1. K

    What video card is recommended?

    Earlier this year I tried LeagueCheats in DOD with a nVidia GTX 1050 build. The ESP wasn't working very well... distance wasn't working, name wasn't working, and it wasn't showing difference between friendly/enemy players. I'd like to get back into this. What video card is recommended?
  2. D

    CS 1.6 RehLDS/Rechecker

    Is your HL1 cheat working on ReHLDS/Rechecker? This is a serverside anticheat like HLGuard and is starting to grow alot in the 1.6 community. Im going to buy it if the ESP works or the aimbot. I have tried alot of public cheats and it blocks all ESP.
  3. Yz1337

    Is LC up atm?

    I've been wanting to buy LC again for some time now I'm just wondering if LC is working? Cus like the other cheat that I have is down... and my friends cheat is also down due to some VAC update, so how about LC? I thought this would be a perfect time to buy LC, if it's up that is.
  4. P

    VAC Bans aren't cool.

    So I have used Lethality cheat for 3 months and all was good until bam VAC ban on this past wave... why is LeagueCheats any different? I like buying a cheap knife just to pretend legit and I am tired of setting new accounts and buying new cheap knives because VAC seems to come soon or later to...
  5. pcstekje


    Hi guys i am new here and thinking of give it a try of 1 month never used any cheat for csgo but for some reason i want to try it as i already now lc faceit ac not supported atm so is this working on mm prime matches ore not and if there are some people that can help me setting this up that wil...
  6. Leo Ray

    Custom build

    Is it possible to have a working build of just a radar of all players working on phone, tablet etc. working on esea or just a cheaper build for mm? A big provider uses this but it is in beta and it isn't really their priority.
  7. E

    BYPASS GamersClub

    How this bypass works exactly? Can i use any cheat that i want in gamersclub?
  8. Pollete

    Can I play ESL with this cheat?

    Can I play ESEA, FACEIT or ESL with this cheat?
  9. E

    Working on Esea?

    Working on Esea?
  10. KKUkUr2017

    League version

    Does it work on MM and also with Windows 7 ? cause i read windows 7 for this LC3.0 version which is coming out is not working
  11. R


    hello, is this cheat |CSGO ESP/WH league working? on EAC? thank you
  12. U

    Hi Thinking of buying,

    So I've been reading so far on the forum and it seems that you guys are working hard on making it the best. the Testimonial looks great. But I only got 1 Question since I do not have access to all of the forum, how complicated is it to do your own setting and not by a someone else one? also, I...
  13. Yz1337

    so what ac's does it support?

    so what ac's does it support?
  14. P

    Look Here Before Purchase

    League Cheat team was a little on the rough and rude side, Personally I blame my impatience and not the staff. I was mistaken and this is my apology and review. After a couple of issues I was told Jimster would personally upgrade the bot build to allow W10 access. I will be completely...
  15. S


    Hello guys, My question is simple, is the cheat undetected by EAC? best regards, Sharp
  16. genuineerican

    After Bought

    After I bought the hack using paypal guest, what should I do? I haven't receieved an email from you guys except a receipt from paypal.
  17. Ricardas


    Guys, Maybe youre planing to create cheat which gonna work on EAC? @ToX @Jimster480 maybe you guys can answer to it? :)
  18. J

    Is the standalone rcs fixed yet?

    So my question is if the rcs type5 (standalone rcs) is fixed yet? Last time when i subbed it was not working, it was pulling crosshair down to your own feets even with low power. Also other question, is all the features safe to use in cevo league ?
  19. G

    Gamers Club Anti Cheat

    Is it working on Gamers Club? (Brazilian Anti-Cheat)
  20. T

    Gamers Club

    It is compatible with the Brazilian league , GamersClub , which uses AC Anticheat , made in Ring0 ? Edit: Yes it does, Submit a ticket To purchase!