1. Z

    Gaming setup

    Hey guys, im getting a new gaming setup soon. I've got the most and want to ask yall, what gaming mouse and keyboard you can recommend me. My old one broke recently (rage), and now i need a new good one. No roccat, im done with these. Ill appericate all of your anwsers. greets, zane
  2. Resolved

    1 Frame 1 Kill

    Like my setting? Faceit has its new FlipGod coming soon
  3. E

    Hello Guys.

    Hi guys, i've been away from LC for a while now and i've just resubbed. Can anyone tell me whats the diffrence between the Normal setup and the advanced setup. How advanced is the exensive one and what do i get in the cheaper one. Maybe there is an thread that explains this but i didnt manage...
  4. T

    The thing goes skrrrrra LC

    My new ghetto settings. Legit or not legit? Kappa Watch with 0.25 speed "2 plus 2 is 4 Minus 1 that's 3, quick maths Everyday man's on the block, smoke trees"
  5. M

    Buy the cheat and I can not download it

    Hey!! First, sorry for my english. I just Buy the cheat and I do not know how to download it Please, help me.. Thanks!
  6. X

    League and non Leauge differenties

    I would like to play FaceIT and MM on CSGO. And i saw many videos of leaguecheats and decided to buy one but what is the difference between league and non league cheats? And 1 more question is, why does it cost 90 dollars for pro setup? Is this cheat that difficult to set?
  7. Vod

    After a month with LC

    First off, I know this will mainly negative. But I plan on changing it in the future. It was difficult to setup, at one stage there was not menu at all, no open for it. I had gotten the command off someone and finally got it working. AIMBOT - It may've been my settings but it would lock to...
  8. B

    1 month review

    Hello friends im going to give a quick review of my experience with leaguecheats. aimbot 10/10 - using some of the free setting in settings section you can get some truly amazing result. i used tox's fullbot for my first week or two of membership and then purchased a pro setup by tox which is...
  9. H

    Sub-Par Customer Service.

    Wouldn't recommend. If you have a problem setting up the software then YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN the support ticket button is just for show all the support staff will do is patronize you if you can't figure it out and then offer to help you with team viewer at a price of $10.00 on top of what you...
  10. djmazi

    Questions before i purchase

    Hi I played CS:GO for the first time last weekend, but before that i used to play a lot of CS 1.6 back in the days. Now i have read good about your hack in this forum but i do however, have a few questions. 1. I usually play on internet cafes or when i am at friends (1-2 days a week) will this...
  11. Coghu

    Review After 2 Days

    AimBot: 10/10 - Incredibly smooth; perfect for helping with micro errors in aiming/spraying. Not to mention the RCS is beautiful. TriggerBot: 9/10 - Only used it for a few rounds so far, personally not a big fan of triggerbots (Mostly due to my inability to find a good key/button to set it to)...
  12. Coghu

    Pre-Sale Q's (Quite green to cheating)

    As I've stated in the title, I'm quite new to the whole cheating scene (Only used Vacware for 2 months). Questions: 1. Do I need to DL the cheat onto a USB or will it be fine just Dl'ing it straight to the PC? 2. For Cevo client, how do I go about properly booting up the cheat? (through...
  13. H


    Hi all i have a question is pro setup the cheat like i mean i need to buy cheats and then the setup or just the setup and in the setup is the cheats? Thanks for your time to answer me :) and i have 1 more question how i will lounch cheats there is not single guide how ?
  14. S

    Quick question

    Highly considering buying, but, how long does it take to configure this hack after being activated? I noticed you can have the staffers configure it too if you pay a price. Thanks for your help in advanced!
  15. N

    cheat setup

    When i buy the PRO Cheat Setup (Including config) i need to buy the multihack too or it is include?
  16. Ziath

    Cheat Setup questions?

    I noticed there was an option to get you're cheat up by one of the staff members here. level 1 -$10 level 2 -$60 Level 3 - $90 What do each of these entail? Do they all come with config setups or just level 2 and 3? If I am having problems with the cheat will they help fix them if I buy this...
  17. Hantoszi55

    Christmas Sale?

    Hi, Question to staff. Are you planning Christmas Sale and how much can i save?
  18. J

    PRO Cheat Setup

    Anyone know if the pro setup worth?
  19. herrchristensen

    CS:GO with 6700k and GTX 1080

    Hi! Is anyone else having issues running CS:GO with this kind of setup? I thought I'd be glued to 300 fps with this setup. Pending through 250-300, sometimes even down to 200 and some occasional stutter. Bothers the hell out of me. Setup: MSI Z170A M7 i7 6700k MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 32GB...