1. daniels44

    ESP Version League on Faceit

    Can I buy the league esp only will it work on faceit , or I have to buy league multi for bypass to work?
  2. Mrtweeday

    Leaguecheats vs skeet / ze4cheats (rage cheats)

    Leaguecheats legit player vs both skeet and ze4cheats ragehackers. im played a bit obv with wh. but anyways. easy.
  3. Virus1x

    News on Update

    Hey guys, I know you are all super excited for the new League Cheats FACEIT bypass, I can tell you it's working great Jimster has bypassed and the staff members have played for sometime successfully with no issues of ban or anything of the sort, Just proving once again Jimster is the best. So...
  4. Miniglikes

    Faceit update?

    Its cheat update for AC FACEIT? If no how much we need to wait?
  5. abbetappe

    What's happening with EAC, ESL, CEVO, GC and FACEIT bypass?

    You have been saying for so long time you will bypass these, nothing is getting bypassed? What's happening? You say EAC in christmas, well 1 month later nothing.
  6. T

    D2 ACE ShortEdit #2

    Constructive feedback & critic is appreciated! I made another ShortEdit and since my last video I watched the Moviemaking Guide by ToX as it was recommended by Mr.Twice. This video is the result of me trying to get used to HLAE.
  7. MoMeak

    Too many ip?

    wtf is that??
  8. jonasuouo


    Just resubbed, I don't really remember if I linked my accounts, but not able to find the url for account linking. Could someone post it? Not quite sure if it is against rules or not tho.
  9. V

    Pre-sale question

    Hello guys Have a question about CS GO league cheats Is ESP now undetected on gifinity, ESL, CEVO ? And what about aimbot version? It's undetected for gfinity CEVO ESL?
  10. abbetappe

    Faceit ban evading

    Hello! So I was banned by faceit for cheating. So my question is : Should I just reinstall cs? Or should I get VPN, new browser etc etc? And if I use VPN will the whole ip for the internet change? So not only for my computer? If I could get good answers and working, I will buy this cheat.
  11. M

    Bought LC finally

    Hey guys, i just wanted to ask how long it would take to get VIP on the forums after buying it :) edit: oh sry nvm should have read the other threads can get closed NotLikeThis
  12. Jimster480

    Updater should be back up for now

    Hey all, I have done some work to get the updater back up. It should be working at this point in time. Although the original updater server is still down it is running on a backup sever at this point in time and should be at full functionality! Thanks for all of your patience! -Jimster480
  13. Jimster480

    Site Downtime

    Hey there, Site was down due to some issues with the former Admin. He attempted to sabatoge the site in light of recent decisions to let Fatan go from staff. We have solved the issues in the back end for now and removed access to those who have offended the site. We have also upgraded a few...
  14. anotherlegend

    Clutch 1v5 VS mousesports and pkd robsen

    Met denis and nex from mouz + robsen from planetkey on 9lvl faceit XDD
  15. C


    Hello, I attempted to purchase to the CS:GO League Cheat, but when I got to the checkout on my paypal page, the product was "cs go cheat / non-league". I'm a little confused since I chose the league cheat in the checkout process.
  16. L

    Lifetime Purchase | Review

    (C/P From my HF post) Here's my vouch for this, even though i'm not a well known user, i have been around this forum since 2011. Triggerbot: 9/10 -Triggerbot is pretty amazing with any single burst weapons or you know, just deags,awps, and shotties. Sometimes even with the delay on 0, it would...