League Cheats - 8/28/19 HL1 CS1.6 Hack Pro League Released


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Apr 11, 2011
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Hey all,
HL1 Pro League is now available. While we prepare the section & form, you can currently apply for the cheat via tickets.
Please put in a ticket if you are interested, the validation process will be similar to that of the Gamers Club Private.
Price will start at $37.50/mo.
The cheat is working on EAC, myAC. If you want to have it tested on another client, please let me know.

It is not working with a WarGodz scan at this point in time, a new bypass for WarGodz will come out sometime soon as it requires a separate module to bypass the WarGodz specific scans.

The features are the same as the HL1 Multi.

To purchase the Pro League hacks please open a ticket here.

There will be a new HL1 Multi update tonight as well as some features have been fixed such as;
Team Aim Toggling
NoHop Toggling (gets stuck on)
Bone Aimbot Auto Shoot Toggling
The new versions should be available in the updater by the time you read this.
Happy Cheating!
-League Cheats Administration
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