1. mathinos

    New year!

    Happy new year to all !!!!!!
  2. Resolved

    Who the fuck is DreadHours? (Frag Edit)

  3. Artemi

    Hello. I'm back looking for FaceIT cheat

    Where i can buy it? is it works? lc 3.0? thank you... or i must buy private cheat to play faceit with anticheat? Thank you guys.
  4. Fedda

    Some cheat information!

    Hey I think I got some cheat information about esea that I want to share with Jimster. Where should I send it. A bypass for ESEA im pretty sure. This information can be bullshit, but I just want Jimster to look at it at least. (not my method) More information in private pls:)
  5. F

    faceit anticheat

    hi there i am an member i bought normal hack but now i want FACEIT anticheat hack can anyone tell me is it possible i am willing to pay Good money For that...
  6. Get_Right

    about ryzen

    hi guys i have ryzen 5 1600 and rx 580 8gb sometimes my csgo freeze or stuttering .. fps drop a lot and idk why... has anyone had this? SO: windows 10 build 1607 anniversary
  7. T

    Cache Gameplay 2 by Man's not hot

    Special thanks to: Big Shaq @Aaron
  8. tomato

    Thank you to LC Team

    I wanna just make a thread (Hope in right section!!!!) to thank the LC team for giving out a free key to everyone who was affected by the Banwave. Just goes to show how Jimster is truly genuine about his customers to keep them, also the free month is of course expected but still a nice thing, as...
  9. Nitrox1706

    Leaguecheat multi league question

    Hey I just wanna to ask on which platforms is the league version undetetected ? cause i only have non league version atm but I wanna know if it is worth to upgrade :) Peace out NitroX
  10. gecko1337

    faceit boost

    hi there, is here someone who offers a faceit boost assist ?
  11. H

    LC spoofer

    Where can I find this or any other solution?
  12. X


    how long till i get my vip?
  13. B

    Does it only works on full-screen window mode ? Also rawinput?

    Hi guys Before I purchase just wanted to know does the cheat only work in full screen windowed mode ? Or can we play on full-screen as well without visuals? Thanks Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  14. stfn


    Hello, Whats exactly GamersClub? Can someone link me the site and is it like FaceIT or ist Gamersclub just an anti-cheat. Currently at phone and not at home and did not found anything in the internet on the Phone for it. Please help thanks
  15. chimichangas

    Let the bass drop | 1v3 spraydown

  16. S

    Do the members that have a sub still go to school?

    I'm just curious as to who uses LC in terms of age so the best way I could of think of it is by asking if the subs still go to school or not.
  17. adsadsads

    FaceIT Client AC

    hi there, i know guys i saw many threads with same subject but still i buy cheats first time so i wanna be sure its all safe and good. can you tell me please LC works for Faceit Client AC for today? i just need some ESP/WH not gonna use aim/triger and etc thx bois for help
  18. hahalolwtfbro

    Remember to link your account to receive VIP access?

    What does this mean? What account do I have to link, and where do I do it? I tried to search for some answers but couldn't find any :S So please help. Thanks
  19. Mar1k

    Frag movie #1 - Leaguecheats.com VAC|CEVO|ESL|FACEIT

    Movie by Mar1k Clients:D
  20. genuineerican

    GenuineErican - Inception (Short Edit)

    This is a really short edit, once of my first. Enjoy! Edit: Watch it on YouTube fullscreen, the quality is better.