1. pikachu - GC PRO League player banned live

    chorodaquit dukfps banned LIVE clip: He was blatantly cheating for sometime now in GamersClub, and they've got many evidences against him, so he got banned. Watch this clip where he was holding position while holding his aimkey. LMAO. He have lots of clips like that. Seems like someone...
  2. Resolved

    Lil Frag movie (John Wick by Josh A and Jake Hill)

    Lil shitty frag edit with me sounding depressed at the end Also should I try to do raging with a knife (raging not as in spinbotting but buying a cheat with a hard aimbot) More-so me going as hard as i think i can get away with. The knife would be a gut doppler or somthing but nothing over...
  3. monroe1

    FACEiT Client Anti-Cheat and etc.

    Good evening, I'm so sorry for this kind of question, I know that you guys are really tired of it. However, I wanna ask something. I was a LC subscriber for 4 months (probably, idk for sure tho), but I didn't play in CSGO for a long time and obviously I didn't extend my LC subscription. So...
  4. Xuniku

    PC .

    So my logic for cpu is , 2 cores is better for mc off , and which graphic card is good for csgo now . And explain which cpu is the best for mc off . Please and ty
  5. S

    Pro league cheat

    When I can buy the pro league version, who bypass faceit Client-Side ac ?
  6. feasly

    Why i have to Download Ac-Client

    Hey boiis Long Time Aso i bought Sometimes new steam accs and boosted them to Level 10 or 9 ( untill i have to Download ac-Client). Most Times a had to Download the Client after 10-50games But Now i Need to Download the ac Client after the 1. Game Idk Why i Now have to Download always the...
  7. Get_Right

    about low/high sensitivity

    hi guys i used to play with 400 dpi 1.2 ingame with my new mouse (very good sensor) and 3.0 is kinda hard to me but lc recommend use 3.0. can i use lc with 1.2 sensi 1.05 accel?? why 3.0 is recommendable if 80%+ pro players use low sensi?
  8. Timichango

    Cheat purpose

    So i am not allowed to apply for LC3 beta test and here comes the question Where should I play? MM is useless, no point of buying new acc for faceit cuz i will instantly get AC after few games. Other leagues are useless as well.
  9. Edwin

    Turn on/off GSYNC?

    Hey guys, GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X, 17.3” 120Hz IPS, Intel i7 7820HK Gaming Laptop This is my new laptop, and so was wondering if I should enable GSYNC whilst playing CSGO, MC on/off. By turning GSYNC on, the fps locks at 120 (due to my 120Hz screen)? Additional Q...
  10. B

    Questions about LeagueCheats

    Why should i go for league cheats? How is it securer than other providers? Does it support more AC's than other providers like LeagueMode? Last Detection? Any other info to help me learn about this cheat is appreciated, thanks in advance :)
  11. svgod

    How you need to play to win round with LC stack

  12. F

    i want to buy LC and then LC 3.0

    guys i want to buy LC please guide me from where should i buy and i can pay thru BTC so i can use that and after that i can able to buy 3.0 cna someone guide me please ? thanks.
  13. VAULT1909

    Feedback on my work? (I need support)

    Basically I'm trying hard to get accepted as a graphic designer by Tox, he says that if I can get good feedback on my thumbnails and wallpapers for LC then he'll promote me, any positive feedback or constructive criticism is appreciated. Every time you give me good feedback, the further I get...
  14. S

    Overwatch [GAME]

    Does anyone know where I could sell my overwatch account? I don't even play the game and haven't touched it since I bought it.
  15. backagain

    End of Beta-Test

    Hello! I'm willing to buy this cheat because it's UD on some leagues, but the bypass it's only available on Closed-Beta. I would like to know if there's an ETA or something that the Beta will end and the cheat will be available to new users too. Thanks for the attention.
  16. kevinss

    some question

    i'm new to LC. so i have some question before purchase it. is currently LC version 2.5? i saw 2.5 will have obs bypass is it come with 3.0 or its two diffirent version. also is gifinity = cevo? i mean i saw some info on hf and other forums where is ppl talking about gifinity and its same as...
  17. P

    Does League-cheating support non-league AC?

    Hi, I'm new here. Nice to see you fellas. Just wanted to know for sure, I'll most likely alternate between playing league and non-league and I'd be pretty screwed if that's not the case. Cheers in advance!
  18. Lekki

    PResale question

    I have got 38$ in my paypal, should I buy it or not? Does it work on ESL Wire?
  19. xlmr75

    Want to buy it , but some questions before.

    Hi, i want to buy the Full Version for 1 month with card like neosurf i see its like 40$ but can i use 2 card 20$ ? Next i want it for play faceit non premium , but i have already AC faceit installed on my computer what should i do? I dont want stupid vac or something, so can you help me a...
  20. Hunter9502

    3 Month Review |

    SECURITY 10/10 I personally have not used any cheats until this point in time, however I know the majority of the other cheats on the market are susceptible to the VAC ban waves. Not only have I heard very little about LeagueCheats VAC bans, I have been using this hack for about a month and a...