank you first to the support, any question no matter how many there were answered and yes, all answers have helped for aimbot I say only 1a class very legit and rly does his Job Easy aces xD, First Time with the hack starts was for me complicated and everything was new but there...
  8. tomato

    Prime MM 2017

    Welcome to Prime MM in 2017!! Don't worry about me, im gonna survive this, even though i went pretty blatant to win. thank god i have esp key still in config, even thoughi remember removing it Either way, LC boss
  9. Kin

    Any news on Source 2?

    I am not that good on finding credible leaks and leads, but someone in the forums might know how to. (legit leads not just from google search haha) Any news on the source 2 engine for csgo? When is the release date. If non, at least any progress on dust 2 remake?
  10. R


    hello, is this cheat |CSGO ESP/WH league working? on EAC? thank you
  11. P

    Does League-cheating support non-league AC?

    Hi, I'm new here. Nice to see you fellas. Just wanted to know for sure, I'll most likely alternate between playing league and non-league and I'd be pretty screwed if that's not the case. Cheers in advance!
  12. H

    Unban please

    hi know I acted like TOX a jerk so I want to ask if I could buy lc thank you for your answer. I mean that if I could get to unban pm thank #LOVELCANDLCSTAFF
  13. KraftinG

    When was the last detection & when will there be another sale on the cheat?

    Questions are in Title. Thank you for your time.
  14. unholy


    Some frags from me :)
  15. K

    Hey guys .

    I am looking for a good wh cheat , that is all . I have tried the a*mw*re cheat on 4 separate accounts on FACEIT and got banned!!!. Could I know please if this cheat works ? I don`t need the trigger and aimbot . I just want to know if it works and I can use it . Thank you .
  16. 3n1gm4

    Testimonials/reviews for cpc

    Hi, Looking into buying cpc. Any reviews or testimonials from clients on this forum who've bought cpc (private builds) for csgo?
  17. chimichangas

    1v4 deagle clutch!

    My software recorded steam also, just ignore the little pop-up xD Hope you like It:D
  18. N

    Some thoughts

    Hello, i have been planning to buy this cheat for some time now, i would like to ask if anyone has a gameplay with the basic settings so i would know how it looks, would to love buy an advanced setup but money is the problem at the moment. And does this hack still work on FaceIT because what i...
  19. chimichangas

    My story with LC

    I`ve heard that my story can make some people cry, so be ready with some paperBibleThump I started playing csgo when I was a kid(I am only 16 years old so I`m still a kid, yes I know) I was never the popular kid in school, and I got bullied alot. People looked at me as the wierd guy, there...
  20. hybbitbabe

    1080 60p clutch

    no inhuman reaction , just normal fragging . good to see some feedback , thank you !