1. D

    i bought hl1 league cheat month

    but i not became vip and i can't use cheat? i bought Paymentwall
  2. SyPh

    to jimster

    hello,just wonder why i not have beta access anymore,
  3. Virus1x

    I wanted feedback from you the users.

    So we all love LC Jimster is a brilliant coder and as many of you know my oldest friend. I got to talking to him about LC and it's future and my future so after a detailed discussion we came to a somewhat agreement but I wanted feedback from users. Here's my idea. Jimster will not build against...
  4. pikachu

    Just some clips

    Hey all, Just some random clips I had on my HDD and since I am cleaning it I decided to post some of them. :p Have fun.
  5. S

    ex. LeagueCheater

    Hello! I used to play with leaguecheats forever. I can't remember the last time I re sub'd. Anyway, I was just wondering when do we think the faceit client side will be finished? Sorry if I am being pushy or rude, although in ESEA I have achieved main last season, and was rank G. (5k hours...
  6. T

    ESEA Undetected?

    Hello I'm looking into LC right now and everything is looking good I realise that I wont be able to get into LC 3.0 as of yet but I'm wondering on the League mode does it bypass ESEA client side? I see mentions of Faceit, ESL, EAC and many more but no mention of ESEA anywhere? Thanks a lot and...
  7. Edwin

    2k Players Banned on Faceit yesterday

    https://www.faceit/en/stats ^ Look at that spike lmfao. Two of my friends who had a private (aimbot only) from a coder he found on some random private discord, got banned and is pretty pissed :troll: They were bragging about how they have a Faceit Bypass for much cheaper than Jimster’s...
  8. L

    Lc "review"

    So not really as elaborate as a review but my experience with leaguecheats! I have used other cheats than lc, free to ask if you want to know which ones. Why I'm writing this review is pretty much to give back to jimster and staff for their great effort. Fyi I have been using LC a long time and...
  9. Timichango


    It has been over an year since Jimster & Co promised to release LC3 TriHard Remember when you told us to wait for a week? And then a month? What are ur excuses now? This is hilarious FailFishwixSanic
  10. D

    General questions about the cheat.

    Hello guys. I'm assuming I`m gonna get to play with LC today , w8ting for jimster to look at the id. So I`m bored waiting , I said to go see some testimonials. I went through quite a lot of them, picked them randomly. 50% of them stated that they couldn't configure it, and it took hours before...
  11. T

    private question

    Do you guys create private for esea?
  12. K

    Bad service

    I really doesnt thought that thats the way thing working here . I've purchased multihack 2 weeks ago , since i've payed i havent received any activation mails or etc . Created support ticket after 24 hours , since then then i've only bullshit replies that all details has been sent to me to...
  13. S

    Gamers Club

    GC is support now?
  14. Lucas R

    The demon in my head/wallet

    I have been accompanying LC for some time ... And with this support to GC AC, I have the desire to buy it. But a doubt came to me. If, by chance, GamersClub upgrades your AntiCheat, (happens regularly), what assurances do I have that I will not be banned / detected?
  15. A

    esl wire

    hello, i only have one question, when this cheat is gonna be safe on esl wire? thanks for your time
  16. R

    How and where link my account?

    Im so nooob in this, and dont understand anything, i neeed do it before buy?
  17. R

    some questions before buying....

    How many coders are working on LeagueCheats? How long have u not been detected, and when did u get detected in the last time? How often did u got detected totally? How long have the coders experience in coding? Thx!
  18. Thomisk

    Hello,can you help me with the activation ?

    I just bought the cheat,but in the linking account i did this mistake: Username-Pass not Username Pass What can I do with the dash (-) ? When I do link account,then it says,that the pass or...
  19. J

    Was asked for my ID

    I was asked for my ID in an email that i recieve from Jimster, is this ok?
  20. K

    Just bought 15 minutes ago, no VIP?

    Says i need to link account how do i do this?