1. Z

    Requirements for Dive Deep

    Hello, if you do not meet all the requirements for the DiveDeep application is it still possible to be accepted? For exampel, i can do everything that is requested of me like sending my id etc, but i do not have forum post or likes.
  2. yeap

    Discount Code

    Is the discount code for people who had Platinum or R3 still available? Don't got much in my PayPal rn xD
  3. G

    old platinum user

    do i still get a Discount wehn i switch here?
  4. 1

    Hi guys I’m newish here

    So I originally bought one month of league cheats multi at the worst timing during the vac net ban wave lucky I didn’t get banned that put me off using it so I went back to my original cheat provider and used there cheat for a while till the compensation came and finally used the cheat but I...
  5. Spzbl


    hi. I am looking to buy 3 month sub, get to know Lc a little, Then If allowed buy pro league. But is esportal supported with visuals? I want to know because After 3 month that Will be my main focus :)
  6. fuckingme

    Hello people

    I would like to see more visual evidence of the program itself showing that it really works, I'm super interested and I could read all about the identification requirements for the Private League mode, I'm from South America and would love to see evidence of videos, photos or whatever but that...
  7. T

    After my first 30 days of LC.

    Tl;dr at the bottom as I know some of you won't read all of this! Hey guys hope you are all doing well, I was waiting to do this testimonial until after I had experienced what LC had to offer for atleast a month also this is going to be quite long as I want to include my back story into what...
  8. shigetora

    75$ OMEGALUL

    What is this price xD? I can buy esportal cheat for 25$ if i want to why this insane price? I would expect Faceit Client atleast, i mean i can afford it but in my opinion its too much :/ 50$ would be the limit
  9. B

    i want to buy

    Hello , i want to buy with skins , can someone from staff help me ?
  10. Zoichooey

    Any league being supported?

    Pretty sure I can apply for 3.0 if I get one more month of League, are there any leagues that are still supported? I do know that you guys have some issues with Faceit.
  11. Kin

    [Filipino] Other Language Support

    @luobo666 I can see you are a filipino. If you speak filipino, I can help you here. Comment your questions.
  12. D


    Hello i thinking about to join the cheat ( i had 3 month sup)again after the wave.I must have 6 for the beta right ? i need then 3 month more for the beta? or again 6 month ? is the cheat save now ? i know cheating is risky. best regards Desperado
  13. kitsouxd

    LC 3.0

    Will LC 3.0 be undetected with the FaceIT AC? How much will it cost?
  14. A

    hello guys

    im interested about EAC , i have a tournament ...? working cheat in EAC guys, cuz in Anticheat-status i dont see EAC?
  15. E


    Hello i get mail and this free sub, for 1 month how i can get it ?
  16. Edwin

    Review of Support, not actual software

    Hello guys, I've been in LC for around 4 months now, and recently attempted to buy a smurf account from a certain (now ex) Helper called @SantaS . Now him being a "Helper", it was natural for me to trust him more than other VIP users, and proceeded to pay him 30 Euros for an account. Now as...
  17. VAULT1909

    What does this mean?

    On ToX's LC 3.0 post he put up a poll, the one most up-voted ( says 'req 2 mo sub', what do you think he means by this? Does it mean that you pay for the type of sub that you want, but instead of lasting one month, it lasts two? So say I wanted to get pro...
  18. P

    About LC 3.0

    hello i've been searching for the best legit and secure cheat for csgo for 5 or 6 months then i found LC and i heard about LC 3.0 pro version, so people like me didnt buy the cheat yet , what they can do to get the pro version , i mean should i buy 2 months of csgo multi league like buy 1...
  19. 1Clicked

    Few Questions before buying

    Hey, i'm looking to buy in a few days and i have some questions. 1. Does the cheat work ( aimbot etc ) with raw input ( ON )? 2. Let me get this straight There will be 3 options for this cheat ( not including ESP only versions ) 1. $25 monthly = works and currently undetected on > vac and...
  20. F

    Private Hack

    Can you build private hack for esea ?