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LeagueCheats - CSGO Hack / CSGO Aimbot / GamersClub Hack Update - 9/23/19 (9/24/19 Edited)

Hey all,
I have just finished uploading the newest CSGO Aimbot update. This patch applies to everyone.

After a few users noticed that the CSGO cheat was improperly detecting (or failing to detect) certain grenades or knives the cheat has been updated to fix these problems.

All grenades and knives should now be properly detected and settings will not be dumped / combined with other settings after switching to the bomb or grenades.
This should also fix the problem of standalone recoil on the bomb/grenades. If you run into issues with any of these things; please notify me so that it can be fixed.

By the time you read this; the newest versions should be on the updater.

Please be advised that you must download a new version from the Login Updater or Cloud Updater in order to have the newest version. Rebuilding the cheat or simply keeping the same files will not give you a new version.

As usual you can buy the normal versions of the CS:GO hacks here :

You can also download the new version from here

If you're interested in GamersClub or Pro League please submit a ticket here :
Happy Cheating!

-Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

EDIT: 9/24/19 - A "settings file not found" bug has been fixed. Anyone experiencing this issue can re-download the new version today.

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League Cheats - 8/28/19 HL1 CS1.6 Hack Pro League Released

Hey all,
HL1 Pro League is now available. While we prepare the section & form, you can currently apply for the cheat via tickets.
Please put in a ticket if you are interested, the validation process will be similar to that of the Gamers Club Private.
Price will start at $37.50/mo.
The cheat is working on EAC, myAC. If you want to have it tested on another client, please let me know.

It is not working with a WarGodz scan at this point in time, a new bypass for WarGodz will come out sometime soon as it requires a separate module to bypass the WarGodz specific scans.

The features are the same as the HL1 Multi.

To purchase the Pro League hacks please open a ticket here.

There will be a new HL1 Multi update tonight as well as some features have been fixed such as;
Team Aim Toggling
NoHop Toggling (gets stuck on)
Bone Aimbot Auto Shoot Toggling
The new versions should be available in the updater by the time you read this.
Happy Cheating!
-League Cheats Administration
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League Cheats - 8/26/19 GamersClub Hack Update - Improved Security!

Hello everybody!

We're happy to announce the new GamersClub Private version! With improvements to our security, this new version comes with a brand new application method. Make sure to download the new version here:

Also don't forget to unnapply the old version before, but we are sure you already know that!

Aiming to make it easier for our customers, we have also made an easy step-by-step tutorial with gifs that might help you locate yourself within the files for the installation.

Check the thread here:

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff


Olá a todos!

Nós estamos muito felizes em anunciar a nova versão do Privado da Gamers Club! Com vários aprimoramentos na nossa segurança, essa nova versão contém um novo método de aplicação. Certifique-se de baixar a nova versão aqui:

Não se esqueça de desaplicar a versão antiga antes de instalar a nova, mas todos nós sabemos que você já sabe disso!

Procurando deixar tudo mais fácil para nossos clientes, nós também deixamos preparado um tutorial bem fácil de seguir com gif que irão com certeza lhe ajudar a se localizar nos arquivos para a instalação.

Você pode verificar o tutorial por aqui:

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff
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League Cheats - 8/14/19 HL1 CS1.6 Hacks Updated

Hey all,
I know that this update has been a long time in the making... but I am glad to finally release it for you guys!
A lot of changes have been made to the CS1.6 cheats both for stability and compatibility.

The Cheat is updated and working on most CS1.6 servers (some mods cannot be supported) and it works fully on Condition Zero, Team Fortress Classic, Half-Life, Deathmatch Classic, and should also be working fine on Day of Defeat 1.3.
In order to provide Condition Zero hacks, some changes had to be made to the entity validation system.
The same applies to some of the more modern CS1.6 servers, where the CS1.6 Aimbot was not working.

Breakdown of Changes
  1. Entity Validator Updated & Adjusted
  2. BoneAimbot Fixed
  3. NoHop Added
  4. SuperSmooth Added
  5. Aimclose Algorithm vastly Improved
  6. Aimbot Accuracy Improved
  7. Raw Input support added
  8. Cheat Display Updated (Provides Red & Green colors based on Feature Activation)
  9. Full String encryption updated
  10. Build server Integration improved (similar to CS:GO)
  11. Packer workaround Applied
  12. Fixed Aim @ Everyone (For DMC, HLDM, TFC, certain CS1.6 Mods, etc)
  13. Authentication problems fixed for newer W10 users.
  14. Injection Launch Screen Color Bugs Fixed.
  15. Round End / Server Join Bug w/ Features Enabled Fixed (in some cases)

Known Requirements / Workarounds
  1. To use the Team Fortress Classic Aimbot you must disable Team Based Aiming.
  2. To use the cheats in CS1.6 Zombie Mod you must disable weapon ESP (or don't use full ESP) and disable Team based aiming.
  3. To use the Deathmatch Classic Aimbot, You must aim at the target team or disable team based aiming (toggle with Home key).
  4. Bhop may not always work, depends on game and physical map.
  5. Bone Aimbot Bones may not be the same in each game / on every model. Please keep this in mind when using the cheats on a variety of mods.
  6. Day of Defeat Aimbot requires adjustment of Team Based Aiming depending on which mode you are playing.
  7. Weapon ESP May not be available in every mod on every game.
  8. Name ESP is currently disabled in the cheat for compatibility issues.
  9. You must use the Panic Key to disable all features prior to joining a new server / server rounds ending. Failure to do so may result in a crash.
  10. Graphical settings must be adjusted prior to injecting the cheat (Open the game, Set your Graphics Settings, Close Game, Load Cheat, Load Game Again).
  11. If you are auto team balanced (CS1.6 / CZ) your team will not change according to the cheat (aimbot will work only on your friends, etc) unless you manually change team again to the team you are on (ex. ATB to CT from T, You must Repick a CT class)
  12. If other players are ATB to your team, they may still appear as being on the enemy team. Same if the players are ATB to the enemy team... there is no workaround at this point in time. You must change aiming settings or rejoin the server. This is a HL engine bug as of 2017.

Cheat is also Prepped to have a HL1 Pro League Version ($35)... This version will launch very soon and will support EAC leagues, AAC, myAC, and other driver based anti-cheats.

As always the update will be available via the Login Updater or the Cloud Updater by the time you read this!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff

hl1 cs1.6 hack
hl1 cs1.6 hack
hl1 cs1.6 hack
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League Cheats - 7/9/19 CSGO Hacks Updated (Win 10 Pre-1903 Update) + GC & PL Testing

Hey all,
A new update for the cs go hacks should be live by the time you read this!

If you have a problem with setcursortype=0 on Windows 10 (pre 1903 or on 1903) then it should be fixed.

A new update for the GamersClub Counter Strike Global Offensive anti-cheat will roll out tonight, Pro League shouldn't be too far behind.

You need to use the Login Updater or the online "Cloud" Updater to download the newest version of the cs go hacks.

As usual you can buy the normal versions of the cheats here :

If you're interested in the GamersClub hack or the Pro League cheats please submit a ticket here :

Happy cheating!
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League Cheats - 4th Of July Sale $17.76 League Multi 1-Month CSGO hack

csgo hacks sale american flag
Happy Independence day!!!! (At least for us Americans)

To share our excitement for independence day we have prepared a special sale for the cs go hacks.... This will go on only Until July 7th at Midnight EST.

God Bless America and keep those critical hits coming! :)
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01.12.2018 Gamers Club Update | Private Project | 40 Slots | $400 per year | Multihack

Hello everyone,

As you might know, we are preparing to release LC 3.0, including several bypasses for FaceIT Anti-Cheat, GamersClub Anti-Cheat, Anti-Cheat, Easy Anti-Cheat, 99damage Anti-Cheat and any other EAC like Anti-Cheats. To receive access to LC 3.0, you have to must meet certain requirements and conditions, such as 6 months of total usage our software, social media verification etc.. a full list of all requirements and conditions you can find here:

Many of our South American and South European customers aren't interested in FaceIT/EAC bypass. Also 90% of them won't be able to fulfil the requirements and conditions, mainly because of 6 months of total usage our software requirement. We took a step forward and we want to introduce our newest private multihack project for Gamers Club. It will be 40 slots only and it will have every single feature just like League Multi CS:GO.
The price will be $400 per year. Sadly you won't be able to pay in installments (in parts), you have to pay full price at once to get the access to this project (400/12 = 33,33 USD per month).

Requirements to get inside this 40 Slots Multihack Project GamersClub Bypass:
-400 USD
-Sign a contract (see below)
csgo hacks pro league contract

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. Submit a support ticket by pressing this LINK
csgo hacks support ticket pro league

Latest LC 3.0 news:

For more details about LC 3.0 release date, progress status, please follow those two links:

LeagueCheats Staff

Olá a todos,
Como você devem saber, nós estamos nos preparando para lançar a versão da LC 3.0, incluindo vários outros bypasses para FaceIT Anti-Cheat, GamersClub Anti-Cheat, Anti-Cheat, Easy Anti-Cheat, 99damage Anti-Cheat e qualquer outro Anti-Cheat da EAC. Para receber acesso a versão 3.0, você deve passar pelos requerimentos básico e as condições, como ter pelo menos 6 meses de uso total de nosso software, como também verificação de mídias sociais etc... A lista completa para todos requerimentos e condições podem ser encontradas aqui:
Muitos dos nossos clientes Sul-Americanos e da Europa Meridional não estão interessados no cheat para FaceIT ou EAC. Na verdade 90% deles nem vão conseguir pois não completam os requerimentos básicos para o mesmo, basicamente por causa dos 6 meses mínimos do nosso software. Nós então resolvemos tomar um passo a frente e gostaríamos de apresentar o nosso novo projeto privado para a Gamers Club. Vão ser 40 vagas e vai ter todas as features assim como a versão League Multi CSGO.
O preço para obter essa vaga única é de $400 dólares por ano. Infelizmente não será possível parcelar esse valor, você deve pagar à vista para ter acesso a esse projeto (400/12 = 33,33 USD por mês).

Requerimentos para entrar no projeto de 40 vagas para Multihack Project GamersClub Bypass:
-400 USD
-Assinar um contrato (veja abaixo)

Se você tem qualquer dúvida, por favor não hesite em perguntar. Basta abrir um ticket na área de suporte clicando nesse LINK

Últimas notícias LC 3.0:

Para mais detalhes da data de lançamento da versão 3.0, status do progresso, por favor siga esses dois links:


Equipe LeagueCheats
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League Cheats - Customer Survey - New "Cloud" Updater - CSGO Hack Updates - July 2019 Updates

Hey all,
It's July already and what a year it has been!
With so many updates to so many products we have continued to push the boundaries in our industry.

Over the past months we have rolled out a new site; optimizing mobile and desktop performance, new more friendly and stylish designs, new buy page & process and new rewards for customers.
Here at League Cheats we have also rolled out over 15 new payment methods in more than 60 markets globally! Making our software more accessible than ever before!

We have also constructed a satisfaction survey for everyone to give us feedback on our performance.
We know that today with the slow demise of CS:GO as a whole that many are looking to us to provide products for other games. While we have a couple projects in the works for other games; we are looking for feedback as to where we should invest the most time and effort.

We would really appreciate it if everyone filled out the survey here: TAKE SURVEY

As always... we don't have just one announcement to make!

Our staff mainly "Admin" has been hard at work building a new "Login Updater" platform for you all to use. Here in 2019 so many things are web based and we have taken that philosophy to heart.
We are proud to announce our "Cloud Updater": CHECK IT OUT & DOWNLOAD YOUR CHEATS HERE

This updater will generate a random name each and every time you download the cheat. Making it simple while moving away from anticheat-trackable naming patterns.

Last but not least we are very close to releasing updates for HL1 (CS 1.6, TFC) and HL2 (TF2, CSS)
cheats + Pro League CSGO & The addition of Pro League HL1 and HL2. The CS GO hacks should also be ready soon.

Current projects on the stack (in development) include:
Rust Multi
Team Fortress updates
Natural Selection hack updates
League of Legends Bypass
EAC 64 bit Bypass

Please keep an eye on the site for updates to these projects in the future!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff
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LeagueCheats CSGO LC3.5 - Major Sale! News Inside!

Hey Everyone,
I'm proud to finally unveil LC 3.5! I've been hard at work building and bug fixing these new features for you all to enjoy!

Here is a synopsis of the work done:

LSD Aimbot Enabled (Aimbot 2 / 3) - Multi & Up

  • "Rage/Performance" Aimbot with Bone & Vector control
  • Vector Maker for Aimbot 3
  • LSD Aimbot Separate Recoil settings (new for those who have used LSD in the past).
  • LSD Aimbot Limited to Aimclose 1
  • Vischeck with Autowall Default (Vischeck 1 only)
  • Autowall based on gun values
  • Aimdraw added for LSD (Only use for aimspot Placement & vec building as it slows the aimbot down significantly).
Autowall Enabled (Aimbot 1-3) - Multi & ESP Versions

  • VisESP 6 For "Autowall ESP " Can give you an idea if a gun can penetrate through an object and hit a player.
  • Autowall for Legit aimbot for "tricky" situations
  • Autowall on LSD (Performance) Aimbot.
  • Triggerbot 3 (Triggerbot 2 with AutoWall)
  • TVischeck 3 (Triggerbot 1 with AutoWall)
Multi-Config Support

  • SecondReload key added: This reloads a config of "secondConfig".
  • This can be cascading (the second config file can have a new "secondConfig" and then load a third config)
  • Initial reload key will reload first config only.
New Recoil Menu Added

  • Control "Standalone recoil" directly.
  • New "recoilafter" for standalone recoil.
  • Control key directly so it can be used alongside the aimbot (not in the same shot, but you could toggle the aimbot on some shots with aimkey and the standalone recoil with another aimkey).
  • This can also be used with aimtime where the aimtime expires and the standalone recoil takes over.
  • StandAlone recoil values independent of the main recoil values
  • Removed RecoilType entirely (RecoilType 4 is now the only recoil available in main Legit Aimbot).
  • Standalone Recoil Type 5 (RecoilType 5) removed entirely.
  • Windows Sensitivity settings removed (now processed automatically).
New ESP Features

  • Visible ESP 6 - ESP with Autowall (helps to see if the player could be seen through the wall)
  • ESP Processing Optimization
Misc Changes

  • Setcursortype 2 (Pro League Exclusive) now Improved.
  • Aimkey 7 Added (Uses Aimbutton & Aimbutton 2 for double aimkeys)
  • Triggerkey 7 Added (Uses Triggerbutton & Triggerbutton 2 for double Triggerkey)
  • Changes to Auth system to avoid auth failures and incorrect/accidental blocks.
Stay Tuned for LC3.5 updates to Pro League & GamersClub versions. There are new additions being made to the DiveDeep bypass which expect to be completed this week!

For those who MEET THE REQUIREMENTS; try out our new Pro League Application form:

Along with this new release we are having a sale to commemorate the new version!

1 Year for $125
1 Month for $15.50

We have lots more exciting updates to come in the near future; including updates for HL1 & HL2 Cheats (with support for new anticheats) and more news about Rust, Apex, ESEA and more!

As always you can find and download new versions of the cheats by using the Login Updater!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & LC Staff
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LeagueCheats - LC3.5 CSGO Hack Update (Win 10 1903) 6/13/19 + Additional Payment Methods

Hey all,
First of all; with the newest Windows 10 Update 1903 rolling out en-masse in the past days.... users have noted crashes with the standard aimbot without setcursortype.

As such I have updated the cheat to work with the new Win 10 1903 version which has wrapped API's which are being used by the cheats by turning them into retpolines.
Please download a new version from the updater if you are affected by this problem. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 you will not be affected.
Those on Windows 10 will be affected soon as the 1903 update is going out for everyone (since the 3mo delay is up) at this point in time.

The cs go wall hack has also been slightly improved, for those of you who use it.

In the next days the HL1 and HL2 cheats will be updated to fix the same issue as this problem will affect all cheats using these API's.

Please be on the lookout.

There is also an update in testing for Pro League, so those subscribed or with access please keep an eye on that forum section :)

Second of all; we have also enabled quite a few new payment methods via our PaymentWall Gateway.
Feel free to explore the new payment methods here:

There are many new gift card, mobile payment and bank transfer options for those of you who can't use PayPal or Crypto.

Lastly; there is a new "cloud" Updater which is being tested at this point in time.
Hopefully it will be rolling out soon and it will make the old updater client optional/obsolete as it will allow you to download all your cheat updates directly through the forum. This is part of our effort to make the setup process simpler with all the information in one place.

As usual you can buy the normal versions of the cheats here :

If you're interested in GamersClub or Pro League please submit a ticket here :

Happy Cheating,
LC Management

EDIT: The CS:GO issue will now be fixed for everyone! 6/15/19
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League Cheats - CSGO Cheat Update 1/24/19

Hey all,
CS:GO just updated about an hour ago.... some of the offsets changed so there is a new version out now.

This version is specifically to fix Armor values which are broken in the new version of CS:GO.
If you don't use armor ESP (or if you don't use ESP at all) you don't have to update to the new version.

To download the new version you will need to Download the Full CS:GO Hack from the Login Updater.

The GamersClub and Pro League Versions of the CS:GO hacks have been updated as well.

Happy Cheating!

-LeagueCheats Staff
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LeagueCheats - LC3.5 CSGO Hack for GamersClub Update 5/17/19 + More

Hey all,
I have updated the GamersClub Version today with the new LC3.5 features (not to be used in Leagues please) along with a new updated authentication system.

The new version bypasses the new GC Anticheat, all other details will be in the GamersClub Section.

Download the new version from the Login Updater.

Also for everyone on the normal versions; I have updated them 2-3 days ago with various authentication changes. Please download new builds if you have authentication problems. If you continue to have problems after grabbing a new version then please put in a ticket.

As usual you can buy the normal versions of the cheats here :

If you're interested in GamersClub or Pro League please submit a ticket here :

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & LC Staff



Olá a todos,
A versão da GamersClub agora conta com as features da versão 3.5 (não utilize as funções na liga, por favor, as funções 3.5 são configurações mais agressivas) junto também com uma nova versão atualizada de autenticação.

Essa nova versão funciona no novo Anticheat da GC, mais detalhes estarão listados na sessão da GamersClub no fórum.

Faça o download da nova versão no Login Updater (desabilitem o bypass ativo, apliquem o novo).

E também para todos os clientes que utilizam nossas versões básicas, eu fiz uma atualização a 2-3 dias atrás com várias modificações no sistema de autenticação. Por favor baixem a nova build se você tiver problemas de autenticação ao tentar injetar. Se você continuar com problemas depois de executar essa nova versão, por favor, abra um ticket de suporte.

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & Equipe LC
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LeagueCheats - CSGO LC3.5 Cheat Update 5/9/19

Hey all,
Just pushed out a new update for all versions outside of Pro League and GamersClub.

New CSGO offsets have broken a few of the features. Pro League & GAmersClub users are not affected because these features are not usable on Pro League and GamersClub versions

Please download the new Update from the Login Updater!

Our LC3.5 sale is still going on!
Check out the news & links here:

Happy Cheating,

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LeagueCheats April Update - New Buy Page & LC3.5 News & More

Hey everyone,
I know we have been silent (at least in terms of news updates) in the last few months but... we have been hard at work!
Tonight we just rolled out a whole new buying page experience (for the CSGO hack); this includes a CSGO landing page + a Features Breakdown Page + a new buy page! All of this was done courtesy of our staff member @xans ; go and check out the new pages as they are awesome (and mobile friendly).
All of the information is clear and concise with all relevant information presented front and center! Please let us know what you all think!

Secondly we have updates for Xenforo (the forum) which are rolling out quite soon. We are migrating to XF2.1 with some new site features (such as automatic translations) as well as improved layouts, a dark mode and improved website features such as a better VIP syncing system (it will be instant now) and faster loading times.

Last but not least; the release of LC3.5 is around the corner! In this release we are enabling the secretive and private LSD aimbot for everyone. This also will come with features such as auto-wall (available in both LSD and normal aimbots), an improved recoil system (with the ability to use standalone recoil and aimbot recoil at the same time), a vector & bone version of LSD (with a vec-maker), a system for multiple configs (you will get a second reload key that will reload a second settings file of your chosen name), the ability to set 2 aimbuttons and 2 triggerbuttons (aimkey & triggerkey 7 respectively), and finally an improved auth system that should have less conflicts (or hopefully no conflicts) with some other applications on the market.

You can stay tuned for other updates in the very near future as we plan to make content creation a task for staff (and we are looking for staff who can help us in content creation; so feel free to put in a ticket if you wish to apply to be staff).
We are also working on rolling out auto renewals in the near future for those who pay for the same subscription every month / 3 months / etc.
There will also be the launch of a new affiliate system on XF2 which will let YOU MAKE MONEY from LC by referring your friends / colleagues or promoting LC on various social networks / YouTube.

HL1 + HL2 Cheat updates are still in the works and Rust is also on track for release by the summer months.

Check back weekly for more updates!

Happy Cheating,
Jimster480 & League Cheats Staff :)
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LeagueCheats - CSGO Cheat Update 1/22/19

Hey everyone,
I have just finished upgrading all the CSGO cheats to the Visual Studio 2017 set of lirbraries and fixed some minor bugs with respect to the authentication on the client side.
Users should no longer randomly receive the "failed to connect to server" or "server request failed" messages.

Please be advised that people will need the Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable (x86) from this link:

Other than that you need to download new csgo hacks directly from the login updater.

Be on the lookout for the new HL2 and HL1 versions too in the next days as those are almost complete.

Happy Cheating!

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LeagueCheats - Danger Zone Cheats

Hey all,
Its been about 7 weeks since Danger Zone has released, many people seem to be confused about this new mode. Not only with how to cheat in Danger Zone but also with how Danger Zone differs from normal Counter Strike.

The Danger Zone Differences:
First lets touch on what makes Danger Zone different, not only from traditional counter strike but also from other battle royale modes. This is after all CSGO battle royale; for the most part the weapons are the same, the character models are the same, even your skins are the same.
There are a few new additional weapons such as "fists" and a "tablet" where you can do things like call strikes or find out information about enemies.
Otherwise its just a single elimination style game; think of it as a "long round of counter strike". The only major difference being that you have no team mates. Its every man for themselves.
Instead of having a "buy round" you will "find" weapons to use to fight your enemies.
Placements are semi-random and weapons are stored in "crates".
Currently the games are up to 20 players instead of the ~100 players found in other battle royale games.

Cheating in Danger Zone:
With the above changes discussed, this is where cheating changes along with it.
Things such as global entity ESP will not work, this is the type of ESP that shows which guns or other weapons/items are where on the floor.
Since the guns "don't exist" in the entity lists until they are "created" by you breaking open crates, there is no way to know which guns are where (at least at this point in time).
Attempting to use normal entity ESP can result in you crashing your game, so for now you cannot use entity ESP of any form.
Weapon, Health , Distance & Armor ESP does typically work, although things like Box ESP may be unreliable because the distance numbers are so high.
Dynamic Lights works sometimes, but it is not recommended to use it at this point in time due to the lack of usefulness because of so many bright areas.
The most useful ESP change is with respect to its effective distance, currently the ESP will display on all players across the entire map. This is a major advantage in battle royale/Danger Zone due to the ability to find your enemies since a major element of this game is the element of surprise.
This differs from CSGO post 2015 when valve updated the game to shorten ESP ranges again to match other counter strike games like counter strike source (CSS) or CS1.6.

Due to the nature of Danger Zone, ESP may be even more effective than an aimbot or triggerbot.
Using an Aimbot in Danger Zone is possible, and currently the aimbot does work with everything but your fists or the tablet (updates may come to build features around these new additions).
While triggerbots in Danger Zone also will work, the effectiveness is very low. This is primarily since triggerbots are specifically most useful for longer range weapons, although since playstyles vary; maybe a triggerbot is still your style.
So while both of the features described above are able to be used; you must turn off team detection, as said before there are typically NO TEAMS.

CSGO's Possible Future:

Beyond the state of counter strike Global Offensive with Danger Zone today there is still room for improvement and expansion.... Other variables have been found to be buried in the game engine such as "m_flBombLaunchTime" and "m_flWaveEndTimes" aswell as "m_hSurvivalAssassinationTarget", "m_nHeavyAssaultSuitCooldownRemaining" combined with a class called "DT_ItemAssaultSuitUseable".
These suggest that there may be some possible Left 4 Dead style "zombie waves" in the future or some other wave based survival system with teams (as there are team values too like "m_TeamRespawnWaveTimes"). Just these above values also suggest that there might be another version with assassinations and assault suits/vehicles, possibly on different teams (or globally).
Most of these presumably unused values come with structures of at least 30 addresses, with a few up to 500 addresses! This also suggests that this game mode may be expanded to at least 30 players in the near future and up to possibly 500 players some day!
The ability to build and destroy buildings is also partially in the table with the "DT_BreakableSurface" Class being expanded with some new values which are very dynamic in their nature.

With all this said, I think that the future of CSGO will likely include more improvements to this new game mode (provided that Danger Zone as a mode actually catches on).

Here at League Cheats we will continue to develop the platforms we have built for the last 12+ years regardless of the direction of CSGO or any other game we choose to support.
Battle Royale style games are all the rage today, so don't be surprised if you see other League Cheats products in the near future supporting other battle royale type games. You can buy Danger Zone cheats today by Clicking Here
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LeagueCheats GamersClub Private New Pricing Options!


Olá a todos,

É com muito prazer que apresento a todos as novas opções de pagamento para a versão do nosso cheat para a GamersClub!

Com a longa espera da versão semi privada, decidimos liberar algumas opções muito mais baratas para transformar a nossa versão da GamersClub mais acessível e voltada a realidade brasileira.

Originalmente o único preço disponível era o de $400/ano.
Nós estamos então disponibilizando mais duas formas de pagamento únicas!

$225/6 Meses (R$873,95) - 12/13/18
$125/3 Meses (R$485,53) - 12/13/18

Lembrando que todas as versões são necessárias passar na nossa verificação de documentos (feita toda privadamente com o cliente) e disponíveis a assinar o nosso termo contratual legal.

Se interessado, por favor crie um tíquete de suporte na área "Pre-Sales Support" ou "Suporte em Português" por aqui:

English Below

Hey Everyone,

Its my pleasure to announce some new pricing options available for the GamersClub private version...

With the long waiting time for the Semi-Private GamersClub version, we are releasing some additional pricing options to make our special GamersClub version accessible to some more users.

Originally the only price available was $400/year.
We are introducing 2 more pricing tiers!

$225/6 Month
$125/3 Month

Please be advised that all of these versions do require you can pass our private verification process and are willing to sign a legally binding contract.

If interested please put in a ticket under "Pre-Sales Support" or "Suporte em Português" right here:
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LeagueCheats CSGO Cheat Update Danger Zone Battle Royale

Hey everyone,
The new updates for CSGO Danger Zone Battle Royale should be up now.

You will all need to download new cheat versions from the updater and run the builder again.

For those using something like GamersClub private you will need to unapply before applying the new versions. Please do not erase your old versions before uninstalling them.

Everything is on the updater as usual.

Dlights are also fixed completely now including automatic intensity.

EDIT: For Danger Zone Battle Royale Mode, Turn on Team ESP, Turn off Team Detect (Aimbot & Triggerbot)

Happy Cheating!
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CSGO Danger Zone Battle Royale Mode

Hi Everyone,
As per the release of Danger Zone Battle Royale Mode, the cheats are broken entirely.
It will take me some time to update them so please be patient.

There is no point in trying to inject on the new version as it will not work at all.

Thanks for your patience,

UPDATE : Cheats are now fully working on the new update, see our news posts here :
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LeagueCheats Cyber Monday 2018


Hey all,

The time of the year is HERE for HUGE SALES!

So this year in great sale fashion we will once again offer some great
year-long discounts, even for some of our more exclusive products this

CSGO Pro League Level 1 (DiveDeep) is available for those who can qualify for it. Please contact us
if you have any questions.

We have prices as low as $7.50/Mo (1 Year Term) !

Come check it out before the sale is over (Nov 27th 2018 6PM EST)

-League Cheats Staff
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