1. 3n1gm4

    some frags with LC and post LC

    Only 3 showcasings in total are with LC ESP, the rest are legitimately played several months ago. For this very reason the name section is blurred in the old video. The new video isn't realnick so it's w/e. Any feedback would be appreciated. New: A bit older: Off-topic If someone knows...
  2. Aqqure

    Some clips/kills

    was bored so made a video enemies were pretty bad since we had 3 bots and we still stomped them
  3. albanerendk

    Awesome Glock Clutch & Sick AWP Ace & 4 Kills in 6 Seconds

    Enjoy fellas :D Some clips from today! Awesome Glock Clutch Sick AWP Ace 4 Kills in 6 Seconds
  4. Aaron

    You can't effectively spin on 128tick m8

  5. unholy

    Plays from yesterday

    Well, i made one more fast movie today, too much time when u got a free week from work huehue
  6. K

    FaceIT AntiCheat - One Way Ticket

  7. jonasuouo

    New Dan M video

    Just watched the new Dan M video. He talks about interesting stuff. Love how he mentions that "certain cheats from his past experience" needs to have raw input off and some other game settings. He just confirmed that he has used or is using LC. Watch the video at around 3:00 minutes. ;);)
  8. T

    D2 ACE ShortEdit #2

    Constructive feedback & critic is appreciated! I made another ShortEdit and since my last video I watched the Moviemaking Guide by ToX as it was recommended by Mr.Twice. This video is the result of me trying to get used to HLAE.
  9. V

    new question ESP BOX

    because I do not see any video with esp box?? Please send to me ____________ someone assures me that I will not be banned in a week? as in other hack site .. any manager? legitimate full
  10. hybbitbabe

    1080 60p clutch

    no inhuman reaction , just normal fragging . good to see some feedback , thank you !
  11. U

    Three questions before buying

    Hello, I´m interested to buy leaguecheat but need to know few things in advance. 1. When You buy the cheat and get the email to download it, is it just download - inject and play or do I have to change settings on my computer and turn of saftey programs etc? 2. When you buy it it says to...
  12. V

    csgo hack question

    hello. i would like to buy your hack (csgo esp league) , but i have 1 question. is there streaming/recording video with bandicam/fraps/obs availability with your csgo esp league hack ? (just the window of the game)
  13. anotherlegend

    How 2 clutch 1v5 Faceit 9lvl

  14. A

    LeagueCheats 2.5 CS:S Rage

    Shit quality but w/e.
  15. E

    CSGO Multi Pre-Sale

    Looking more towards a recoil solution. Does your recoil prediction have a control system to where it basically pulls down for you so you can spray and it looks like your doing the work, but actually not? Furthermore, is Multi good for Faceit including visuals? Thanks for the help and answers.
  16. deniskaon

    Frag Movie от игроков LeagueCheats.

    I hope you will enjoy. I hope those people who are in this video does not offend me. Thank you for attention !
  17. Averageplayer

    old video

    hey, i remember that there used to be a video somewhere of one of you admins testing some lan settings with an m4a4, i think that the video was posted on a pre-sale thread, unfortunately i couldnt find it anywhere, i think that its unlisted on youtube was wondering if you mind to link it again...
  18. A

    LeagueCheats 2.5 CS:GO | Some casual headshots

    Config can be found here: I used bone=6 in the video, normally i use bone=5.
  19. forthefiat

    Frag Movie Maker

    Hey guys, I've been using LC for almost 6 months now, and I recently have been using the cheat on Faceit with NO problems. I've been tweeking my settings, finding what fits me. I currently have some demos that I want to be used to create a frag movie, there are many 3k/4k/aces, clutches and all...
  20. Sparkles

    Problem with AimBot

    I have problem with AimBot, plz look video The Screen Resolution in game : 1280x720 (Window) Video: