1. serginhohenrique27

    Good night!

    Good evening, I'm new to the forum and I'm going to buy the league to reach PRO LEAGUE. I will be running new forums to report my experience with the Product, thank you for understanding everyone. Have a good night!
  2. N

    Faceit AC version (PL)

    Hello I have 1 simple quastion. I am old user of LC, my sub expired... :/ Can I buy PRO LEAGUE VERSION now, or i need to buy another version, use it 6mths and then try to apply?
  3. ogdunderzubbi

    My LC experience

    From not having much cheating experience at all to cheating all day everyday. I'm a person that is "pro"-cheating, in other words I accept that people do it. Like in all sports you can boost it with amphetamines and steroids while esports have complex code and adderall. (Lol) I feel like it...
  4. Vader_FanBoy

    IDEA: drugs forum section?

    LC staff we need a drug/weed section on this forum. I feel like we are some members of this community who needs a place to discuss drugs and weed. pls, bump/like this thread if you agree so admins can see how important this is!
  5. Xuniku

    Forum Suggestion

    I suggest we should add chat box withing the forum page just for vip's only to talk haha . I know that this might be dangerous haha idk just suggestion no harm pl0x :(
  6. Narcas

    Review after 8 months

    Hello guys, today I want to share my impression about software I was using around 8 months. SECURITY 10/10 It is first cheat I heard of, which is completely safe of VAC banwaves. I don't have to risk to lose my skins, account etc. Even if some shitpaster coders trying to expose to make cheat...
  7. K

    Gamers Club Client May Have Injected Malware Onto Your Computer

    What's your opinion? Btw: "Worth noting that the Gamers Club client was updated on the 2nd October 2017 shortly after this information was revealed to the public. Currently the client no longer drops the Dark Comet malware on to machines, making any denials on the part of Gamers Club technically...
  8. M

    Im new and i need help

    I just purchase csgo league cheat...what am i doing next? waiting for email or smthing? also i dont understand the phrase link your account to receive vip acess
  9. eddy815

    LC 3.0 and faceit with client anti cheat.

    hi, When we can acces to the beta 3.0. with faceit and client anti cheat, all hack options are available ??? Aimbot, esp ... well all options ??? Thx for reply
  10. C


    Is there any cheater available for the GAMERSCLUB platform? If so, how does it work? And if I make the purchase, if I update ANTICHEAT, will I lose my HACK days for maintenance? (srry , using google tradutor)
  11. O

    Cheat Activation

    Hey, Just bought the ESP/WH League cheat and i'm not really sure how to activate it. I have to link some account ti get vip acces or something? I have no idea what to do. Can any1 explain it to me pls? Ty boiz
  12. PolishMaczo

    [PL] Zielony w te "klocki"

    Witam mam pytanie jak dostać tą wersję Pro? Jak zakończą się beta testy, wtedy będzie można ją kupić? Czy trzeba mieć 2 miesiące subskrybcji i zapisać się do tej wersji wcześniej? Oraz jak to się aktywuję usługę, bo tutaj czytam, że trzeba konto połączyć ale z czym? Mam tylko doświadczenie z...
  13. daniels44

    Bout the Activation

    This is obviously not the first time im buying the cheat, but my question is: When I bought the cheat 2hours ago, and I put my FORUM username and login in that stuff, does it mean I dont have to wait for Activation only for VIP Sync yes?
  14. Meeee

    Hi everyone!

    Hi guys im new on the forum ! Im still waiting my precious mail since 16h now :) so I just say hello to everybody ! I read a lot of threads and its a pretty interesting forum. Cant wait to test dat cheat seems to be awesome. I tried a cool custom public hack from Puppin on another forum but...
  15. B

    sent the last beta to faceit

    while u guys prob know the last beta that I wasn't allowed lol I sent to faceit which cause the "client detected" and now they saying it will be ready in summer. I will continue to send LC to faceit support team they are accepting my convos as of now and sending any user information on this...
  16. chimichangas


    As requested by @panzer I took my time to make a little aimbotz video of the FPL settings. I thank @anden for posting these settings. I made the video in 64 tick and 128 tick PS: I am very sorry for the cancer clicking. 64 tick 128 tick
  17. J

    greetz from Osmium cheetz

    We have infiltrated your defenses... We have come to use your superior $35/month matchmaking only cheat because platinum cheats 3.0 is not good. Managing Memer - Jamster420 1337 leet St Ferguson MO 63135 USA Leaguecheetz LLC Over the coming days ... I will: 1. start saving up $35 to buy...
  18. K

    Need help :P

    Hello i get email from jimster and i dont have permission to open any link from email. I cant download updater i cant read instruction and even link my account ;x
  19. P

    Invalid username or password.

    Hello. I want get VIP and trying link my accont but i have error Invalid username or password. But i can log to forum. Can u help me pls?
  20. Hantoszi55

    [PL]Leaguecheats - Pomoc

    Hej, Poszukuje jakiegokolwiek polaka ktory zaoferowalby mi pomoc, dostalem od nieznajomego bardzo dobre sety, ale niestety kontakt sie urwal, korzystam z innego cheata ale ze wzgledu na to, ze chce grac legit a nie rage powracam do league, poprzednim razem przy zakupie licencji nie bylem w...