1. S

    Desperate housewife LF friend's

    Looking for some people to play with. I have the new Pro-League setup and I wanted to try it out with some people!!!. Use to be 15 RW LEGIT on ESEA about a year ago but had to take some time off due to family problems have proof still and what not. Just want to see what this community is...
  2. Resolved

    LeagueCheats Community Edit By Ex0dus Music Choice Poll

    Current song What we need you to do: Ex0dus is working on an edit and would like for people of the community to have a say in what song is being used. This edit would span to be about a 6-8 minute frag edit of Full LC Power and frags submitted to him by community members. But as of now We need...
  3. Spzbl

    edits. :)

    Hey guys im new here, im willing to do edits for people who would like some (for free ofc). I've made quite nice POV edits & actual fragmovies. Just trying to make some friends at this community since im a new (and unknown person) here :)! Ill post some of my previous work here a little later. :)
  4. HGCrotmg

    Hello guys, new here :)

    Hello everyone, My name is Harry. I'm an aspiring MMA fighter and video game enthusiast from England. I pretty much only play CS:GO, currently at DMG. The highest rank I received was Supreme but I really don't have the time to practise as much as I used to. I'm new to cheating and after doing a...
  5. Singularity

    Level Algorithm

    [email protected], (im coding games for fun) so i need to find out how to get to this Algorithm, so lets say we are a Charakter with "Level One" and a level up cost 75Gold and we have a "input" field where we write down our "level" which we want to have calculated(the price), after ea. level up...
  6. LE70TLE

    LC > others

    So I haven't even tried out the cheat yet as I just subscribed, but just from the reviews, videos, testimonials and what not I've found around the forums in the time waiting for approval - I already feel safer than I've ever done with the previous providers I've used... Needless to say, I'm...
  7. jonasuouo

    Getting back to LC

    Is the community still strong in here? Just purchased. Gonna go back to csgo :)
  8. N

    First two weeks.

    Even if it's only two weeks, I feel I can give my first impressions. As a player who never cheated, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but I wanted to try, just for curiosity. I purchased, and the first day wasn't easy. I had a problem with the aimbot not working properly, so I contacted...
  9. Oliver

    So powerfull!

    LC is the best cheat i actually found ! I tested so much P2C and none is at this level. I've been using it for something like 2 weeks now and i'll still using it, here's why: AIMBOT Let's start with the aimbot: The LC aimbot is like the most powerfull i've seen over every cheats i tryed...
  10. meninodaartic

    After almost a year LC

    Well, what can I say? League Cheats is the best cheat provider that I've already used, I used to try another providers but none of them is like LC, first is because all aimbots that I've used aren't legit, second they don't teach you how to play and third but not less important, the community...
  11. pcstekje

    First month

    first of all happy new year already to the community :) Lets start, for me cheating is new i never used something on csgo playing from 1.6 already but for some reason i wanted to give this a try and you now what this is amazing ! CONFIGURATION 10/10 At the beginning this was like chinees for...
  12. Vader_FanBoy

    IDEA: drugs forum section?

    LC staff we need a drug/weed section on this forum. I feel like we are some members of this community who needs a place to discuss drugs and weed. pls, bump/like this thread if you agree so admins can see how important this is!
  13. K

    Why you should buy LC´s Aimbot

    FIRST OF ALL TAHNK YOU JIMSTER and TOX Then the Other Staffs and Members :D Merry X-Mas. So lets get to the Review Getting Started ( Installing, Wrting Fov and Stuff) 3/10 Its so Huge and so Complicated in the Beginning you will drown in Informations. and the LC Wiki is like not up to...
  14. T

    Thank You LC

    Good morning, I just wanted to say that I loved the attention and help with cheat activation. So far I have had a good view of the community, very attentive and this is what we need, someone to rely on! Special thanks to Jimster480 for helping me and for the patience you had with me. Attention...
  15. cao1337

    Honesty LC 2.5 review

    Hello community! I'm happy, because I have never seen before so nice community. My review :doge: Aimbot 10/10 - Best aimbot i have ever used. This aimbot is very clear on the demos! Esp x/10 - I'm not using ESP, because i don't know how to play with it :p Triggerbot 10/10 - The best...
  16. L


    hi... i bought cheat and i need to know how long it take for send email to me? i bought yesterday 11pm
  17. Mr Robot

    God of all cheats and community

    Hello all, I will keep this as simple as possible. SECURITY 10/10 I like how you have a shortcut and we can use the cheat instantly rather than waiting. I trust in your programming skills and your security. CONFIGURATION 10/10 At the start, it was a little hard to configure but I did some...
  18. randomplayer

    My 3 months review and just bought 4th month

    Hello everyone :angrytrump: With many of you already interacted with trades, info, help and others, here is a very friendly community where you find all the information you need about settings, renew subscription, download and run for first time cheat and many others useful things. At first I...
  19. B

    Last detected?

    When was the non-league cheat last detected?
  20. D

    Hello just bought the cheat

    Hello i just bought the MULTI League cheat for csgo and i wanted to know if u can use ESP on faceit when u have no faceit ac force?