1. T

    Question about a recent HL1 mod update

    Hello I have a question regarding a Day of Defeat 1.3 update back in August 2018. I was just curious if their was any new vac updates along with this update and if the ESP HL1 cheat has been updated since than. (I apologize if this question has been asked before, I couldn't find any thread...
  2. X

    CS 1.6 :)

    Hello, sorry for such a very stupid question, but I wanted to buy from you a cheat for CS 1.6 and there was such a question: it works stably for 7 versions of windows? Lastly, I would like to thank the creator of this project for such a great job, I bought a cheat for CS:GO and was very...
  3. Lucasino27

    Question before buying

    Hello guys, so i'm a semi pro player of CS:GO and we are playing Challengermode with my team and i want to buy this cheat. Would the non league cheat be enough for challengermode/pcw/popflash or should i buy the league one. And another question. I saw in FAQs that i must put m_rawinput 0 is it...
  4. amnez1k


    hello i wanted to ask you a question guys I have 1 year on this forum and used lc only one time one month because after that i was forced to use faceit ac and faceit ac wasnt bypassed by lc so I didnt used anymore this cheat now the lc 3.0 bypassed faceit ac and i want to use it to play on...
  5. Abe

    Multi League or non League for Faceit without AC?

    Hey! Do I have to buy the Multi League Version or is the Non League version enough for FACEIT without AC? /Abe
  6. Timichango

    Cheat purpose

    So i am not allowed to apply for LC3 beta test and here comes the question Where should I play? MM is useless, no point of buying new acc for faceit cuz i will instantly get AC after few games. Other leagues are useless as well.
  7. X

    League and non Leauge differenties

    I would like to play FaceIT and MM on CSGO. And i saw many videos of leaguecheats and decided to buy one but what is the difference between league and non league cheats? And 1 more question is, why does it cost 90 dollars for pro setup? Is this cheat that difficult to set?
  8. R

    resubscribing question

    So I've payed to resubscribe today, a couple of minutes ago actually, how long until I'm granted VIP access, will it be 12 hours or will it come quicker?
  9. O W L

    Question before purchase

    Hello. Do I need to update Windows? And the second question: can I play now with this cheat on facet without client anti-cheat. I apologize for my clumsy English. Ty. Google Translate xD
  10. H


    Hi all i have question i want buy cheats but i need to buy it from psc but i dont know how so please help me thanks? Sorry for my posts i know i have a lot of posts on this site per day but i am first time there so dont give me spam ban please. Thanks fo answer my question btw. :)
  11. J

    HL2 Just a Hi!

    Good Afternoon, Just purschased the cheat , looking forward to it! Thought i would drop in a say hi :)
  12. 4134DFSADFa

    One ESEA match UD ?

    Hi ,i have to play one ESEA match with "friends" , (i know lc don't support ESEA) but some forum users said it's possible to play few months without ban so in one match should very small chance of getting banned ,or something changed ? I will play with small fov aimbot and mayby sound ESP. What...
  13. X

    payment method

    so i wondered if i could buy this cheat direct from my visa card or do i have 2 pay with PSC?
  14. Epickyy

    Post for all new customers

    Hi everybody, this post is aimed to everyone new here / evertone who wants to buy cheat. Down below i am going to try anwser the most frequently asked questions which maybe will help you :) 1.Is there any trial / demo to try out the cheat ? - No there isnt , you have to but the cheat and the...
  15. G

    Presale question - half life 1 cheats

    Im willing to buy the hl 1 package, is it work well on windows 10? Is it EAC (EASYANTUCHEAT) PROOF? AND VAC PROOF ALSO? THANKS.