Earn a Free Week of Your Current Cheat Subscription!

Earn a Free Week of Your Current Cheat Subscription!

Greetings League Cheaters!

We're rolling out a program to give current League Cheats customers the ability to extend their cheat subscription (CSGO Hacks, HL2 Hacks, HL1 Hacks) for an extra week.
Absolutely for free!

"HOW DO I DO THIS?" - You ask

Well, all we ask is that you upload a video to YouTube showing yourself using any League Cheats product (CSGO Hacks, HL2 Hacks, HL1 Hacks).
This can be in the form of a video montage or a product review. That is left up to you to decide.

Only videos uploaded after this post was made will count.​
Minimum video length of 2 minutes.​
You must include a link to the buy page in your video description.​
You must also include your forum name so we can identify you and reward you.​
Maximum of 1 video per month.​
Video must be kept uploaded for 60 days minimum.​
We reserve the right to stop this promotion at any time.​
You channel must have at least 10 subscribers.​

To Claim:
Create a support ticket with a link to your YouTube video.​
Remember we must be able to identify it is you so include your forum name in your video description.​

Only people who have followed the rules will be credited with a free week.
Any attempt to gain free time illegitimately will not be tolerated. We offer this at our own discretion.
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